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Foreign Exchange part 2

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Further true adventures from my misspent youth

Part 2

There was no more action that summer.The following year both Marta and Christina had written to say they were coming back,(return visits of the foreign students were quite a common thing) and I was hoping I might get to fuck Marta this year,but in the end she never came
Christina did however, a year more gorgeous,a year more of a tease and still never got anywhere.We had a lodger staying with us too,who reckoned she gave him a blow job but I didnt believe him.However she was very flirty with my dad when my mum wasnt around and I think maybe he got to fuck her,he had form for that thing of thing!
My mum got a call at very short notice asking if we could take a 10 year old French girl as her host family had problems .Usually my mum took 13-18 year olds, the younger ones were too much of a burden but she took this one for 3 days whilst they sorted a new family for her
So Delphine arrived,and by god,was she cute! A little blonde poppet, with an accent that could give a eunuch an erection.
Her English was already very good and she was quite precocious and obviously very intelligent.She was a chatterbox and it was easy to forget she was so young.She was also the ‘girliest’ girl I’d ever met and though my brain said no,my cock disagreed and she turned me on.
One morning I came out of my room, in time to see her walking along the hallway to the shower with just a small towel wrapped around her.Being Delphine,she stopped for a chat and as we talked I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs ,the towel barely covering her bum and where it was wrapped around her chest, a slight peak where her breasts were starting to form
I could have quite easily pulled the towel off her there and then as I watched her go into the bathroom, catching the faintest glimpse of her bottom as she smiled at me and closed the door .
I went back to my room,which was next to the bathroom and could hear the shower , imagining the hot water cascading on her naked body.Pretty soon,I felt the warm sticky pleasure of my cum landing on my chest, followed by immediate guilt at wanking over a 10 year old girl.I also have to confess that the following day when she was at school,I sneaked into her room and found her dirty knickers which I sniffed as I stroked my cock to an eruption
It was lucky she went after 3 days , I might have made a very stupid advance otherwise, even when she left she gave me a big kiss which left my cock as hard as rock
At the same time,in the downstairs room we had Kurt, a 17 year old German lad.Funnily enough, because it also had an ensuite ,I never saw a great deal of the students who stayed downstairs,as they had little reason to come upstairs,and me being a typical teenager, I spent most of my time in my room
However,the day after Delphine had gone, I heard a knock on my door.It was Kurt
‘Hi, you busy?’ he asked
‘No,come in’ I replied
He asked if I knew who was coming into the room had Delphine had just vacated.
I told him I thought it was a Finnish girl in 4 days time
‘I hope she’s pretty’ he laughed.I nodded too.
‘Do you ever play with the girls?’ he asked me, I must have looked a bit confused,then he said ‘Delphine was very cute’ and the penny dropped
‘No’, I lied, not mentioning Marta from last year. ‘Anyway, Delphine was too young’
‘You should fuck the girls, they want a nice holiday to remember ‘
I laughed back awkwardly
Kurt paused, then showed me what was in his hand.’You wanna watch a video?’
I gestures at the small portable TV on my chest of drawers unit, ‘I don’t have a player’
I took the video from him anyway, it was a copy of something with a German name scribbled on the box.The word ‘Sex’ was identifiable so I had a pretty good guess what it was.
Now it’s important to remember that in the mid 80s ,there was no internet,and hardcore porn was illegal in the UK, certainly not something your average 16 year old boy would have seen,so I was intrigued and disappointed at the same time
‘OK’ he said, ‘You have magazines to swap?’ and off he went to his room
I only had a couple of dog eared copies of Men Only which had more pages stuck together than weren’t, and a few better condition Club International which I had recently started buying
Kurt came back with half a dozen smaller A5 size magazines, a couple of which were Color Climax, a Private and a few which i hadnt heard of.I had seen these advertised in the girly mags but never in the flesh,as once again they were not available in the UK
I looked through one of the mags and it was a revelation,not just uncensored vaginal fucking,but anal too.Double penetration which I had thought until then was an urban myth and best of all,cum shots over the girls faces
I told Kurt what I had and he said he wasn’t interested in swapping but I could borrow one of his mags
