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A Tale From The Far East Part 3

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– Catherine –

So many days at sea, today I finally see my husband once again. Part of me doesn’t believe that night was real, how could I have been so tempted that I slept with another man? In the days following that night, Walter and I have remained friends however we haven’t continued our infidelity. I don’t know how I’ll face my husband knowing the the pain I still feel in my rear is from the German man I let take me from behind. I’ve never done something so degenerate as that, I don’t believe my husband would even entertain the idea if I brought it up. The day that should be filled with excitement is now filled with worry and stress. I’ve spent so long on this ship hearing how my Navy husband is off sleeping with other women, fighting to defend his honor, all the while I go to bed with another man. Perhaps I’m a terrible wife, but my consolation is that so many other’s around me have done the same. It’s been a dreadful week as my husband is the one to calm me down from my fits of panic, and now the only one here is the one man I’m trying to forget. Even when I’m with my husband I can’t tell him why I’m in such a panic because he’d never love me again. Only a few hours left until we make port, I hope and pray everything works out.

– Richard –

My wife is due to arrive in port today, I’ve made the arrangements to be off work for the day so I can be there to greet her and our children. I’ve missed them so much, my beautiful daughter is one year older since last I’ve seen her, my sons as well. I only hope my darling wife will forgive me for my transgression against her. Since that first night, Jing Yi has continued her duties as normal. She’s joined me in my bath, and my bed several times since and has treated every encounter in the same manner as cooking or cleaning or any other household chore. I’ve never known a woman who could have sex in such a way as this, without growing any feelings of attachment to the other person, yet she acts as though I’m her Lord and is simply performing a service for me. If Jing Yi is with child, then she has kept it a secret. I woke up this morning and got my house in order, Tai Loong and Jing Yi were set to greet us at the front door when I returned with my family. They were both excited to meet them, as I was to be reunited. I left the house and traveled to the harbor.

– Catherine –

Our ship came to the dock at half past 10 in the morning. I looked at Walter one last time, knowing I’d never see him again after telling him this past evening that I want to be happy with my husband and can no longer see him. Perhaps if I was still younger woman yet to marry I could be with him, but I have duties and responsibilities to my family. All the nervous thoughts filling my head, brewing like a storm as I await the moment I’ve been waiting so long for. I walked off the ship with my daughter holding my hand as my boys followed behind. We walked down the docks until I saw my husband waiting in his uniform. All my worries vanished as I stood before him, tears beginning to stream down my face as we looked each other over. What was I thinking sleeping with another man, betraying such a handsome man as this? “What are you waiting for, come here!” he said as his arms wrapped around me. The feel of his body around mine, I could simply melt. I felt my breasts crushing against his chest. “I love you so much! I missed you!” I said as I cried in his arms. We were finally together again, and I wanted to be with him so badly, in the most physical sense possible. He greeted our children in a similar manner and we made our way from the docks.

A short journey later, and we arrived at our new residence. I found it a suitable home for our family, especially since there weren’t many homes in better condition nearby. Outside the front door were two local people, an older man and a young girl, who my husband introduced as our house servants. The young girl was my new maid and the man was his butler, amongst various other duties. I was thankful to hear that cleaning and cooking would largely be handled, although I would certainly help however I could. As we went inside, a thought flashed in my mind. Everyone saying my husband would be unfaithful to me, and here he is living with a young girl all these months. What if it was true? What if this little girl had been with my dear husband? I put the thought out of my mind. Our tour ended with the bedrooms upstairs, one for my husband and I and a spare that our children will sleep in. Neither the boys or my daughter found any problem with sharing a room, knowing them, my boys will probably be in the trees outside getting into all manner of mischief anyway. Mu husband told me that the small building in the back garden was where Tai Loong and Jing Yi stayed. The rest of the day passed by as we settled in to our new home, I was happy to be on dry land once again.

