Raped Again

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A second rape often follows the first, but it may be a few years before it happens again.

Over the last few months I had been considering the idea of writing up the events of my rape that took place 8 years ago, but I was unsure if I should publish them or not. Most sex story web sites don’t like rape stories.
I’m well aware that most of the women who do get raped, will be raped again at some stage. Alas, this seems to be just how this goes. I knew that this would most likely include me as well, just something to put deep into the back of my mind.
I guess thinking and writing up my rape heightened the feelings and signals about rape that I must have been giving off.
Last weekend I went to the mall with a few friends to see a movie. The mall was packed and finding a car park was difficult, I found one next to big four-wheel-drive that encroached into the park I wanted to use, right in the back corner of the car park. There was not a lot of room for me and I had to go around the back of my car to get out. Then there was a narrow stairwell leading down to the next level and to the mall.
I caught up with my friends, who had managed to get much closer parks and went to see the movie. It was quite late by the time we came back out, and I headed to the toilet for a couple of minutes, before heading off back to my car.
I had just got to the top of the stairs when I saw a guy coming the other way, wanting to go down the stairs. I half turned with my back to the wall to help him go past, as there was very little room.
The guy also half-turned and I expected him to just brush past me and carry on his way.
He suddenly stopped right in front of me, turning directly to face me. Then he pushed me back against the wall, catching me in surprise. I gasped.
I felt his knees hard against mine and forcing my legs somewhat apart. I also felt his hand swing across my belly, pull up my dress. I knew then he intended to rape me.
Then his hand pushed down over my panties and in between my legs, His finger catching the side of my panties pulling them firmly across my pussy and to one side.
A moment later I felt his cock slip along my slit and then he turned it so it angled up. He gave a firm thrust and his cock slipped in against my entrance, squeezing in. A second thrust and his cock burst through to be inside me. I gasped and whimpered, but he thrust a couple more time, driving his cock fully into me.
He shifted position slightly then he began to pump his cock hard into me. I was just too stunned to react.
After about twelve or so hard thrusts, I felt his cock throb and spasm inside me. I felt the sudden spurt of cum going into me. He thrust a couple more times and few more spasms as he finished squirting his cum in my pussy.
His cock slipped out then he was turning and he disappearing down the stairs.
It had all taken less than a minute, and in that time, I had been raped again.
I carefully reached down and pulled my panties back in place. I slowly walked the last few steps to my car, unlocked it and got in. I could feel his cum beginning to ooze back out. On my way home, I did a double-check of my dates, my period had stopped just a few days earlier, so I didn’t have to worry about that. No, I had been expecting to be raped again, and now it had happened. Apart from his cum up my pussy, I was unharmed.
Was I going to report it, no, not worth the hassle.
Was I going to do anything more about it, no, well, yes. It made me made up my mind to publish my first rape account.
Once home I did a good clean up, my panties and the back of my dress were wet with cum, but otherwise, yeah, it had just happened, but just pissed me off that it had happened so fast.

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  • Reply A Dickson ID:cc4itaj8m

    Still hanging on there Irene, Nice to hear you rape pregnancy is going well. You must be proud to be showing off you swollen belly now too.

    • Irene ID:cc4itaj8m

      Yes, still pregnant, and Yes my belly is getting quite big now too

  • Reply Irene ID:6629enpd9a

    Hi Mahi, Im aware of the case in India, but her case is just the tinest tip of an iceburg. Every day in India, tens of thousands of girls and women are abused and raped. There is no justice for them. Yes, we have tough laws about rape, but so often, it becomes a case of, he said, she said… Any doubts, he gets away, she sees no justice. So often it is not worth the trama of the court system and investigation trying to get a conviction, when you know you will breakdown due to the way the system works. That is why we endure being raped, and we endure any unwelcomed and unwanted pregnancies that happen.

  • Reply Mahi ID:bmt65rd9b

    A very recent news about a girl in india……the nirbhaya murder case…..the 4 rapists were given death penalty….if a developing country like india can take such action then why cant ur country ????????

  • Reply Mahi ID:bmt0tap44

    I know i m being emotional
    ……but thats because of my sister……she wanted to be a doctor.
    …….but before she could fulfill her dreams
    ……she was raped and
    her body was located in a trashcan . Can u believe it…..a trashcan….is that where she should end up?? I dont think so…

    • Irene ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Mani, I am truly sorry about your sister, nobody deserves that. My trouble here, and its the same in a lot of countries, is that our justice system makes it difficult to both trust the system, and to get a good result. Currently, it is said 1 in 10 report being raped, but I think it more like 1 in 30, and out of those its again 1 in 10 (30) who go through with getting a conviction. Rapist know most likely they can get away with it and rape again. the odds are stacked against us..

  • Reply Mahi ID:bmt0tap44

    Also u have a power to do it……u know being raped is like a nightmare….so i request u for the sake of the women thats gonna be that rapist’s next pray….dont let him get away…plz

  • Reply Mahifor#rapistfuckyourself ID:bmt0tap44

    Being raped means being fucked against our permissions
    first of all….no ones allowed to do that shit.
    Secondly…by not complaining against these rapist you are actually encouraging him to rape other innocent women…….a daughter , mother or a sister…….it aint cool at all…..u understand right??

  • Reply Irene ID:6629enpd9a

    Hi Mahi, yes, it is far from fun being raped. And yes a curse on those who do. Alas, most women will have to endure the rape the rapes that happen anyway, and yes our bodies and our wombs will have to face the effects of our rapings.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5teienp20i

    My name is mahi btw

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5teienp20i

    Its not fun being raped
    …….whats wrong with u guys……curse those fool rapists

  • Reply Mr sky ID:8ojju2id99

    Fuckn fake st0ry

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4k09

    It’s a fake low life story,and who does shit like that,low lives themselves,it’s quite simple,to get a little fucking attention,a little fake glory and fame.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i916ii

    Another bullshit story that the sickos get off on,the losers,and if it is true I sure as hell would not be posting a fucking story on it on this site.

