Sister escape

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This is a true story of ne fucking my sister. It happened al so fast but i will try to explain to my best.
I was 15 and my sister was 17. She is as hot blonde girl with a thigh gap between her legs and i always wondered if you could just penetrate someone if she had one and i would actually find out.
That day my sister wore a short skirt and a tanga… It was a perfect combination to make a guy fail his own mental restrictions. I just came from school not thinking about anything abd as usual i changed clothes from jeans to jogging trousers. But while i was doing so i decided to jerk off. I usually lyed down in my bed using the blanket as cover. And so did i this time. I was thinking about several teens in my class. Rubbing, and throbbing.. I was reaching the edge when my older sister run screaming and laughing into my room. I was shocked and immediately pulled tge blanked over me. My blonde sister was runnin5from our way younger sister she had annoyed. My younger sister tended to ge very aggressive and always started hitting us. It was fun tough since she was to young to really hurt us. But my older sister did not care about age she pissed off both of us if she was bored. But this time she had chosen my younger sister. Sadly she was trying to run from her abd interrupted my masturbating. I scream and tols them to get out of my room since i had a big boner and only a blanket to cover. It went even worse when she jumped on me on the bed pulling the blanked to cover her from getting beaten ! I was so scared at thjs moment they would see y Boner but things went differently. My older sister crawled under the blanked and while i screamed to get out she sat on my hips covering herself with the blanketsl….i still had a boner and she must have noticed bit there was no time to react my younger sister started beating her and while doing so my older sister pushed her legs together and trapped my penis inside her legs… But i could still move… The tight gap allowed me to actually move up and down easily. Abd after 2 or 3 thrusts in between her legs… I don’t know why i did it… Probably because i was still edged and horny… I started to push my hips while my sister was wiggling around…!!!!!! Nghaaa!!!! – HIT!!!… What then happened was pure luck.. If i would have played lottery that day i would have won. While i was thrusting backwards my sister wiggled upwards and since she only had a tiny tanga protecting her pussy because her tight Gap was leaving her defenseless i was able to push it to the side. Remember this aas happening in seconds since my smaller sister was still beating her up and me screaming that they should leave me alone. My tip was entering heaven. At first ut felt dry but it took just a second and i was feeling a wave of hot lubricant making it impossible to not move in deeper. For a second i wasn’t even moving but my sister was. She moaned too and she tried to get up but this time my smaller sister was able to hold her in place. I was completely paralyzed i was so aroused that i didn’t even care what just happened i just wanted to not end it… So every time my sister tried to escape i pushed my hips upward too. Securing that my penis wouldn’t accidentally falling out again. God it was so good. My tip was tingling and her tightening inner hit moistened Walls were welcoming my orgasm. I reached the edge in nk time and even though I wish i could have enjoyed it longer. It took just two more thrusts and i pumped my load inside her. But my dick wasn’t even finished when my sister finally jumped up. Pulling out my pulsating dick and run off with my younger sister…. Trust me on this, i had never been forced to sex but if it was like that i couldn do it anytime.

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    Pics or it didn’t happen. Dm me on insta

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    My Insta is d3rkling if you want to have some fun with me.

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    Hey man can we talk?

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      What you want?

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    Was this written by a 5 year old Jesus

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      Sorry for the bad spelling. I did not check it later on. Can understand if you rate bad now

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      Sorry for the bad spelling. I did not check it later on. Can understand if you rate bad now