As night came upon us, the children were put to bed, and my husband and I retired to our bedroom. We both knew what was to happen, and as much as we both looked forward to it, we both acted apprehensive. I knew because I had been unfaithful but my husband was a mystery. “Darling, what’s on your mind? You seem uneasy.” I asked him nervously, knowing the same could be said of me.

“Nothing. It’s just I haven’t seen you in so long.” he replied.

“We’ve been married all these years, it’s ok, just tell me.” I said.

“I just don’t know how to say it.” he replied again.

“Darling, I’ve spent all this time on a ship, locked in with people who tell me that every man in the Navy is likely sleeping around. If you’ve been unfaithful, just admit it so I can forgive you, but if you keep whatever this is from me, then that I can’t forgive.” I told him. We sat beside each other on the bed, hand in hand.

“Alright. You’re right. After so many weeks apart, I couldn’t live without you, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I’ve been with Jing Yi, although she doesn’t appear with child. As terrible as I feel about it, she seems to treat it as part of her daily chores, my love for you is unwavering. I’m sorry.” he said in a somber tone. As much as I was furious with him for admitting such a thing, I promised I would forgive him, and how could I not when I did the very same thing against him?

“Darling, I want to confess something to you as well. Since we’re being honest, I want you to know I still love you and I forgive your actions. While on board the ship, I fell victim to my own temptations. One night, and only one night, I slept with a man in his room. It happened weeks ago and I haven’t shown signs of pregnancy. I swear to you it only happened once as I was filled with guilt to do it again. I love you to much and hope you’re willing to forgive me as I am you. I hope we can look past this lapse in our judgment and be happier together. What do you say?” I asked as I started to tear up.

“It would be unfair for either one of us to punish the other for what we did, if we both committed the act. I’ll forgive you on condition that this never happens again, and that you bear me another child to prove your love.” he told me. I was so relived. My husband was always a stern yet forgiving man. I’d happily give him a dozen children if it meant staying married with him. Why wait any longer? I stood up, and removed the white cotton straps of my night gown off my shoulders. It was the only thing I wore to bed and when it hit the floor, I was standing naked before the man I truly loved. He was wearing his favorite silk robe that I purchased for him as a gift on our 5th anniversary. As he sat on the edge of the bed I climbed on top of his lap and pulled the lapels around his shoulders letting it fall to the bed by his waist. Our bodies, now in the nude, were so close together. My nipples just barely rubbing against his chest as we exchanged looks. The moment that had been building for months, keeping us separate for so long was now a small gap of air between our bodies. We teased at each other until finally my husband reached his left hand up running his fingers through my long blonde hair, and his right hand grabbing my ass tightly, pulling me into him with both hands and all his strength.

I can’t recall a time where my lips have been locked around his for so long until now. My breasts firmly pressed against his strong chest, his penis growing harder between my thighs. I popped up and grabbed it in my hand, pushing the tip against my opening. Never in my life have I been more ready to feel him inside me than right now as I lowered my body on him. “UUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH!” I moaned loudly as his penis went deep inside me. I bounced on him, humping for a time, before he grabbed hold of me, and lifted me up. Turning us around he dropped me on my back and began to ravage me intensely. Even though we had forgiven each other, he was ravaging me with a sort of hatred I had never seen before.

“Please Darling, be gentle!” I moaned to him with my legs in the air.

“You were my wife, since you want to act like a whore, I’ll treat you like one.” he replied, ravaging my poor body.

“But Darling, you said you forgave me! Please don’t hurt me!” I moaned as he continued to punish me. I knew our children could hear us through the walls, I just hoped they could only hear the sex and not our words.

“I do forgive you, but this is your punishment.” he said.

“If you’re going to rape me then rape me. But I want to have loving sex with my husband!” I told him.

