Hot encounter with friend and her cousin

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This happened when I was late 20s We were in my aunties shed where I lived smoking weed. Me and my friend who I will just name M with a girl I grew up with Tracey and her young cousin who was about 14 I think , Shauna.
Tracey was a known slut in the neighbourhood and always had an older boyfriend enjoying her curvy 23 year old body. She was hot enough but only went with Bikie types
She was bad , I knew that much. M was mucking around and started grabbing at Shaunas growing tits and at her panties as she was sitting. She got up and Stacey said stop , but laughed it off. M continued regardless. Shauna had a pair of small pink shorts on and a singlet and M was squeezing her tits and Tracey was just watching.
I couldn’t resist this hot little squeamish girl in front of me. I grabbed a handful of her chubby little ass.
“She likes it, see?”said M to Tracey. She then went and looked around the shed entrance
I looked at Shaunas face. Her expectant unsure look in her blue eyes. Her light blonde hair
My dick was burning as I squeezed her tits now as M rubbed through her panties. This little girl was going to be our pleasure toy. A chubby little slut for us
I could sense Shauna had been through this before ……. She made small moaning noises
“Get your cocks out ” Tracey said
She then pushed Shauna to her knees in front of us. We pulled them out straight away I placed my throbbing cock right in front of her little face It nearly blew my mind right there.
“Wank their cocks. Get on those cocks Shauna and wank them”. Tracey was directing it now
Shaunas little hands wrapped around our bursting cocks as she started tugging I shoved it right in front of her as she tugged away. Waves of pleasure started and we were both swearing and gasping. I called her a little slut, a dirty little white whore as I swelled up
Tracey was encouraging her little cousin “,that’s it. You know what to do you slut. You good little slut. Make those cocks cum ”
Less than a minute i started to cum. The first white rope landed on her shoulder. Then over her forehead. A third landed over her face and her singlet I continued spraying her face , in front of my two accomplices. Shaunas mouth fizzed with my cum and it dropped down her hand “,oh fuck yeah “. I had just covered this young girls face with cum
M erupted next , squirting hot sperm all over Shaunas face. M pushed his cock into Shaunas mouth as he came moaning and roughly pushing Shaunas head as he sprayed
Tracey held Shaunas head
The last drops of Ms cum left his cock and the cum torrent from above ended for Shauna Her pretty little face was plastered in our cum I wish I had a photo of it. I think of it everyday.
Tracey busied herself suddenly grabbing her hand bag looking for tissues to clean her little cousins face The mood shifted Suddenly everyone was looking to leave. I wanted them to stay but Tracey was rushing . In the end they all left quickly
But me and M met up a couple days later to thrill about our experience. And to plan to get stuck into that little slut again…

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  • Reply Tom ID:7ylren4oic

    Oh shit i think i know you guys from the neighborhood days.the 80s ruled wish we could go back.especially 86 through 90.good natural weed, m.t.v. music, real friends not fake like today.

    • Racer 1989 ID:cor7019zl

      Maybe you enjoyed her too….