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Author: Honeypee944

The Sex Family (Part-V)

I again thank my readers for giving me support to proceed forward with more perverseness and more kinkiness. Mr. John before returning to his native land with Luni his would be wife... # # # #

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The Sex Family (Part-I)

The date 01.01.2016 is memorable for our friendship as we four joined in our new office on that day and became true friends.We promised to stay side by side always though there is difference... # # # #

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Advanced mobile sex 3

Honey was alone in her bed room and thinking how her mom has changed to a perverted woman from an introvert woman though Honey has changed a lot and this type of perverseness are always... # # # #

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Friend’s FUCK FEST

The year 1982 ,First January we three friends at Vishakapatnam enjoying the evening as we all three friends got our job to railway,defence and Bank sector and all three promised to... # # # #

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Advanced mobile sex

I am not a mobile engineer and neither the thoughts in me are real, may be real or may become real in future but my reader should excuse me if they think I am giving bluff.We three... # #

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Shemale and Incest

Fagu Marandi married to the sister of Baburam Oraon,a hardcore drunker but he matriculated and got job in railways as a porter in a station at Kerala where only two train passes in... # # # #

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Incest, taboo and normal

.This story we should called as Incest, taboo and normal.Here is the story how an abnormal boy and an abnormal man became normal only by virtue of sex. Here is the sexpedition of their... # #

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Magical Chirag-Part-II

Ramadhin in the afternoon was making a conversation with the landlady that she is only 43 Yrs. old so how it is possible that her grand daughters are 18,19 and 20 Yrs. old? Landlady:... # # #

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Magical Chirag-Part-I

This is a sex fantasy story of a beggar who was alone in this world but with a good soul and behaviour and have formal knowledge of reading and writing. Name of this beggar is Ramadhin... #

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Widow’s Gratification-(Part-III)

Mou thought that her sex life is over. Neither she will get the fuck from father’s cock nor from his son’s dick. Prakash speaks very little. At night Prakash went to bed... #

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Widow’s Gratification (Part-II)

We two mothers now decided to do the duty of son’s kept. Now Rana calls me Madhu and his mother as Mou, he says now we are all friends. Now three friends sat down to chat in the afternoon.... #

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My Frst Love-Concluding Part

Next day after editing everything of Mahek and mother fucker Mir of their beginning of sex till yesterday’s sex shows total compilation of 3hrs. With original audio just like a movie... #

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Widow’s gratification- Part-I

I am Madhu,last six months I have lost my husband and feel lonely in such a big house. I am 36 years old full of sex n body and mind. Just this time a woman aged 33 yrs.with 16 year... # #

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My First Love

Daughter in law initiating mother in law for fucking her son and seducing to a new high classicl sex in which her sister was also involved #

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