    • Anonmousey ID:cc4itbgzm

      If you don’t like these stories, true or false, we DON”T care, do the world a favor and shoot yourself.

  • Reply Emily ID:2atvsnos8m

    Oh my I’m so sorry

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Emily, Alas being raped is something that we have to endure as a woman, and sometimes we get pregnant too. Hopefully one day this will ease.

  • Reply Alex ID:hd2xrlzra

    You should do an uterus resection to guaranty that you’ll never got pregnant again

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Alax.

      No, I don’t think having such an operation would be a good idea for me currently. perhaps in a few years but there are other ways to prevent pregnancy too.

  • Reply Maddie ID:7ylren6t0a

    I want to be raped so bad

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi, Maddie, please think very carefully about your desires, being raped, and being raped so bad are very different.Have someone close you can trust to support you if you want to go ahead.

    • JJ ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Where do you live? And put a picture on here. And I am sure you would get your wish

    • Dave ID:1ah742a86i9

      Could you take a massive cock?

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Dave, can whom take a massive cock, it also depends on just how big you call massive. The first guy who raped me had what seemed to be a huge cock, that went very deeply.

    • G ID:7zv1l2afic

      Maddie I rape you. I have lots of sperm. I will make sure you get pregnant and it’s on the web for all to watch

    • Jack ID:2kyee16vm1

      Chat me

  • Reply Tom ID:1hr6f15p49d

    It’s too bad the last guy that raped you did not have a huge cock as that would have been good for you to really enjoy it – YES you enjoyed it but was disappointed it was over too quick and did not get to cum off. Don’t get disappointed you will be raped again and maybe it will be better and you will cum off. You can help the situation by telling the guy what not to do to you and he will understand that’s what you want to happen. Tell him not to make you suck his cock and that’s what he will have you do – learn the steps and enjoy it as most women do.

    • Irene ID:cc4itbbhm

      Hi Tom, with a strager raping you, one get very little say in how big their cock actually is, bid or small, its still intrusive. Some guys who have big cock have no idea how to use them, while guys with smaller can drive us into euphoria, fust how it goes.
      Yeah, a bit peeved it was over so quickly, but again, some guys know how to take their time, some just get too excited and fail to last.
      I understand that Im most likely to be raped again, that happens, Ill deal with it when it does.

  • Reply Tom ID:1hr6f15p49d

    Some Guys can sense what gals want to be fucked and so they do it and you can call it rape but I will bet you give off all the indications you want to be fucked including the smells. The fact you did nothing after this happened is the best indicator that you were wanting it and he sensed it. I would like to know if you came off and would not be surprised if you did. I suspect it’s OK if you get “raped” but not ok if you just fucked. Age old excuse of gals wanting and needing fucked to make it OK. I wonder how many more times you will get “Raped” especially if it makes you cum.

    • Irene ID:cc4itbbhm

      I am aware that some women can and give off tiny signals showing they are ready for sex, and sometimes ready for impregnation.
      I did nothing after because it just caught me out, and the stats of reporting it are so very low in going through for a conviction, just too much hassle. I figured out basiclly no harm done, nothing brutal.
      The chances of being raped again are fairly high, thats just how it goes. I think some guys can sense that you have been raped, making it easier for them.
      This time I did not get off on it, it was over very quickly, my body had no chance to react.
      I guess the real question is the difference of wanting sex and needing sex, and why they are different.

  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

    Yes!, Nice quick raping, good it happened again. I do hope you are pregnant from it, had your period yet?

    • Irene ID:cc4itbbhm

      Yes its happened again, kind of expected it. Period due in the next few days.

    • Emily ID:2atvsnos8m

      Your fucking sick

  • Reply Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

    Oh Hell, I hope you are okay, Just so fast, so scary, I can’t imagine it happening like that.

    • Irene ID:cc4itbbhm

      Yes, Im ok, not hurt or anything, just too fast

  • Reply Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

    Oh no, it was bad enough once, I really hope it won’t happen again.

    • Irene ID:6629eno6id

      Hi Jasmine, alas, the stats are stacked against us on this. We can hope it never happen again, but sooner or later, things catch up. Hopefully we can be better prepared to deal with it when it dose happen.

  • Reply Delany ID:6629eno6id

    Nice you got caught and raped again, pity it was too early, better luck for next time.

    • Irene ID:6629eno6id

      I had been kind of expecting to be raped again at some stage, just caught me by surprise, and yeah, a bit too early in my cycle.

  • Reply Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

    I never knew that it was likely to happen again, just hope you re ok.

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Wendy I am Tim and would like to know have you been raped

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

      Hi Timothy, I have posted some details of my event. Under Park Rape.

  • Reply A Dickson ID:6629eno6id

    Wham, blam, thank you mam, nice rape, a good lot of cum up your pussy, good job, I’m glad you got raped again.

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      What a great story it is so nice to hear a woman talk about being raped one of the things I would really love to know is did you get pregnant by either rape if I would’ve raped you I would’ve kept you for at least three months making sure that my baby was growing inside you

    • Irene ID:6629eno6id

      Hi Timothy, The timing of the rape was too early in my cycle, I honestly doubt that he got me pregnant. A week later and it could have been all on again.

    • Tommy ID:53dpfp9m3

      What a shame, I hope you have more bad luck next time and end up pregnant again.

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Tommy, my bad luck with being raped has continued, he did get me pregnant after all. It was very confusing why he got me so early. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and having a difficult time as a result.