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The old man-Part-XI (Emma from Australia)

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Now it was 4’o clock and Emma has a habit of sleeping only in her Bra and Panty after lunch and she was sleeping beside Honey. Honey went away from Emma and told to her Grand-Pa Willy that mom is not at home and will come at night. You go and fuck Emma. Grand-Pa John will be joining you shortly.
Willy came to Emma’s bed room and started kissing Emma, While kissing, Willy started pressing her breasts, opened the Bra and started drinking her melon type boobs. As soon as Willy started sucking my breasts, Emma from Australia started getting an unknown pleasure. In a very sexperience manner, Willy was pressing and pulling both her nipples one by one in his lips and licking and pinching her nipples with his tongue. Due to this action of Willy, lust started awakening inside Emma and her pussy started crawling like ants. Due to her continuous squeezing and sucking of the breasts, Emma gradually started getting attracted towards fucking sex of my pussy.
Now one of the Willy’s hands came on my pussy and he started caressing my pussy over my panty. Slowly she he stuck his fingers in the sides of my panty and slid it down. When my pussy became naked, he started kissing me on the lips while fingering my pussy. By now I was completely hot.
Now Willy took out his penis, I was shocked to see the 9 inch+ humongous penis of Willy because it was quite thick, but less furious than John’s Black cock. I started thinking that when a withered penis is like this, then Willy asked me to suck his penis, I refused and said – clean it first. The bastard Willy cleaned his penis with my panty and said – Open your mouth Emma from Australia, mother’s fucker bitch, I opened my mouth. Willy put his penis in my mouth. I started sucking his penis. after some time I started liking that smell and that filth of his penis. I started enjoying and started sucking the dick with all my heart and enthusiasm.
By sucking, I made Willy’s penis very smooth and wet. The penis had become humongous erect and completely ferocious.
Willy said in amusement – Now you nude take bitch position. I am the dog in heat will enter your pussy. I loved K-9 sex, I quickly became like that. After applying oil in my butt hole and on bulbous head of his humongous penis . Willy placed his penis near Emma’s ass and started rubbing it. Willy slowly tried to insert his penis into my ass.
When I felt pain, I moved a little forward and said straight away Uncle Willy– First Fuck me in my pussy with your humongous cock and apply oil,, your big dick won’t go inside my ass. Willy said angrily – Bitch Emma, you will teach me how to fuck. Dozens of pussies and asses has been fucked with this cock.
I got scared by his words and silently bent down to receive his humongous cock in my butt. Then slowly Willy started inserting his penis into the ass. I was in pain but I tolerated it silently due to the fear of being beaten as Willy was in anger. Finally the entire penis of Willy entered my ass.
Perhaps it was the miracle of the fact that I had got my ass fucked by my dog’s cock, that my ass could withstand that huge cock. Willy started pushing slowly. Now my pain had reduced a lot and I had also started enjoying. My whole body was shaking with every thrust of the Willy but the fucking was fantastic. The itching in my ass was disappearing but a new itching is my pussy is growing to get another cock in my pussy in addition to uncle Willy’s cock in my butt.
Actually Honey before leaving the house told to Willy- grand-Pa this Australian Niece Emma loves fucking her ass and has taken cocks in her ass, so Willy deliberately fucked her butt instead of Pussy and Honey also told to Grand- Pa Emma from Australia has been fucked by Black cock of Jenny’s Nigerian grand pa who is your friend incidentally. You start fucking Emma and John will join shortly.
When Willy was fucking Emma from Australia at that time Black cock John entered into the room which Willy noticed but not Emma. John make some eye contact with Willy and Willy lifted Emma up in her humongous penis and on the other hand John the black mamba cock applied oil in his bulbous head of the penis and entered into the open vagina of Emma and now John started sucking Emma’s left breasts and fondling right breast at a time.
After fucking for 20 minutes all three released their sex jism and told Emma to cleaned all their mingle juiced by her tongue and took inside in her mouth.
After sometime Emma got up for another double decker fuck from her uncles and now Emma from Australia requested John for putting his black cock in her ass and she will spread her legs where Willy will play his dick in her vagina and the show stared and again after half an hour all three became sexhausted and released their sex jism on Emma’s ass and on her boobs and face. All these are peed showed by Honey and Jenny and they are screaming how sexy bitch is this Emma. Let’s see as Bob is also coming tomorrow in their house and if Emma gives permission Emma from Australia will be fucked by three cocks in future.


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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it, had my dog lick and fuck me this morning about 5am after reading this. Looking forward to being FUCKED by all three cocks Honeypee944, Make sure they fuck me hard. Took my daughter to the bus stop for school and when I got home had to read your story again and fucked my self with a cucumber. My bald cunt is saturated thanks to you, 💖💓💗💕🌹you Emma from Australia.

    • gonzos a dickhead ID:4bn00en3fia

      nah fuck u ima have to change my name to “gonzo and emma h are dipshits” maybe i will..

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Oh god my Aussie mommy Emma !!! I loved this story that was written for you . Your Britney would love to share your big black cock with you !! Love your Britney !!

    • Honeypee944 ID:2o20b7bd0