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My fantasies that almost came true pt2

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I forgot to mention what they all looked like including me. Her brother looks like he is 5’11. He’s pretty buff he had dreads and is black/dark brown. The girl she had her hair in a bun she was light brown. She has 34dd breast a firm butt brown eyes and a regular size. I know for most guys on here don’t really like sizes like that but for me I don’t really care any size is good and perfect. Now for me I have a afro and I’m kinda buff muscle does show. I’m not skinny but I have a athletic build since I do mma. I’m black/brown and have brown eyes I’m 5’4 might be short but can still kick ass and do other stuff.

I heard the footsteps get closer and closer to us but I made a rookie mistake by turning to look who it was. I was always trained to never take my eyes off my enemy but I still did. When I turned it was the girl walking towards us she waved at us while smiling. Her brother let go of me and punched me right in my face making me fall. I got up quickly to defend myself but the girl stopped us before we could actually fight. “Why the hell did you do that Kai he didn’t even do anything you fucking idiot. Leave him alone or I’ll tell dad you got that girl at school pregnant you dead beat dad.” He didn’t respond and just walked away frustrated. She turned to me and looked at me up and down really quick. “Your pretty cute and my names is Layla” “your really beautiful and have a nice name. My names Matt” she rubbed my face lovingly like she had known me for years. “I’m sorry about my brother he’s suck a fucking jerk sometimes.” “It’s alright it’s understandable for him to want to protect you.” Secretly I really wanted to beat the hell out of him. Me and her chatted for a couple minutes and my dog came back to us. She petted her and my dog instantly seemed like she was in a trance of love for her. She left and came back to us with a ball. Layla grabbed it and threw it my dog chased after it. “Last one to get to your dog loses!” She ran off and I chased after her. The dog park we’re at has a small forest in it so it sometimes became hard to find each other. My dog was gone still looking for the ball and Layla was laying on a tree breathing hard. I walked towards her and she took out her phone. She wanted to take a picture with me and I agreed for memories. She said to meet her back at the dog since she has to take her dog out everyday. We took the picture and I had to leave. The next day I went back there hoping to see her and so my dogs energy could go down. Her dog and brother was there along with a bunch of other people with there dogs but she wasn’t there. I played fetch with my dog and my dog chased after it back into the forest. I then remembered she did say meet her back in the dog park obviously but she must had meant the tree so I went into the small forest too. I looked and looked for twenty minutes and gave up until I heard what sounded like a soft moan. I followed after the moan and heard what sounded like a girl saying something. I stepped closer and closer to hear a girl moaning and saying she wish it was inside of her and how she wants whoever it was so bad. I got hard and wanted to touch myself so bad but I forced myself not to. I gathered the courage to go around the tree to see who it was. And it was Layla she was fingering herself and pinching her nipples. As soon she saw me she stopped and covered herself. “OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING CREEPING UP LIKE THAT” “What do you mean your fingering yourself in a dog park.” She grabbed her phone quickly but accidentally dropped it because of her wet fingers. Believe it or not she was masturbating to me and moaning my name. That made me start having a raging boner and she must had noticed the bulge sticking out of my pants. She stared at me for a couple seconds and lowered her pants and shirt to reveal some of herself and she asked those magic words. “Wanna fuck?” I didn’t even respond and just took my pants off. She took that as a sign of yes and fully lowered her pants and panties. I hesitantly grabbed her ass and squeezed it a little while she was rubbing my bulge. “Im really liking this bulge right here. Matt can I suck on it?” She asked her voice shaking I said of course and luckily had a condom one of my friends gave me just incase something like this happened. I took out the condom and she helped take my pants off while I got the condom out. She put my dick right on her face and she started fingering herself. “Ahhh I love this heat coming form you” she licked the tip and I moaned then grabbed her head. She apologized and said she wanted me in her and how hard it is to resist when it right on her face ready to be sucked. That made me even more horny. I had her stand up and pinned her against the tree. I picked her up from her thighs and he pussy was right in front of my dick. Both of us unprotected but so horny not caring. I rubbed my dick against it feeling it get even more wet and she held onto my arms tightly. “W- wait please don’t be rough I never has sex before and it seems like your really experienced.” “You don’t have to worry I never had sex before either I just practiced with human sized objects to help me for a moment like this.” “Just put it in slowly and you can do what ever you want once im comfortable enough.” I nodded and stuck it in slowly. She put her arms around my back while grunting. I remember reading about stuff like this happening and how painful it is for a girl to lose her virginity and how to make her comfortable. I started slowly fucking her and licked her nipples to make her get wet and comfortable for the both of us. She started moaning and wasn’t holding onto my back tightly anymore. She felt really warm and tight I almost started going hard on her but I calmed myself down. “Ok you can go a little harder” I took my dick out and put it back in her hard. She gasped and told me to take it out and that it hurts like I hell. I immediately did and tears was coming down her face. I felt terrible and she said it’s alright it just hurts so much. I told her we didn’t have to continue anymore and she said just give her a minute. She looked down at her pussy and it was bleeding. “Im sorry that im being this way.” “It’s alright you can’t help that it hurts” “we can try one more thing” she started giving me a hand job and I started licking her tits while fingering her. We stared each other in the eyes and kissed. She knew I was