I looked at the others, one had several pictures of women pissing,sometimes into the guys mouth.I was stiff as a board by now. Kurt handed me another mag,opened at a page he’d selected
‘You like’ he asked
I looked closely, the girls in the photo shoot looked quite young , in fact very young, probably about 9 or 10 in fact
Two little girls working on 1 guys big cock, he fucked them both anally, then another guy appeared ,his cock in one of the girls mouths,with it ending up both of them shooting their spunk over the girls faces
‘Wow’ I said, never having seen anything like this
‘You want to do this to Delphine I think?’ said Kurt
‘Yes’ I replied without thinking, ‘ but she was too young’ I hastily added
He reached towards me and felt my cock straining at my jeans.
‘You want to wank together’ he asked
It wasn’t something I’d normally consider but I needed to release,so said OK
He stripped off naked and sat on my chair
His body was muscular and his cock pretty big,and rock hard too.He stroked his cock and opened one of the magazines to wank over
I stripped off too and sat on my bed watching him wank his big cock.I took some tissues out of the box and passed him some too.He scrunched them up and threw them on the floor
I chose my magazine for wanking, the one with the young girls and then Kurt stopped me
‘No’ he said, ‘That one is special’ and went pass me a different one.
He paused. ‘OK, you can borrow that one if you do something for me.Suck my cock’
I was taken back and said no.Then I could picture in my minds eye those two little girls getting fucked and my cock was throbbing.Fuck it,I thought,I might as well!
I moved myself forward and knelt between his legs, his cock inches from my face.
His helmet was already shiny with precum and I tentatively licked it, the salty taste wasn’t unpleasant and I wanked his cock up and down a few strokes before moving my mouth onto him and enveloping his meat in my mouth.I sucked hard and bobbed my head up and down , licking his shaft as I did so.
It wasn’t at all unpleasant, not much different to having a pork sausage in my mouth I told myself.Kurt thumbed through his porno mag as I fellated him and started grunting, I sucked him harder and faster as he started bucking his hips ,thrusting forward from where he sat on his chair,pushing his cock to the back of my mouth,making me gag slightly.
He held my head and pulled me forward so his cock was right at the back of my throat and I felt his cock pulse and then a warm feeling as his cum emptied into my mouth.
There seemed to be loads,must have been about 6 or 7 squirts and my mouth was full of cum
He pulled his cock out, I didn’t know whether to spit it out or not, but he said ‘Swallow it’ and without argument I did so
It made me cough a bit but I actually felt quite proud of myself for not spilling any!
Kurt sat back smugly in the chair , his cock wilting slightly but still big.
He passed me the mag with the pissing girls in
‘You can have this to keep ‘ he said, ‘You suck cock good’
‘You can wank now for this one but not to keep’ as he passed me the paedo mag
I thumbed through it.The first photo set was conventional porn, an adult woman taking 3 or 4 cocks .Then the scenes with the young girls.I started to rub my cock
‘There’s more’ said Kurt.
I went to the next photo set, 2 women and 1 guy, then the next had a brunette girl of about 11 being fucked by 2 men, they dp’d here then came in both her holes, the photos showed cum dripping out of her cunt and asshole before she let loose with a shower of piss.
The final photoset had 2 adult women ,2 guys and a young girl who couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8.The girl licked the women who pissed in her mouth and she fisted them both whilst the guys fucked their asses .Needless to say, the girl received their cum on her face and the women kissed it all off of her
I was stroking my cock only gently as I browsed the magazine then went back to the brunette with the cum dripping holes and yanked my cock hard as Kurt watched and I came hard , shooting my cum all over the carpet ,falling back on my bed having done so
I sat up and saw several big dollops of cum on the carpet, I got down on my hands and knees and licked them off as Kurt encouraged me.I then saw he was wanking his cock again and I showed him my own cum on my tongue and gestured to him to add his He rose up and stood over me, wanking his big cock at my face, before long he spunked on my face and and on my tongue, me swallowing it all
He let me borrow the paedo mag once more and I wanked 3 times in a row,once over each photo set
I asked him if he would sell it to me, as I knew I had no chance of getting anything like it in this country but he wouldn’t.
Then he said he would sell it to me if I let him fuck me, but I wasn’t ready for that and to my eternal regret I said no
However I still had the piss mag after he’d left and that stirred things in me which were later to spring up again

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