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A mother’s confession (part 4)

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I was left with only one option, and my son was more than ready.

My nipples rose to attention as I absorbed the sensation of Michaels hand on my thigh. Being in public I tried to appear calm, yet my body was trembling. I felt as if everyone in the theatre knew what was occurring under my shawl.
Michael stared at the screen, but his breathing became erratic. The couple sitting to my right seemed equally winded. A few seconds later, I crossed my right leg over, now squeezing his hand in between them. Michael suddenly sighed. It sounded like air escaping from a leaking tire. He was riddled with arousal. Obviously, my effort to control the pace was diminishing. Michaels’ hand began to perspire, trapped between his mothers legs. I eventually un-crossed them, freeing his hand from captivity.
While he stared at the screen, he periodically squeezed my thigh so gently. It was difficult to conceal my response. I sat motionless while Michael copped a feel of my gams.
By the time the movie was over, we were fevered. As we strolled hand-in-hand to the car, he quickly opened the passenger door for me. Chivalry isn’t dead. Personally, I think he was there in hopes of witnessing that leg-shot as I climbed inside. He wasn’t disappointed.
At first, we both sat silently staring at each other in disbelief. Before he had a chance to speak, I returned his hand to my thigh. ‘Drive’ I said to him. Michael slammed the car in drive in a vehicle that wasn’t running.
I spoke to him very softly on the way home. I asked Micheal to refrain from discussing what we choose to share during date-night. He quickly complied. At some point during the ride home, I reached over and quietly stroked his hair behind his ear, a motherly gesture I’ve done for years. This time it took on a whole new meaning.
When we pulled into the garage, he was quick to open my car door, again. I gave him the view he was looking for. His stunned expression tickled my senses. I began to walk towards the door. When I looked back Michael was still standing there. ‘Oh, I’m sorry’, I said as I walked back to him. I stood close. I leaned forward and gave him a peck on his lips. ‘I had a great time’ I said. ‘Thank you’, I added.
I could feel his eyes as I walked towards the door, again. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t add some sway to my hips as I strutted away. ‘Omg’ I heard faintly from behind me, as I crossed over the threshold, and into the house.
My pulse was racing so quickly that I became dizzy. I held the counter to gain my balance. When Michael entered the look on his face was hard to describe. He was assembling the previous exposures in his mind. I think he was hoping that his theory was correct. He gazed at me like I was going to telepathically confirm his suspicions. He didn’t try to conceal his admiration for my dress either as he stood nearby, taking it all in.
As I switched purses, I glanced up at him and smiled, ‘did you have a good time?’ I asked him, in a playful tone. ‘Are you kidding?’ he replied.
Without looking up I said, ‘Not a word Michael,…understand?’ I stated in a firm tone. ‘Yes ma’am’ he replied.
Later on, I rejoined him in the den after I changed my clothes. I purposely wore something conservative. I wanted him to appreciate the value of ‘date-night’, and its apparel.
I asked him to turn off the television. He seemed nervous about the upcoming conversation. ‘Relax Michael’ I said softly. I got up from my chair and sat down next to him.
‘I wanted you to experience what a first date might feel like’ I said to him, with a warm tone to my voice. I complimented him on his etiquette by opening my car door. (I knew he was there for the leg-shot) – wink* We lounged and discussed other subjects yet the visions I was having would arouse his mind. I began to plan my next step forward.
Over the next few weeks, I continued to pursue my objective. I experimented with a multitude of seductive gestures. One afternoon, I tossed a pair of torn pantyhose into the trash, in full view. One hour later, they were gone.
I sent him into our bedroom one evening to retrieve something from my nightstand, next to the bed. I purposely left my vibrator in plain sight. His expression was memorable upon his return.
Later that evening, he heard the buzz of that vibrator ricocheting down the hallway, and into his bedroom.
He began seeing those cotton shorts more often too. There were times I strolled the house without a bra. I continued to plant that seed of thought utilizing my exhibitionistic traits.
I found some adult videos in his bedroom while cleaning one afternoon, while he was still in school. Four of them to be exact. ‘Leg-a-licious and ‘Buttman’ were among them. It was the much-needed intel I was hoping for.
A few days later, I watched both videos. ‘Oh my’, perhaps I missed the transition from Legos to pornography. I couldn’t believe that my Michael was indulging in such hardcore material. I better understood the effect of my cotton shorts as well.
Michael was like a horse in the gates. I knew he was itching for another date. I asked him if he would enjoy a dinner date. Before I could finish, he cried out, ‘yes.’
I chose a romantic restaurant in Sandusky. I knew I had to find a way to announce my true intentions. I couldn’t watch him stand on the other side of that wall, any longer. I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go, but I had to address the issue. So, I scheduled the dinner date for Saturday evening.
Michael sprung out of bed early on that glorious Saturday morning. The entire afternoon was riddled with anticipation. There was times Michael paced like a caged tiger. The vibe was sensational.
I spent the afternoon rehearsing in my mind what I wanted to disclose during dinner. My desire to fulfill his wishes was eroding my will to resist.
I was equally concerned about his safety. I feared he might through desperation, explore his desires with someone, unsuitable. Furthermore, the thought of him impregnating a girl his age, was terrifying, and still is. I felt if I could provide him with something unique, he would be less likely to look elsewhere.