getting close after six minutes of jerking me. She was close and was the first to cum. She grabbed onto me while jerking me still and accidentally moaned louder enough for people nearby to hear. She was breathing hard and still Cumming hearing her moan in my ear I rubbed her around and came in her ass. She breathed hard and scooped up my cum from her ass. “Wow this is a lot you must had not came for weeks” before I could say anything she swallowed it while staring right at me. “We should get going now” I said looking the other way trying to not get a boner. “Hey you wanna be friends with benefits?” She asked while pulling my pants back up on me and pulling hers back up. “Sure but how come?” “I really like you as a friend and you so ho and cute but I don’t think I’m ready to be able to date someone like you I am glad I got to lose my virginity to someone like you.” I heard a giggle from behind us and we both looked to see a girl recording. She got both of our faces and started running off while yelling I’m going to tell Kaiii. I knew my ass was in real trouble. “Oh shit you have to go.” “What about you? ” “I’ll be fine Kai knew I wanted you it’s his fault for not bothering to stay near me now come on” I whistled for my dog but she was already at the gate waiting for me. I got to the gate and Layla tan towards me with no jacket and inky a shirt. “He took my jacket and said he’s going to kill you you have to go now!” I took off my jacket and gave it to her for her to wear and just incase I did actually die. I opened the gate and heard a group of footsteps coming close to us. I ran outside of the dog park and a hand grabbed me then threw me on the ground. I got kicked right in my face. The kick busted my lip and made it start bleeding. I got up and it was Kai the motherfucker was like a beast. He swung and I dodged each one hoping to get a chance to actually hit him and he actually let his guard down. With all my strength I punched him in his nose and I heard a crack. He held his nose and a crowd gathered around us to see what was happening. His nose was bleeding and he got even more pissed off at me. He punched me right in my gut and kicked me right in my dick. It became more of a beating instead of a fight. I got my footing and knew all of his moves and how he fights now. He swung and I ducked then did a uppercut right to his chin and tried to knock him out. I did a combo directly at his chin and I made him dizzy. He was strong as hell but size doesn’t mean everything in a fight and he didn’t even know how to properly dodge or defend himself. I did more combos and people around me started cheering. I even heard Layla telling me to beat his ass. He went for another swing and I dodged then tripped him. He fell on his head and stood up again. I punched him one more time and he pulled a knife out then slit my left arm. I punched him again which knocked him out. His nose was bloody and he was bleeding form his mouth since some of his teeth did get knocked out. Layla came towards me and so it know her brother. “Matt you don’t look so good you better get home” I kissed her and she kissed me back. I started walking back towards my house then heard Layla scream at me to run. I turned around to see why and the group with him earlier started chasing after me with pistols and red nose Pitt bulls. I started running with my dog and they started catching up to us. I was terrified out of my mind and i regretted what I did …………. nah not really I enjoyed every moment of it. I came around a corner to get in to the city where people and cops would be able to help me. They didn’t even care. People saw my condition and the men with the Pitts chasing me and called 911. One shot at me and it hit my leg making me fall to the ground. People started running into stores and watched what happened while on the phone with the cops. One got too close to me and my dog she’s a blue nose pit bull mixed with terrier she might be small but she can’t still do some damage. The man put his hand on my head and my dog bit his hand almost ripping it off. He started hitting her and she bit harder. His hand got ripped off by her force and he screamed. She went for his neck opening it open and having it bleed out. I grabbed his gun and watched as my dog started fighting the other dogs. The rest of the group went towards me with a crowbar and gutted my left arm breaking it. I shot one of those fuckers right in his chest they made they made the mistake of leaving they’re guns behind before grabbing the crowbars. They all started running and I shot one of the dogs. The dog bled out and the others ran with their masters. My dog was bleeding out I was bleeding out and I heard Layla’s voice calling me along with my family and sirens around me. I woke up in a hospital my mom crying and my dad walking back and forth. I also saw Layla and her brother along who looked like they’re dad. Layla held my hand and smiled when she saw me up. My parents hugged me so did Layla. “Come on you God damn fucking bastard apologize to the damn boy I ain’t raise you like this you punk.” He didn’t say anything. “God dammit boy you a pussy you a real pussy for fighting a fourteen year old just because he kissed your sister. You got your own girlfriend pregnant and left after you outta be ashamed of yourself. Wait till the family hears about this I shouldn’t even be calling you my son.” “I WASN’T TRYING TO KILL HIM DAD I JUST WANTED IT GIVE HIM A BEATING TO NOT HURT LAYLA” “AND THAT’S NOT HOW YOU REACH SOMEONE WHO’S STILL GROWING RIGHT FROM WRONG YOU DAMN IDIOT NOW Apologize OR IM NOT GOING TO BAIL YOU.”
“I FUCKING HATE YOU DAD.” Kai stood up and went for another punch at me. I quickly got up and socked him which was all I needed to do since it seem like he has just waken up too. He fell onto the floor from the punch and was knocked out once again. The dad stood up and apologized for him. My parents and his parents went outside to talk. Layla got into my bad with me and rubbed my stomach. “Im sorry all of that happened to you it’s my fault for not clearing things up instead of being rude to him. Can you forgive me?” “I think I can forgive you” it was silent and Layla put her head on my chest. “Do you want to do date? ” she asked nervously. Let’s get to know each other first before that we kinda let things get out of control.” “Yeah we did haha” she looked at me and we made out I was in pain but pushed through it. She laid her chase back on me and we both fell asleep.

Pt 2 will be Tomorrow or today

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