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Becky and Dave

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Dave blackmails his sister and makes his sister his slut

I’m Dave, 14 and my sister’s name is Becky, she is a year and a half older than me. Becky is tall thin with blonde hair and green eyes Most people would say Becky is pretty, her ass is a little big and her boobs are small, 34a, and she is a bit of a nerd. She had 1 boyfriend, a guy we called “no dick Rick” and I knew she was no longer a virgin. I also knew that she was now more interested in girls.
We grew up in a small town with a military base where most people worked in the military or for the base. Our house was just outside town with a forest and stream behind it.
I had a part time job after school and worked a few days a week but one nice spring afternoon I arrived for work to find the store closed due to a water leak. I ran home grabbed my fishing rod and headed to the stream. I had just entered the forest behind our house when I got a strong smell of weed. Someone was smoking up nearby. I got my phone and started recoding, I moved silently through the trees, thinking I would catch one of my friends. Wow what a shock, it was my nerdy sister Becky. This was going to be a great day.
“Wait until I tell mom & dad” I yelled
“Please don’t”’ she begged, “I’ll do your homework if you promise not to tell”
“Get on your knees and beg”, I ordered
She got on her knees and started to plead with me. I stood in front of my sister and grining ear to ear. At that moment she was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. I undid my jeans and dropped them to the ground. “If you don’t what mom and dad to see the video you are going to do EVERYTHING I tell you to do. Rick told me you were a good cock sucker so now I’m going to find out for myself. You are going to suck my cock until I cum in your mouth. Understand?”
She pleaded with me and told me she only sucked Rick a few times and never swallowed but I didn’t care. Now I don’t have the biggest cock in the world but Rick is only about 5” so my sister was shocked when I pulled my 7” dick out of my boxers. I was already mostly hard by the time I slapped my cock across her face. She opened her mouth and started to suck. Wow I was getting my 1st bj and it was my sister doing the honor. After a few minutes I tried thrusting my cock all the way in. Becky gagged on cock but I didn’t stop. After my cock was good and wet, I pulled out and ordered her to stand and take off her top and bra. I sucked her little tits and pinched her hard nipples. Then it was back on her knees to finish the job. A minute or two later and I began to shoot the biggest load of my young life. My warm salty load was more than she could swallow. Cum leaked out of her mouth, ran down her chin and dropped on her little tits.
“Now will you delete the video and promise not to tell?” Becky asked.
“The fun has just started” I replied. I made her put her bra on over her sticky cum covered tits told her to go home. It was going to be a great summer.
When I got home Becky was in the shower cleaning up. I knew our parents would not be home for awhile so I opened the bathroom door and walked in. Becky peaked her head around the shower curtain and told me to “get the fuck out”. “I own you” I yelled, “you will do everything I ask or mom and dad see the video. Here are the rules:
1) You will suck me any time I ask.
2) You will fuck me anytime I ask
3) You will shave your hair cunt and keep it smooth as a baby.
4) You will wear whatever I tell you to
Now get the fuck out of the shower
Becky got out of the shower. My cock was rock hard and I was ready for my 1st fuck. I bent Becky over the counter, spread her long legs, I fingered her pussy until she was nice and wet then shoved my cock into her wet waiting cunt and she screamed. I slowly moved my cock in and out. As I looked at her face in the mirror I pinched and pulled her little a cup tits. I moved my hands to her hips and began to pound her faster. Dawn began to moan as my speed increase.
“You like your brother’s cock more than Rick’s” I whispered. Becky only moaned. As I was getting close to filling my sister with cum, her moaning got louder. She was going to cum too. One last deep thrust and I began to pump my seed deep in to Becky’s tight cunt. Cum dripped on the floor as I pulled my cock out. Becky just stood there looking in the mirror. It was the 1st time during sex she had an orgasm and it was her little brother who did it.

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    I wish I had a sister 👩 that sounds like a great time

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    Remind me if the time I blackmailed my sister

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    Yes smoking weed is worse than raping a daughter for parents, same trash everyday

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      Why are here?

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    Hopefully you will collar her and breed her

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    I wish I had a brother

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      I’d be your brother

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    Please continue, with what happens during the summer