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Morning glory

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Woken up in the morning by the feel and touch of a hand wrapping around my early morning wood, groggy I begin to rub my eyes in hopes to clear the view and see who has me in their grasp, the sensation feels other worldly the feeling of a hand stroking my hard shaft slowly form tip to base, with a calculated pace, occasionally brushing their thumb around the tip as if in hope to glide across it finally making contact with my precum.
My hands glide down to the waste band of my boxers, pushing my hips up allowing my to push them down and work them off with my legs fully exposed spreading slightly more I begin to beginning to really enjoy the movement. I let out a slight groan/ moan of approval. My eyes closed now I feel pressure on the bed the feel of another body, finally feeling a slow lick from shaft to swollen head, like the lick one one takes when eating an ice cream cone.
I twitch ever so slightly, following my movement I hear a giggle. Thinking to my self. Ive heard the voice before I thought. I finally open my eyes and see my little girl sliding her tongue around my tip finally tasting daddy’s precum. As she her bottom and legs hands over the bed. I begin to caress my hand down her back with the gentlest touch.
She keeps slightly giggling. I keep thinking I’m tickling her with my movement but once I reach her ass and begin to inch towards her tight holes I feel something wet and cold, shocked by the sensation I lent my head up to look what it could be. My eyes widen realizing she’s not laughing from the touch of my finger tips. She’s giggling from the feel of our dogs rough tongue lapping at her slit. I ask “do you like that baby girl ?” Stopping her tongue movement still not in her mouth just being stroked and licked ” yes daddy, me and him play often” she replied. Shocked but not wanting to make her feel like she’s doing anything wrong
I slide my hand under her belly to her clit pressing finger tips, moving in a slow circular motion she let’s out a soft “hmmmmmm” into my cock, I take my middle and index finger then spread your tight little slit open. Allowing for the dogs tongue to clearly taste her juices as she begins to become more wet. Her “hmmmms” starts to become stronger turning into full on moans as she begins to stroke my faster.
I pull my hand from under her giving her ass a spank , gripping it tight, then taking my wet finger tips I begin to move clockwise around her tight little asshole. Dog still licking. More and more precum leaking from my tip
I smack her ass again and that’s when the dog excited raised up on the bed both front paws one on each side of her sweet smooth body. he begins to thrust forward likes dog to excitedly but not the best aim I feel his hard red rocket hif my finger tips against her asshole. I just push him down and that when he finally splitting her open. Driving deep inside her. She being to let out a loud moan/scream but before she can get too loud I push her head down on to my large white cock to muffle her sounds. I begin to push her head up and down as our dog is now having her fast and hard , seeing her squirm with pleasure. I keep one hand on the back of her head and slide the other on back under her this time rubbing her clit faster and harder, whispering ” cum for daddy” knowing she’s getting close. ” cum for Oscar, Baby girl” feeling my balls begin to pulse clinching and releasing I begin to cum filling up my babys mouths,moaning loudly, which must of sent her over the edge because I see her ass tighten and realizing she’s cumming clinching her tight little pussy around his doggy cock. Still rubbing her clit I being to feel os ars cum running down her smooths soft pussy down my fingers, giving her a couple more thrust hea removes him self licking her a couple times before walking out the room, me and her both just laying leaking exhausted ,as we enjoy the start to our days

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    What a way to start the day

    • Srt_Dijo10 ID:1deyz9ixelix

      That’s is a great way to wake up and have that happen to you and your dau. I bet that was a great experience. 0552912b261159bcb975dbd893b9b5377ef7601b4a20dcb403b0e794819fd08835

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Good story thank you. It’s fantastic that you got to see your daughter and got her fucking the dog. A lot of young girls are doing this and boys.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fx6we02qm

    Great story would love to hear more
    From you lucky. 05a65ab055b6a08e665b535a87c1fb15441c2274bbf53fe8d5316c4fe48497b133