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Happy Sex family- Part-II (Servant fucks mom and sister)

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In continuation of my previous happy sex family, Honey saw once the door of my sexy daughter Nicole was closed. Inside were the servant and my daughter Nicole are in closed sex position and I understood that my daughter is getting fucked by the servant Abraham. So what did I do?
I rang the Door bell in the pretext to awaken them, then servant Abraham came and opened the door and got scared. I came inside the house staring at her and saw that my daughter was fixing her clothes quickly and stealing her eyes from me, immediately I understood the whole matter.
I said staring at my daughter, what was going on?
Then my daughter said – Oh, what you are understanding is nothing like that.
I laughed and said- well, my straightness is simple… When did I say that you were having sex with Abraham?
After listening to me, Nicole looked at herself and was completely shy. Because she had forgotten to wear panties in the rush. Now to a large extent her breathing was not under control.
I said – Nicole, now tell me what is the matter?
Nicole said – that’s nothing. Abraham was just applying oil to me.
I said – I heard that oil was being applied by making you nude, I presume
Now Nicole was speechless and started looking here and there. Then I thought of putting my tongue in her mouth for lip lock kiss. She was probably not able to talk about sex openly. So I said – were you fucking your pussy or were you oiling your ass by Abraham?
Hearing this, Nicole was shocked but when she saw the smile on my face, she became relieved and started laughing.
I said – don’t laugh Nicole , tell me what was happening? Are you happy with Harris?
Then the Nicole said – Mom, this is not the case. You know that Harris is not available, only once or twice in a month as he isis busy in his study. Now you tell me how to control my sex, while I don’t even getting regular fucked like you from Abraham.
After hearing all this, Honey openly said – Hey Nicole, I was enjoying myself alone with Abraham. After all, I have been getting fucked by Abraham for last eighr years and I am your beloved Mom, should have taken care of you, right?
Hearing this, Nicole laughed and said, Thank you mom.
Honey replied- Be prepared to take on the bull tonight.
Nicole said – Yes, mom, there is really a lot of heat in my cunt. Put out my fire tonight.
Honey said – Hey my dear daughter, I play drums three or four times a day. As soon as he get a chance, he start riding me.
Nicole said – Wow, your bull is very hot.
Honey said – Yes, I will give you my bull to you.
Nicole started laughing and said – If I take Abraham on top of me, then you will not feel bad?
Honey said – Hey Nicole, we are both very fond of sex. Should fuck in front of each other.
Nicole kept her hand on her mouth and said – What are you saying? So just tell me how many cocks have you taken in your pussy so far?
Honey said – hey, someone keeps a count of him too. If you have one or two, keep it in mind. Here’s the fun… and the game goes on.
Then at night Honey called Abraham in her room and she himself took off all my clothes and made me naked.
Nicole said to Abraham- today you have to satisfy the thirst of my pussy. Come quickly to the field and knock your cock in my pussy!
Hearing this Abraham took off his dress and his 10 inch+ cock is dangling in front of both of their eyes and Nicole sexclaimed OMG:
I said to my daughter, open your clothes too to accept the bull on you
Then Nicole said – I am ashamed to be naked in front of you mom.
Honey said – you are becoming a whore Nicole. Let’s take off our clothes and come forward.
Then Nicole also became completely naked and started rubbing my nipples with her hand.
I also took her nipples in my hands and started fondling them.
Abraham was sitting in the middle and running his finger in both of our pussy holes and we were caressing his cock.
When his cock was fully sexposed then the Nicole said to Abraham- first you have to fuck my mom. I will fuck later.
Abraham laid Honey down and placed her legs on his shoulders and pushed his pestle-like bulbous cock deep into the pussy hole in one stroke.
My scream came out- Oooo … … Abraham will you tear my pussy today? !
His cock was not only too long 10+ but also it was very thick around 3 inch in girth. My pussy was burning in pain in spite of regular fucking from him and my tears were coming out.
I was in a lot of pain.
Nicole told , Abraham, take your cock out from mom’s pussy, your cock is very thick and mom is nearly dead.
Then Nicole said –Put your cock in my pussy and I will have fun now.
Nicole got up and spread her pussy on her mom’s mouth and I started sucking her pussy juice in my mouth.
After some time I started getting relief from Abraham’s fucking.
Nicole also released her sex jism in my mouth .
At that time, Abraham’s thrusts suddenly increased in speed and I was also thrusting hard. Now I was enjoying it too.
I was sobbing heavily fuck me you mother fucker, make me your whore and released my sex jism on Abraham’s cock inside my pussy and now Abraham took out her erect manhood mixed with my sex jism. After that I started to relax naked and Nicole started sucking Abraham’s cock in her mouth.
Abraham told Nicole to become a mare and Nicole became a mare. She became mares by raising her ass upwards resting on her knees.. Also Nicole spread her legs. Because of this, his ass hole was visible from the front. Abraham put his tongue in her ass hole and started licking. He started to wet my daughter’s ass hole. Then began to rub his bulbous head of the humongous cock against Nicole’s ass hole. Nicole’s mouth started sobbing as she is enjoying servant sex.
Abraham started to press his cock on Nicole’s ass hole but the ass hole was so tight that it was not going into Nicole’s ass.
Then Abraham ordered me to bring oil so that it can be put it Nicole’s ass and cunt and on Abraham’s cock.
Then he pushed hard but Nicole’s ass is refusing entry of Abraham’s cock and then Abraham put his entire cock in Nicole’s pussy and it went inside with one go and after fucking Nicole’s pussy for some time suddenly took out his cock from Nicole’s pussy and put inside Nicole’s ass, and cock went to its depth tearing my daughter’s ass. Nicole’s mouth screamed so loudly that it might have been heard outside. Tears flowed from his eyes.Seeing this ,Abraham stopped the speed of his fucking so that Nicole could get some rest.
He remained silent for a minute, then slowly moved his cock back and forth.
As he moved the cock back and forth, the Nicole’s mouth started making light sobs and her ass made room to receive that mushy cock.
When there was a place in the ass for the phallus, Abraham’s speed started to increase gradually. He started fucking my daughter’s ass with fun.
Now Nicole also started enjoying and she also lifted her ass and started taking Abraham’s cock inside her ass. Nicole started talking – Oh my king, it’s very fun … like this, fuck my ass hard … Put your humongous cock inside my ass and fuck so much that the hole of my ass spreads completely.
Abraham’s cock released sex jism after fucking Nicole’s hot ass for twenty minutes and the entire sex jism of the cock went into Nicole’s ass.
Now My ass started itching after seeing such a fuck.I will tell the story of the opening of my ass again.


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    Very nice story, my sloppy cunt is yours, love Emma from Aus.

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      You write in my name describing your fantasy please

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Honeypee994 , my fantasy is to be gang fucked by heaps of men with huge cocks that fuck me continually none stop in every hole, love you 💗💓💕🌹.