Without reply he pulled out and flipped me over. I had only been with a man like this once, and it wasn’t my husband. He inserted himself in my pussy, and held my neck down as he ravaged me with such ferocity. I can’t believe my husband was raping me after all this time. As it went on, I went from crying in pain, to acceptance, finally settling on a strange sense of craving. I wanted this to happen. Why? It made no sense. What kind of lady wants her husband, the kind and loving man she married, to treat her so terribly? He’s had bad days in the past, and has occasionally been rougher with me than usual, but he’s never had to hit me or be so harsh. Yet, the harder her treated me, the more I loved it. Walter unlocked a part of me I didn’t know I had, and my husband was now exploiting it for his own gain. As he pushed my neck into the bed, he ravaged my pussy hard from behind. His cock *slap* *slap* *slapping* into me as my cries of, “Please No!” turned into, “Please YES!” I was raised to be a lady, but I was being treated like whore, and it made for the best night of sex in my life. Finally, after what felt like an hour, Richard my husband, finally grunted for the last time as he emptied himself into me. He told me to bear him another child, and he had released enough seed to do just that.

*Panting desperately* “Darling, that was the best I’ve ever had. Only a man such as you could deliver me such pleasure!” I told him.

“I love you so much, my dear. The thought of you underneath another man made me so livid. I could hardly keep from violence much less anger. I hope I didn’t upset you?” He replied.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more after such a performance. You’re truly my one and only love.” I told him as we got into bed. We went under the covers and fell asleep for the night, the first night together in so many weeks. By the time I awoke the next morning, my husband was already dressed, “I have to be at work soon. Jing Yi is here to help you get acquainted with the new home. I love you.” he said as he left. I must admit the morning was rather uneventful, the children and I unpacked our bags and they continued with their studies, I roamed around the back garden savoring the scent of all the new flowers I hadn’t seen before. While I read my book in the warm mid-morning sun, I spotted Jing Yi and asked if she might run me a bath. After last night I felt I should wash myself off, both of the ship and of the sweat. I went in to go undress, and she came in to assist. I never had a maid before, and allowing another person, man or woman, other than my husband see me so naked was foreign to me at first. But, just as my husband said, Jing Yi seemed as though it was a common task. Even when she stood holding the last of my garments and as I stood before her nude, she didn’t so much as turn her head. She placed my clothes on the wooden cabinet in my bedroom and followed me into the bath. I stepped in slowly, as she held my hand for support. I lowered my self into the pool of steaming water and felt total bliss. Jing Yi grabbed a sponge and without hesitation or command began to scrub my body.

“So Jing Yi, did you hear anything last night?” I asked, suspicious at how loud I was last night.

“I heard nothing after I went to sleep ma’am. If you mean did I hear you and Mr. Sperry having sex, I did not. Although it’s not my place to comment if I did. It’s only expected a husband should lay with his wife after so long apart.” she said. She had a noticeable accent when she spoke, but I could understand her words.

“I understand you’ve performed similar duties with my husband. Now that I’m hear I’d ask that you leave his sexual well-being to me.” I told her as she scrubbed me.

“Yes, Mrs. Sperry.” she replied.

“Might I ask, how did you two first come together in such a manner? I doubt my husband forced himself upon you.” I asked her.

“I offered him a more traditional bath, something he hadn’t experienced before. He accepted the offer and it lead us to his bed. He accepted such offers throughout the time that followed but every time he cried out your name as he reached his climax. I can assure you madame that he loves you very much.” Jing Yi told me.

“You said he was with you several times? I noticed you look as though you’re with child. Am I to assume it’s his?” I asked.

“Yes, ma’am. He’s the only man I’ve been with.” she replied. She told me that she was carrying my husband’s child so casually as though she was talking about buying a new dress or meeting a friend. I was ready to accept an affair, these things happen. We were even on that, but he fathered a child with another woman, and here she was bathing me as I sat in the tub naked. “Madame, if it’s not to forward of me, perhaps I could show you the services I performed for him? I assure you I can ease your mind about this situation. It was never my intent to cause you trouble.” Jing Yi added as I was lost in thought.

