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A mother’s confession (part 6)

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Feeling my sons’ mouth on my breast was beyond description. His pubescent appetite was astounding,…

… Kay Parker entered my thoughts as I slowly crept down the hallway. Before rounding the corner, I paused briefly, and dipped a finger into something sweet, and sampled the juice he longs to taste.
When I got to the den, he was already there. I paused at the threshold, my hand on the wall, my nipples poking my shirt. His catatonic stare was memorizing. As I strolled in his direction his eyes instantly steered down to my legs. He absorbed every step. He quickly rose from the sofa like an enlisted man as I neared. ‘Sit down’ I whispered.
I purposely stood before him, extending that moment in time. Michael rattled with adrenaline, his body quivered as he sat there admiring the view. I took a step to the side and sat down beside him.
I slowly bent my leg and rested it on the sofa, then I turned directly towards him. I waited for a few minutes until he caught his breath. Once our eyes locked, I reached up and began unbuttoning my shirt. He gasped immediately. Ever so methodically I continued to release one button, at a time. I never broke eye contact, but he sure did. ‘Would you like to see them?’ I asked. In the midst of his breathing, I heard a ‘yes.’
Much like the curtain at a Broadway show, I pulled my shirt to the side, ever so slowly. There they were, free at last and on display. Michael froze. His eyes seem to dance as he stared in disbelief. ‘Holy Shit!’ flew out of his mouth. He was like a deer in headlights, (pun intended).
I smiled nervously, then I cupped my breasts and gave them a squeeze. Michael was melting into the cushion, his gasping breath was filling the room. Completely stunned. ‘Can I touch them?’ he whispered, so cautiously. ‘I don’t mind’ I whispered a few seconds later. His trembling hand rose as his mouth began to suddenly water, he swallowed hard. When I felt his hand touch my breast a wave of arousal tickled my soul. His youthful hand felt sensational. He squeezed my breast, he pinched my nipple, his eyes were slanted, he could barely speak.
‘Breathe Michael’ I whispered. His other hand followed suit soon thereafter. I was stunned. His expression was memorable indeed. I sat there quietly admiring his glowing face. I slowly slid to the corner of the sofa. When Michael shifted towards me, my heart skipped a beat. He stared so intently.
‘Go ahead’ I whispered to him. Just watching him lean forward to take my breast into mouth, was phenomenal. His lack of hesitation was somewhat shocking. When I felt his warm mouth land on my left nipple, I could have had an orgasm on the spot. His appetite was uncontainable. ‘Oh Mom’, he whispered, several times. The way he licked the curve of my tits drove me crazy. From left to right, he bathed me well. My body trembled. I’m certain he felt my nervousness too. The way he caressed my legs during the Malay, was captivating.
We spent the rest of the evening nestled together on the sofa. Michael was given a ‘green light’ to explore my chest, and that he did. It lasted until 2 am. I whispered some things into his ear no mother would dare utter. He was spellbound.
Upon leaving the den, I paused and kissed him goodnight outside his bedroom door before going to bed. When I turned to walk away, I heard him slide down the wall and drop to the floor. I looked back and giggled softly as I made my way down that hallway. I plopped onto our bed and sighed in relief. ‘I did it’, I said to myself. I was soooo turned on. Taking that first step was sensational.
A flood of emotions struck me like a tsunami. I spent some time using my vibrator too. That orgasm was so powerful. I could barely sleep. I tossed and turned for hours. My body was exhausted, yet my mind was still moving forward. I’m certain someone at the end of the hall was struggling to sleep as well…. to be continued….


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  • Reply Bob ID:1ddi8u108zq9

    Michael is one lucky boy!! I’m sure your breasts were well taken care of by him until you went to bed at 2 am.. Thanks again for an awesome part here. I’m disappointed that there are only a few parts left. I hope you continue to post more and more parts. I want to masturbate more as I read. Although I’d rather be sliding my cock into my mom’s moist pussy, gliding my hand up and down my slippery shaft is very gratifying.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      We’ve had many encounters since. I’ll share them with you all.
      I had to lay the foundation as to how it all began, first. Long seduction indeed. 🙂

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Got me wet once again, and my poor old dildo goes into meltdown Once again, love you 🌹🌹Emma from Australia.

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Love you too gf 🙂

  • Reply milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    What a delightful seductress and amazing story teller.

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3


  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    So hot dam I miss feeling my mom I miss feel her and cumming in her so hot can’t wait for more

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Thank you* 🙂

  • Reply Farmcmore ( Gary ) ID:101bfba78rb

    Truly amazing woman, glad you found this site to express yourself.
    All smiles!

  • Reply Ironhorse72 (Jason) ID:2px1mmwmqzv

    Glad to find you again can’t wait to get to where you left off on the other site

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Good to see you Jason 🙂

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Thank you* 🙂

    • milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      Finding someone you love on a new site is a treasure.
      I wish I had seen her on other sites. I am so glad that I found Carrie on this site.

  • Reply Alwaysreadymn ID:5wwod7bwxid

    Hello Carrie, I’m thoroughly enjoying reading about your journey with Michael again, so arousing and I get so hard wanting you! I love the pics you’re posting with the story, I’ve seen them before but it’s always a pleasure to see you, you’re such a beautiful sexy woman!

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      KISS* thankyou 🙂

  • Reply Russ ID:4f912r40

    Oh Carrie you make me so hard reading your stories. I wish you were my mom.