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Wrong place at the wrong time

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I felt like a leopard on the prowl, there she was a beautiful zebra.. cute, shot, short black hair, small body, mabee C cum tits, teenage girl maybe 14 or 15.

I followed her home, 15 mins later she comes to a
Wood fence.with a gate. At this point it’s going through my mind I’m a teenager, God I miss those days, I have having to grow into a adult, I had so much fun back then still do.
She’s going to be force and rape.

Ok. We are at her gate, she opened the gate, how she didn’t feel my presence, I don’t know. I Move in, I grab her by the arm and cover her mouth. I tell her don’t you dare scream, do you understand me? She nodded yes she understood. I could see fear in her eyes.I took my hand away from her mouth.

She Asked through crying out tears, what what do you want want? I pulled her by her.arm.behind some bushes. And tell her to take of her clothes.

She starts to cry bad. She tells me No! I slapped her face hard BAM! She starts to cry even more bad and harder.

She starts to take of her clothes, by unbutton her shirt all the way open, I see her white bra, she throws her shirt on the ground, next she reached around and unhooked her white bra. And let her C cup tits out. OMG her nipples are so big, I have never ever seen nipples that big on a girl of her age. Next she kicks off her shoes,then she unbuttoned and unzip her jeans, down and off, then she takes by white.panties down and off.

I tell to lay flat on her back on the ground, I see the fear in her eyes,as she doesn’t want hit again, she crying as she does as she is told, and lays flat on her back on the ground.

I take my jeans of. She sees my 7.inch cock. She says, and.begs and pleads, please Mister don’t, I’m a virgin! I grab hey jegs, and pull them apart. I spit in my hand and rub it on my hard cock, and line it up with her virgin pussy hole.

I push my cock into her virgin pink pussy hole, and started to rape her virgin pink pussy, I felt her cherry pop, she screaming out OMFG THAT HURTS,!

I keep on raping her, as she keeps crying out loud, after about 15 min of her crying and me raping her, she starts moaning,she closed her eyes and about 10 mins later, her body starts to shake and she lets go of her orgasm.

I keep on raping her pussy, after 15 mins, I CUM! And drown her pussy. I get up and put my jeans back on.

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    Absolutely hot

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      Thank you

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      Thank you

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    This was really hot

    • James ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Ok explain.bad as in writing or something else. And by the way I tried to email you it says addy not found

    • [email protected] ID:1dfsfut3nm3c

      I just liked it 😛 Also if you’re asking about my email did you add the gmail.com part? Cuz my name doesnt have a dot, [email protected]

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      James did you add the dot before Gmail?

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