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Elinora and the Goblin fun

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Elinora heads back into the dungeon not sure what will come from the second room. Upon entering things had already changed from the other day.

This one took me a bit longer to think out how i wanted things to flow. In the end I’m happy with the way it turned out. Let me know what y’all think of the elinora arc or if preferences lie elsewhere.

The next morning she felt a little sore, her muscles all exhausted but whatever drug the slimes had inflicted her with was out of her system. The dungeon door was still open as she warmed up and water for tea. Her time being an adventurer she knew none of the creatures born of the dungeon would leave. That was the only reason she felt comfortable being camped outside this place. Sipping on warm brewed tea her eyes fell to the symbol tattooed on her skin. The scarlet marking looked a little different from her first glimpse. There seemed to be some new rune in the ring around the heart. Knowing nothing about the language used she could only assume its appearance came after her experience with the pink cube. She spent some time this morning looking over her gear, everything was in good shape including this new slutty outfit she wore. Blades strapped to her body she strode back into the dungeon wearing only the crotchless leather and braless corset. She felt like things had changed since she was last in as the main welcoming chamber had the blue cloth eating slimes skulking about. They left her alone as she went to see what else may have changed. The door she encountered the pink slime at was now replaced by an open chamber the size of the room she fought the creature in. At the center was some odd looking saddle or platform, she wasn’t sure how to describe it. There was a hole at its center that went down to some sort of shelf below. There was also a cone coming down from the ceiling with a hole in it above all this. Elinora didn’t know what to make of it so she went to investigate the carvings around the room.

Some were broken, others seemed half finished. In one she saw a goblet overflowing, another was a waist and legs sitting spread open, the last was a girl’s shoulders and up. She had an orgasmic look anout her, arms up outstretched over her head. As she did a circle through the room she found a table at the far end. The bones of dead adventures laid out, stained with age. In the middle of it all she found something peculiar, a skull was fashioned into a goblet shape like the carving she observed. Picking it up there were various bones all brought together with gold wire to make a sturdy cup. Unlike the majority of bones on the table the skull looked untouched by aging. As if it was freshly cleaned from the fallen foe to adorn a barbarian’s table. She carried the skull goblet toward the middle of the room where the saddle platform was. Using some magic she learned from the book at camp she filled it with pure water, this fit perfectly in the space below the hole.

“Fuck… what kind of sick dungeon is this.” She wondered aloud as she looked closer at the platform. Given the images around the room ahe figured that she probably had to straddle this thing. There was a spot for legs to sit comfortably, then her hands must go into the cone above but for what purpose this was all to serve she didn’t know. There was more strange writing around the room but she had no way to understand it, she operated purely from the images. With a deep breath she climbed into position, her pussy was cupped by the hole in the saddle. Her hands were just able to fit in the cone and she felt some sort of bar there. As soon as she grabbed a hold of it the saddle had hidden slots open and skeletal hands locked her in place. Something coiled around her arms so she couldn’t pull them free either.

“Son of a bitch! Let go!” She screamed at the device as she tried to free any limb but all of them were held down. Resistance was met with a tighter grip that was starting to hurt. She stopped struggling and felt something like a crossbow trigger at her fingers. There were multiple of them, she gently started to pull one knowing the only way out of this device was to play its game. She had the trigger partially depressed when she felt something pressing against her pussy. Letting the trigger go and the object went away. “By the gods, why is this such a sex driven dungeon.” As much as she enjoyed the pleasures of flesh she wasn’t exactly in the mood for this. There was a second trigger at the tips of her fingers across from the first one she touched. Squeezing it she felt a fluid slowly trickle down her arm, releasing the trigger she saw the pink fluid drip towards her. The smell hit her instantly as the same drug that drove her body crazy. At least this time it was a smaller dose and she welcomed it in order to quickly get out of this contraption. Licking the fluid off her arm once it reached her it quickly went to work. Almost instantly she felt her body get warm and a fuzzy feeling spread from her gut to tips of the fingers and toes.

She started to pull the other trigger, it felt like a wooden cock pressed against her cunt. The holding the trigger so she had enough space to grind her body against it. She let out a moan as she started to enjoy it, her pussy quickly getting wet. Driving the device deeper she felt it spread her lips and fill her body. She didn’t know how the contraption worked but letting go of the trigger pulled the cock away and pulling the trigger drove it in. Slowly she started to fuck herself strapped down and straddling this thing. The drug not only heightened pleasure but she felt like it made her cunt wetter. In no time she felt soaked, and swore her juices should be dripping down the cock. Biting her lip and moaning she drove the cock in deep and came hard on it. Legs shaking, chest heaving, she felt relieved in more than one way. The hands that held her down released and she was able to climb free. The small amount of the drug she had still had her body excited but she felt like it would fade in an hour or so, not an entire night’s rest.

