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13 year old me losing my virginity to a thick 15 year old

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I was extremely sheltered growing up. I had hardly any experiences with anything. At age 13 I got a phone and downloaded snapchat. After a couple months I met this girl in my neighborhood who was 15 and a beautiful blonde. She was short and fit and she had small tits but a perfect fat ass. I hung out with her once at a park where we just walked around for a little bit before splitting up and going home. That night she texted me on Snapchat and said I was cute and she wanted me to come over to her house the next day so she could “teach me some things”. At this point I had never even watched porn or knew anything about sex at all really. All I knew was that a boy had a penis and a girl had a vagina. I didn’t know how sex worked or anything.

The next day I went over there and she had another 15 year old friend over. The girl was a brunette with big, round tits and I remember staring at them constantly. The blonde girl who invited me over said we should watch a movie and we all got under a blanket and they sat on either side of me on the couch. After awhile the blonde girl started reaching towards my cock and rubbing me outside my shorts. I remember turning so red and trying to keep my moans and breathing quiet. She then reached in to my shorts and started rubbing my cock roughly and I started to squirm a bit. She would glance over at me and just smirk. Eventually she pulled her hand out and spit on it and put it back in my shorts and kept rubbing. I started to breathe heavily and squirm even more. This whole time I started looking down her brunette friends shirt to see her big tits while I was getting a handjob.

The brunette noticed my breathing and movement and asked what we were doing and threw the blanket back to see the blonde girl holding my wet cock that now had her spit all over it. The brunette turned red and just stared at it before looking at both of us and asked what we were doing. The blonde kept stroking me right there in front of her and I couldn’t even get a word out. The blonde said “stop being so scared you’re too innocent, you can watch if you want.”

The brunette just sat there in silence watching the blonde jerk me off while I moaned and looked at them both. Eventually the blonde got up on her knees on the couch with her ass high in the air and looked at me and said “I’m going to suck on it now” before lowering her head down on my dick and immediately deep throating it. I threw my head back and moaned loudly because she sucked my dick so sloppily, which probably wasn’t too hard because I was 13 and my Cock was only about 4 inches. There was saliva dripping down my balls and thighs and all I could hear was her gagging and sucking on it. I looked over at the brunette to see her looking at it with wide eyes and her mouth open. While staring at the brunettes tits all the sudden the blonde starts playing with my balls while gagging on me and I let out a loud moan while face to face with the brunette. I grabbed the blonde by the hair and started pushing her up and down on my cock and she easily took my whole dick down her throat. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the brunettes tits either which she definitely noticed. I eventually started grabbing on the blondes ass while she went down on me and I pulled her leggings down to see her ass arched up in the air. She stopped sucking for a second to look at me and ask if it felt good and if I want to put it inside her next.

I said “yes but I’ve never done it before, can you show me how” and she got up, pulled her leggings all the way down, and turned her back to me before squatting down and guiding my cock inside her pussy. I was sitting on the couch with my knees spread and her ass lowering on my dick while her friend just sat to the left of me and watched. I remember immediately being completely submerged in her soaked pussy and my eyes almost rolling to the back of my head. It was warm and creamy and extremely tight even for my 13 year old cock. She started bouncing up and down while I just watched her ass cheeks clap on me. I glanced over to see her friend looking at the same thing, still silent. I put my hands on the blondes waist and started pushing her up and down even harder. The blonde was moaning and asking if I liked her pussy and I moaned a reply of yes, of course. The blonde turned her head to her friend and said “why are you looking like that, you’ve seen me naked before” and the brunette just whispered back “only in the shower like over a year ago” and her face turned red all over again. I turned back to the blondes round ass bouncing on me and I start grabbing her ass and spreading it to see her asshole. The blonde kept riding me and bent her upper body down until her hands were on the ground and her ass was more open to me. I kept spreading her cheeks while she bounced on me and I started to feel like I was about to cum. I look over at the brunette and she’s still just watching her bestfriend’s ass bouncing on my dick with her ass spread. I was tempted to grab the brunettes tits or kiss her or something but I wasn’t sure what she was ok with so I never did.

I told the blonde I started feeling “too good” “like something was about to come out” and she got off of me and got on the couch and bent over in front of me in doggy. She told me to put it inside and fuck her until I was about to cum and then to pull out and cum on her ass. I just looked down for a minute at her thick ass bent over in front of me and arched high in the air. I slowly pushed my cock in and started humping her hard while grabbing her around the waist so I could thrust in to her better. The brunette stood up and started looking over my shoulder to watch me fuck her friend from behind. I kept grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them open to see her tight asshole because it felt so dirty and hot and I had never seen someone’s before. She turned her head around and smiled and said she knows I’m looking at it and she said I should lick my thumb and rub it. I look over at her friend and with some newfound confidence I put my thumb up and told her to lick it (I wanted to involve her in some way) and she licked it hungrily and I spread the blondes cheeks again and started rubbing her asshole in a circle with her friends spit on it.

The blonde kept moaning loudly while I thrusted in to her and I knew I was about to cum. I grabbed her hard by the waist, and gave some hard backshots to her that sounded loud. I pounded her for about 2 more minutes before I pulled out and came on her asshole and all down her crack. I almost passed out with how hard I came. I looked down at her and she stayed arched up, shaking her ass slightly, for a couple minutes. Her friend didn’t say a word and just watched with her mouth open. The blonde asked for something to clean off with so I got a towel and watched her clean my cum off of her.

Afterwards we finished watching the movie in silence as if it nothing ever happened. I left after the movie was over and was invited over several more times after that.

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