“I don’t know about that, what if someone were to find out?” I asked worried.

“It’s ok, I won’t tell a soul, and neither will you.” she said whispering to me with her index finger over my lips. She stood up and loosened her robe, dropping it to the floor. Now we were both naked, and she climbed into the tub with me. I looked at her body, it was so small and delicate, even with a child inside her she looked like a girl no older than 13. I couldn’t imagine seeing her with my husband, who dominated me just last night, on top of her. Her breasts were so small, just perky little mounds with tiny brown nipples on the end, and a tanned yellow-brown skin tone over her whole body. Her slight baby bump lead down to her delicate thighs, with her pussy hiding behind a small black bush. She moved her legs around mine and knelt down over me such that she was sitting in my lap as I do with my husband when I intend to mount him. Only this time she was on top of me and she continued to scrub my body, only far more intimately. She leaned forward sporadically, rubbing her soft brown nipples against my fuller rounded, pink breasts. Three children and nearly thirty years of age have made my breasts larger than most women. I’ve never had them rub against another woman’s however.

“Jing Yi this is scandalous! I can’t be seen in the bath with you like this! I’m a woman of God, I can’t lay with another woman…” I said as she placed her finger over my mouth once more, cutting off my sentence.

“A married woman receives pleasure from whoever gives it, Mrs. Sperry.” Jing Yi said as her other hand moved down between my legs. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt her fingers rubbing around and inside my pussy under the water. I’ve never in my years had this happen before. She sat atop my lap, with one hand inside my pussy and her other over my mouth. I moaned and moaned in the purest form of pleasure I’ve ever experienced, all of it muffled by her hand. As this sin took place my children were somewhere in the house, unaware of the actions of their mother. I moaned even more, shaking my head “YES!” as I began to cry from intense pleasure this little girl was inflicting on me. For the first time in my life, I experienced an orgasm without a penis in sight. I didn’t think it was possible, and perhaps it’s not back in England, but it appears the stories I’ve overheard from the men who came here was true. As my first orgasm melted away, my body only held above the water by Jing Yi, she removed her fingers and began to rub her bush over my own. She moved her right leg under my left, so that our legs formed an X under the water, her pussy rubbing against mine as our bushes intertwined.

“This is what your husband felt, madame. This is why he kept coming back.” Jing Yi said.

“Lord have mercy! Jing Yi I’ve never known such pleasure!” I moaned to her as she replaced her hand with her lips. Our hands exploring each other’s bodies, feeling her ass with mine and my breasts with hers. This rubbing together of our pussies somehow gave us both a powerful orgasm as we kissed like lovers on a beach. After our shared orgasm had passed, she left the bath and toweled herself off before doing the same for me. I’ve never felt such an attraction towards anther woman before. It’s no wonder my husband gave her his child, this little girl knows more about pleasure than all the whores in London. The rest of the day I spent in the garden reading, lost in thought about the pleasure I felt. It’s the kind you go back for, you can’t just let it hit you and have it leave just as quick. You have to experience it again and again. Jing Yi was right about one thing, all my worries and anger about my husband and I’s shared infidelity and his fathering of a child with another woman was nowhere in my mind. How could I tell the man I loved not to go back to such a woman? I never thought I’d allow him a mistress, but if it’s a woman like her, I think the far east will make a delightful new home for all of us.


I hope you enjoyed part 3. I’ve really enjoyed writing these historical setting stories and fully intend on writing more in the future. They may end up being only one or two parts stories and not three like this one, but the historical element is so much fun to work with. Thank you to HistBuff for you’re advice on these stories. If I return to this era I’ll be much better informed going in than I was during part 1.

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    Read in a fortune cookie… “Never underestimate the daughter of the East.”

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    Absolutely a wonderful story Courtney. It is delightfully set up for a part 4 and 5.
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