Elinora climbed free of the saddle, once her weight shifted off the device she heard a noise like some rubbing against stone. As she went to check on the goblet its top was sinking out of reach. The stone shelf it had been on sank down to a different level, a door was closing once the goblet cleared. As she watched it sink away a voice, soft and feminine seemed to whisper over her shoulder. “You gave desire and now shall receive something you desire… speak it child.” Elinora looked about frantically but saw no one in the room. A chill ran down her spine as she heard the same words again the voice speaking from over her shoulder even as she spun about.

“I desire the knowledge to read the ancient language of this dungeon…” it was the first thing she could think of quickly and the only thing she currently desired. A pain filled her head as she felt magic and knowledge fill her body. Several minutes passed when the pain faded away, looking down at the marking she saw the rune. She wasn’t exactly sure what it meant still, while her mind translated it the meaning was vague to her. Lustful aroma was what her mind finally locked into that made any sense though the word used she didn’t comprehend was hyperactive pheromones. She still didn’t understand why that would be marked upon her flesh or what it meant for her. The runes around the room were no longer useless markings, each one simply explaining that should she do what she had a gift is born of desire.

Leaving this room she started down the path towards the door that before was locked. The corridor felt larger, she noticed the slimes she had seen before weren’t out as well. That’s when she heard the soft echo of bare feet walking on flag stones. Her own feet were bare but as she stopped and listened intently there definitely was a creature walking around the corner. It would be the first thing with flesh and blood she had seen since coming into this perverted place. Whatever it was they were both about to meet, the long stretch of hall behind her was too far to sprint and hide. Not wanting to be caught unaware she pressed the advantage, stepping lightly she hugged the wall at the junction. Her ears twitched as she focused on listening for when the creature would be on the other side. Once it was she spun around the corner driving a blade where she expected the spot just under a humanoid’s ribs to be. Instead her blade struck through the eye of a goblin, the lack of mass as she thrust threw her off balance. Stumbling forward, the goblin fell back taking the short sword with it as the blade protruded from its face.

Losing the blade for a moment she didn’t watch the body fall. Checking the hall the coast was clear, letting out a sigh of relief that there weren’t more coming she looked at the kill. This goblin was definitely different from the ones she saw in the past, its skin a pale green not known to her. It had a tattered skirt looking cloth wrapped around its waist, another about the chest. No weapon was in its hands, what caught her eye was the size of its cock peeking out the small cloth hiding its waist. The creature may have been all of three feet tall with a flaccid cock around 6 inches. Goblins aren’t known for their decency but they also aren’t known to have so much size and girth to their manhood. She never would have guessed such a creature could be so well endowed. She had to step on the it’s neck to pull her blade free, one way went deeper to the third locked door the other way the goblin came was the second and closer door.

Stepping lightly and with more purpose to conceal herself she came across two more goblins patrolling the halls. One she quickly dispatched as she rammed her blade through its back. The other spotted her and charged her directly cock swinging and quickly getting harder at the sight of a woman being in its domain. Without a weapon to defend itself she quickly cut it down. Heart racing, body feeling flush and hot with the excitement of battle she smelled the sweet intoxicating aroma as what the slimes had produced before. It didn’t make her body tingle, or feel hyper sensitive though. As she walked it dawned on her that she was now the source of this smell. Whatever magic was at play it now clicked as to why the marking upon her had changed.

She stood outside the second door wondering what this place was doing to her. Last time she was here there was just a single door, now it was a set of double doors with the word submission down one and domination down the other. She didn’t know what to expect on the other side of the door with words like that but it certainly would be sexual in nature. This entire place was one big maze of sexual experiences thus far. With blade in hand she pushed against the doors, they gave way under her no longer locked. As the doors opened torches and braziers slowly lit themselves around the room. It was another empty space, she didn’t even see anything inside but there was a door at the other end. The doors behind her closed as she stepped carefully into the middle of the room. As one door closed another opened, at the far end of the room her trial began. A pack of goblins started to enter the fray, their feet padding into the room. This time they weren’t unarmed, two held weapons that looked like a rope with weights at each end. One had a whip that cracked loudly as he swung it, his other hand appeared to have a riding crop. The fourth had a length of rope with a singular weight that spun above its head.

