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12 year old girl forced me

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So I am hailey , 25 years old currently working at 9-5 job. I started doing this job 1 year ago when I just graduated from college .

Since i hit puberty everything changed for me , my boobs and ass became huge , it was way bigger than other girls. So I got bullied for it , even in locker room every girl would stare at me with hatred. I only had one friend cara , she always looked out for me . Then in high school it got worse , every guy would stare at my boobs or ass.
I started having urges too, I had a crush on one guy
Dave he asked me out on a date. It went great, he was nice all night , after that we went out few times, one day we were chatting, then we started sexting , he sent me his nudes and asked me to send mine . I sent him my nudes, then on next date he invited me over to his house , we were having fun , he started kissing me and got agressive, I told him to slow down , but then he ripped my tshirt and started licking my tits , he fucked me then , I enjoyed it . Next day when I went to school everyone was looking at me and we’re laughing. Turns out Dave leaked my nudes to everyone, I was shocked and went to cara , she didn’t talk to me , I asked her why is she not talking to me , she said that she caught her boyfriend jerking off on my nudes . She said we are not friends anymore.

In every lecture everyone was starring at me , I went to washroom to cry , then few girls came in and blocked the door , they started yelling at me and then one of the girl kicked me on my pussy , then they all started hitting me , they ripped my clothes, they spat on my face , I was half unconscious then cara came in , I though she there to save me but she pulled up her skirt and removed her panty and then she pissed on my . It was traumatic moment for me . All of girls were suspended, from then my parents homeschooled me. Then I went to college , in college I realised I am attracted to female. I never ask any girl to go on a date with me .

Then I got a job. My salary was great, my boobs and butt were grown perfectly by that time. I had a colleague (heena) , she was senior than me , she was single mom , she was gorgeous and hot , she was Indian. I was her associate, so we work together, sometimes till late night , then I told her that I am lesbian, then she started teasing me that any girl would be Lucky to get someone hot as you . We started having some moment, sexual tension between us was extreme. One day we had an busy day , so after work we went out for drinks , the bar was near my appartment. We both were drunk , and as we left the bar , we were walking, she grabbed my hands and pulled me towards her and started kissing me . Then we went to my appartment , we both were kissing , I undressed her and she undressed me , then she told me to lie down , she got on top of me ,she was kissing me then she started licking my tits ,then she started licking my pussy , I could feel her mouth full of Saliva on my pussy ,then she turned me around and started licking my ass , she had her tongue in my ass. Then I licked her too , I sat on her face , I had bigger ass than her , so my ass covered her whole face , we both came and then we fell asleep.

We started having casual sex . One day we were working and her daughter Tisha came to office , heena was busy , I was wearing mini pencil skirt and tight tshirt . So we both had to work till 6 , everyone was gone it was only us three , then heena got a call that she has an urgent meeting , I told her that I would take Tisha with me at my house then you can pick her up . So heena left after around 6.30 I finished my paperwork and told her that I am going to wash room, she told me that she wants to go to washroom too. She was following me to washroom, we reached the passage of washroom , out of nowhere Tisha pulled up my skirt all the to my waist , I tried to cover my front with my hands ,but then she removed my panties she could see my asshole , I turned around and yelled “what the hell are you doing ” she pulled me with my panty in the washroom then she touched my pussy . I pushed her and said ” are you fucking crazy ” . She said she was sorry . Then I went to take a piss , then I was washing my hands and tisha came and did it against but this time she stuck her head in between my ass cheeks and started licking my asshole and pussy , I couldn’t do anything, I said in breaking voice “UHH……whatttt …ummm ….the hellll are you doing” , I didn’t do anything , then I with my hands I forced her head against my ass , then I sat on washbasin and she was licking my pussy , I pulled out my boobs , Tisha knew how to lick pussy , which was strange knowing that she was just 12 . Then I licked her pussy and ass too , then I squirted on her . Her clothes were all wet, we went to my house I , threw her clothes in dryed and told her to take a bath , but we took a bath together , we both had sex again. Then I asked her that how did she know that I was lesbian ,she replied that her mom told her about me . After that at 10 heena came and she picked up Tisha and they went home . I don’t know how to tell heena about this or should I even tell her.

The end

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    She probably learned from her mom. Tell Heena what Tisha did. You’ll probably be surprised.

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    Insta: gkr_o.5

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    U should fuck them at the same time

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    That was sexy

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    Fuck this was good! Great work!