I began getting ready at 4pm. The dress I chose is more like an evening gown. That generous split up the thigh was certainly going to reveal that leg shot he so desires. My hands trembled as I assembled the outfit I planned to wear. I selected a pair of black stockings instead of pantyhose and placed them next to the gown. I tossed a black thong on top. My intentions were obvious.
Tonight was going to be monumental. I stood in the mirror applying the finishing touches. Michael has never seen me dressed like this before, that I’m aware of.
My knees were knocking yet my nipples were hard. When I walked into the kitchen where Michael was sitting, he stared in disbelief. ‘How do I look?’ I asked, as I twirled for his approval. His mouth opened like a garage door, and wide. ‘WOW” he said, as he scanned my body from different angles. The click of my heels on the hard floor seemed to trigger him as well. The perfume I selected should be illegal.
I walked right up to him and stood close, ‘tonight is yours’ I said to him, as I fixed his tie. I try to overlook the way he stares at my lips, yet I find his equally enticing. The thought of planting one on him, is tempting sometimes.
As we made our way to Sandusky, I showcased that split for his benefit. I fought the impulse to correct it as he swerved his way to the restaurant. His weakness for my legs is astounding.
He sure enjoyed holding the car door open when we arrived. ‘Oh my’, that was a leg shot indeed. He wasn’t the only one who witnessed it. A crowd of patrons gathered outside waiting for their reservation to be called, noticed it too.
I did my best to ignore the startled glances from females as the hostess led us to our booth. It was dimly lit and romantic. We sat side-by-side on velvet seating.
I wanted to wait until our meals arrived before I began my presentation. I was really nervous. ‘You and I spend a lot of time together’ I said to him, as I took a sip of wine. He nodded silently in agreement. ‘I want to discuss something with you’ I said, in a soft tone. I told him if he feels uncomfortable to ‘please let me know. I added. I sensed his anticipation. The firm grip on his spoon was tight. My pulse was raging.
‘Can you keep a secret Michael?’ I asked. ‘Yes’, he replied, ‘yes.’ A few minutes of total silence followed.
I took a large sip of wine and placed my utensils on my plate and angled myself in his direction. ‘I’ve noticed a big change in you over the past two years’ I said to him. ‘It seems your interests have matured as well’, I added. He didn’t respond.
‘I found some adult videos in your bedroom while cleaning’ I said, as I looked away from him. Before he had a chance to panic, I informed him that I wasn’t upset. ‘I didn’t tell your father’ I added. He became very restless. ‘Relax sweetheart’ I said to him, as I patted his leg.
‘It appears that you admire certain parts of the female form’ I said, as I took another sip of wine. He still remained completely silent. ‘You and I spend a lot of time together’ I said, again. Then I crossed my leg over revealing my stocking top. He quickly glanced down at it, and when his eyes rose,… they were full of desire.
‘I’m concerned about your safety as well’ I added. I told him that it was normal for a young man his age to develop those kinds of feelings. My soft compassionate approach soothed his tension, as well as my own.
‘I’m fearful that you’ll participate in something sexual with someone you don’t know’ I said, while looking directly into his eyes. Michaels candor was riddled with anticipation. It was like he knew where this was going, yet he yearned to hear those words. I took a few minutes to breathe in silence. I took a large sip of wine, and turned in his direction.
‘ I might know someone who would be willing to assist you in your time of need’ I said to him, as I looked away. His eyes sprung open. I told him that it bothered me that his friends tease him about his lack of opportunity with the ladies.
I took a deep breath,… and I said it. ‘I am that someone,… who is willing to provide you with something unique, something,…special.’ He gazed into my eyes with such wonderment. I swear his pupils dilated. The silence was overbearing. Finally,… he spoke. ‘Are you volunteering??’ he asked. I paused briefly,… ‘yes’ I replied.
He rumbled in his seat, then he took a large drink of his milk. He stared at the split in my gown,… and completely collapsed. ‘Oh please mother’ he said, gasping in relief. ‘Oh yes, please’ he added. He was overwhelmed. He stared at me in disbelief. ‘Are you being serious?’ he asked so delicately. ‘I don’t mind’ I said to him, as I tried to hide my own smile.
Michael began rocking back and forth in his seat. ‘omg, omg’,… over and over. I giggled to myself.
When the waiter returned to replenish my glass of wine, he seemed startled to find Michaels’ hand on my thigh. I spent the next ten minutes trying to pry Michael off of the ceiling. I actually giggled watching him squirm in celebration. To think I was concerned he might decline my offer. He was completely dazzled.
The look I gave him when he opened the passenger car door upon leaving sent a shiver up his spine, I guarantee it.
When he jumped into the driver’s seat, I prevented him from starting the car. I took the keys and placed them in my lap.
My thigh was in full view, peering from under that split in my gown. We shared a long silent gaze at one another. He focused his attention on my red lipstick. I rested my elbow on the center console and leaned forward in his direction. ‘Would you like to kiss your mother?’ I asked him so graciously.
One loud exhale escaped his mouth, and his hands began to tremble as well. He stared at my lips. ‘Go ahead’ I whispered. When Michael leaned forward, I did too.
I rubbed my nose on his and slowly tilted my head to the side. That first contact was exhilarating. Our lips barely grazed each other. When he closed his eyes, I did too. When our lips touched again, I gave him a soft lippy kiss, then I retreated. He leaned forward again, so did I. Then he kissed me again. We both sighed in unison. The following kiss ignited the flame.
Michael planted one on my lips indeed. I reciprocated. Within seconds our tongues were being introduced to a welcomed arrival. We could no longer deny our hidden desire for one another. He thrashed my mouth with his eager tongue. When it became my turn, I hit him with a volley he couldn’t defend. We fought for supremacy, back and forth until the windows of the car began to fog. I broke from the kiss. ‘Drive’, I said to him…………………………….. to be continued….


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