Wife confided that two of the boys raped her

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I have known my wife since high school, but we only got together after we left.
She confided that two of the boys in our year raped her, when I asked her for more detail, she told me that after her dad left, her mom had taken a full time job at the local hospital and worked every Saturday. One day someone rang the door whilst she was in the shower, they kept ringing so she came down to answer the door wrapped in a towel. When she opened the door it was two of boys from her class at school. As soon as they saw what she had on they pushed passed her and into the house locking the door behind them. They soon had the towel off and were kissing and groping her.
She knew no one would be home for hours, so thought that if she let them do what they wanted, they would leave one they were satisfied, but they kept her naked and took turns with her all day.
After she had told me I was really aroused as I imagined the scene, but she was also clearly turned on by telling me the story. When they realized she hadn’t told anyone, the boys visited again several times when they knew she was alone in the house.

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  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm5

    Good girl for letting them have their way with you and not telling anyone. I hope that your wife lets you do whatever you want to her as well.
    My daddy taught me that a woman’s place is to serve men. I’m a good girl and do as daddy says.

  • Reply Bambi ID:2a76wba8rb4

    Fuck me boys!