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Dreaming of my daughter

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A fantasy of my daughter and what I hope happens in the future.

I’ve been dreaming of the day my daughter is old enough to play with. This is only a fantasy currently, and for all I know it will probably be that way forever. So I’ll start off with how I want it to go. Her age in the story will forever be a mystery, because it hasn’t happened, and will only be known to those involved when it happens.

My daughter is getting older, and I keep noticing her features developing. Her breasts are becoming little buds, and mom has started helping her buy training bras. She had her period some time ago, so her hormones are in overdrive. She has long brown hair, as she has never wanted to get it cut. She likes to dream that she is a little princess, and I tell her that she is my princess all the time. She loves watching Disney movies, and her hairstyle of the day is based on which princess she wants to look like at the time. Mom runs a couple of businesses, which has left me to watch her a lot as she has grown up, and I feel like we have developed quite an amazing relationship together. I have helped her with her homework, given her baths when she was younger, you know, the typical things a good father does with their kids.

Ever since she started having her period, she began acting a little different. I always just counted it to her going through going through this phase of her life. I generally let my wife take care of any of the girl issues, as I’m a guy and that kind of stuff is better taken care of by another female. As time went on, she hid in her room more and more. Before this, we used to cuddle on the couch all the time watching TV, and she always wanted to spend time with me. We always joked around in the house, saying things like she is my daughter, and our son was more my wife’s kid. I always figured it was just a house hold joke and never really thought how much of an impact it could have on a growing kid.

She would be on her phone for hours a day, and was always protective of it, rarely letting us look at it to see what was there. Any time that I did, I never found anything crazy, just the normal things a growing girl would look at. It always made me curious why she was so protective of it in the first place.

The night of the father/daughter dance was coming up. Mom had taken her out to pick out her dress. They wanted to keep what her dress looked like a secret from me. My curiosity was there, but I understood boundaries, so I never tried to peak at it. I like surprises from time to time, but only tasteful ones. Having been in the army and deploying a few times had given me PTSD, so many surprises didn’t bode well with me; Ones like this are ok though.

The night of the dance was upon us, and I was getting my suit on while she was getting dressed in her room. Mom was helping her with makeup, so neither of them were around. After I was dressed, I walk into the kitchen. Knowing that makeup can take some time, and I know she wants to look perfect, I decided to have a beer while I waited.

As I’m sitting at the table enjoying my beer, I here her bedroom door open. My wife comes down the hall, with my daughter trailing behind her. I get up and give my wife a kiss, after all these years of being together, we still love each other very much. While holding my wife by the hip, I look passed her and look at my daughter. She is wearing a slim fitting dark blue dress. It accents her body well, and shows off her growing body really well.

“You look amazing princess.” I complimented her.

Her makeup was done perfectly by mom. It accented her eyes very well. “You did an amazing job dear.” I tell my wife. “Are you about ready to go princess?” I ask. “yes daddy!” she replied excitedly.

I kiss my wife passionately, then finish my beer. I look at my daughter, who is blushing now. I hold my arm out towards her, and she hooks her arm in mine. “Well lets get going then.”

This is just the start of one of many fantasies I have. I just wanted to put a feeler out there and see what everyone thought about it. Unlike many of the stories I have seen here, my fantasies with my daughter are filled with love and passion, and maybe if the fates have me in their favor, my dreams will come to pass. Let me know if you all would like me to continue this story, I would continue it, but its getting a little late for me, and sitting here typing isn’t something I normally do lol.

If anyone would like to talk privately about this or anything else, feel free to message me. I use wickr: fun1898, SC: nattm1898, and email: [email protected] I’ll possibly decide to continue this story/fantasy depending on the response that I receive. So let me know 🙂

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  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    Maybe Amy you want to email me for kinky stories we can exchange?
    [email protected]

  • Reply Lucien ID:3zxjfle2d9j

    The sexual awakening of women and girls has always fascinated me. I have encountered girls as young as 6 who masturbate regularly and women in their 40’s who, with a little coaxing and exploration, have turned into sex fiends. Girls and women should never be made to hide or repress their sexuality!

    • Zack ID:99uwotzm

      What you said is very true I caught my 11 Year old niece masturbating all day.

  • Reply LittleCherry ID:62957kgzrc

    Wish I was treated this way by my Daddy. Lucky princess.

    • Amy ID:99uwotzm

      I have a friend he’s older then me am 17 he’s 26 I always call him daddy. I’ll be on fours like a dog licking him. He likes to free use me wherever he likes in his house.

      I love it when he fucks my ass and grabs me pushes me down the bed when I visit him sadly I had to move we still talk and I still fantasize about him

    • Daddy4Princess ID:7ylren76ib

      Feel free to email me, and we can talk about it a little more dear.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      @Amy lets chat!

  • Reply Rich ID:173zosoia

    Hey add me on wickr

  • Reply 7yearoldslut ID:ghfylvxii

    Wow i wish this really happened to me

    • vern ID:cxtrttzfij

      u have snap

  • Reply AJ ID:1bfepuyzb0b

    Post her and mums pix

    • Daddy4Princess ID:7ylren6v99

      Lol how about not. I think I respect my own family quite a bit more than you think.