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First the horse now my dog

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First my horse and now my dog but this was in the ass

Hey I dont know how to to create a account that’s why this story is not in my account so here’s the link for my story before this one my details are in that story
So read that one before this
This is a true story
As the readers of my last story know I was raped by my horse so what happened after I came back from the hospital is doctor was telling my mother I should not put anything between my pussy because it was badly damaged and my mother told I will take care but overheard the conversation and as I went home after 3 months I was so happy but I was lonely too because my mother and father would go to work at 8 in the morning and come back at 10 in the night so I was lonely in the home because I used to stay most of the time with my horse but bow he was not here so it was about 10 in the morning I went to the kithchen as I woke up and prepared a bowl of cereals then I went to my room I was watching reels and seeing memes on instagram then I saw a reel of a cute dog her owner was on all fours and came from behind and jumped over her so I thought to try it with my dog because he was never aggressive towards me so as I broght my husky in my room I went on all fours and I was still in my night dress a panty and a thin t shirt so as I went on all fours and signaled him to jump over me he came towards me but stopped at my back and started to sniff my panty and as soon as he started sniffing it felt gpod so I removed my pants and he started licking it and it felt good but as he jumped over me with his front legs I knew what was going to happen because after my previous experience I researched about this and came across zooohilia so back to the point as he front paws wre on my shoulders I understood iwas about to fucked and then after I remembered the doctor’s words I teied to run but I was not able to because he was veey power full and then he started humping he missed few strokes and I was only saying one thing wase dont do thish with me pleasee but he didn’t listen and when I tried to ressist he growled at me it was the first time he ever growled on me and I was sacred so I stopped moaning but my luck and badluck he didn’t find my pussy but he found my ass as he dick went it in ass it was very painfull but somewhere it felt good though I was I extrem pain a started moaning and he humping pretty fast and soon I felt something tennis ball size at my ass I didnt knew what was this because I have not done research on soon he pushed that thing in I scremed in pain but soon pleasure took over it I syarred moaning again and then he cummed I felt tthat hot liquid go till the entrance of my cervix then I tried to stsn forgetting his dick was in me I felt pain again as his knot was stuck in me afyer a hour he deflayed a with a pop sound his dick went out of my ass I yhing it was fun now I am writing this just after his fucking snd thinking of doing it again and please tell me in the comments how to create a account and I will be posting
Soon if anything happens

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    Are these really true stories..love to hear the full details

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    Indian what is your instagram?

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      I am not going to share or add anyone now but may be in future


      Indian are you going to keep going what else did you have sex with?

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    INDIAN this account will be changed in 4 days so contact me

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      but why you think i am a fool or something

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      Hi love to hear your stories


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    this is my email [email protected] talk to me

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    My snap is l_mendes2402

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      With practice and patience you will learn how to enjoy your dog.

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    I don’t now how to create an account sorry 🙁
    Do you have insta or snap? So we could chat a little?
    Love ypur stories😊

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      I got how to make

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