Elinora wasn’t sure if this was about to go in her favor. The goblins were like the first, dressed in shabby clothes and well hung. As her adrenaline began to pump through her veins the sexual aroma wafted from her body. Not wanting to be the play thing for such ugly bulbous headed, sharp toothed freaks she went in the attack. A bolt of flame jumped from her free hand slamming against one of the goblins carrying the bola. Its body took a tumble backwards as the rest started to rush towards her. Their cocks became more engorged the closer they got. She tried to keep them at range but they were faster than she could back away and the room wouldn’t allow it to happen for long. She missed her attacks with firebolt as they duck and dove away from them. Finally the one with bolas threw his weapon and the spinning weights whipped toward her. She narrowly avoided having her legs tangled up as she jumped aside and sprang back onto her feet. The three of them started to carefully surround her as her back bumped against a wall. She felt the rope coil around her arm as she threw it up to block the weight from striking her. The whip of the other one quickly followed suit by tangling around her sword arm. Both goblins put their weight into pulling her arms apart even as she tried to pull them close and free herself. The third goblin took this chance to jump in and grapple her. His arms wrapped around her belly, cock rubbing against her clit as his legs gripped her waist, face buried between her breasts. The other two were tugging on her arms inching closer looking to bind her so they could all enjoy her body. She could feel arousal building as the little fucker grinded his green cock against her exposed slit. His hips pumping away even though he wasn’t inside her, the goblin didn’t seem to care as even pressing his cock between her wet lips was pleasurable.

She wasn’t sure what to do as they had her bound. Kneeling down she couldn’t help but moan softly as the goblin humped her slit. On her knees now the goblin let go of her body, she could feel the lust oozing out of each of them. The ones with her hands bound had precum leaking from their jealous cocks. The goblin that had been grinding against crawled under her and popped up from behind her. From behind she felt it’s cock rub against her asshole then down to her wet pussy. It thrust in deep and she yelp surprised by how big it was. Fully erect the fucker had to be 8 inches long and thick enough to stretch her to a new limit. Moaning she felt its balls slap against her clit as a long nailed hand grabbed her hips. The goblin fucked with all the speed and ferocity of a wild animal. Hard and fast it humped her until a moment later she felt something warm filling her young cunt. Before she could even cum the goblin had planted it’s seed and slumped back on the floor exhausted.

She felt a new heat rising up from her womb, the tattoo on her body faintly glowed as a surge of strength flowed through her. Grinning wildly she tugged, pulling the whip holding goblin in and punching it square in the nose. With one arm now free she pulled the other goblin in, using the whip she coiled it around the little thing’s neck until she heard a snap as it went limp. The one that just fucked her didn’t seem to care what was happening to its friends now that it was satisfied as it laid there on the ground. Before the one she punched could recover she was sitting on top of it. Grinding it’s cock against her clit, one hand wrapped around his neck she choked it even as it strained to pull her hands free. This one went unconscious before she turned her attention to the one that had fucked her.

“Naughty boy I wasn’t done…” she muttered an intense stare baring down upon him as she straddled it’s hips. Leaning in she whispered into its ear not sure if it understood common or not as these monsters didn’t speak much at all. “You best get hard or I’ll kill you… finish what you started.” Her hand was coiled around its neck as the other played with its cock. The goblin slowly got harder and once stiff enough she took what she wanted. Shoving its new erection deep she bounced hard on his cock. Moaning as she still held it’s neck gripping tight from time to time. This one submitted completely under her rule as she fucked him. It grunted in ways that made her think it was moaning, a tighter grip on its neck stopped that as she grinned devilishly. Pussy dripping wet, goblin cum gushing out against the green shaft painting it white. She could feel its member twitch wanting to pump another round of cum into her. She was close, so very close to cumming, rubbing her clit she felt the mix of cum and juices making her pussy slick. As the goblin came a second time she felt the other one groping her from behind. It had woken up before she even realized it, she felt the cock under her going limp too quickly for her enjoyment.

As it’s cock slipped free she bent over looking behind her, she glared at the second goblin. “Make me cum or you both die…” presenting her pussy for this one to enjoy, quickly mounting her like a dog going for a bitch in heat. Moaning she toyed with her clit feeling her strength still rising in unison with the building of her orgasm. She could already feel the second goblin shaking as its body wanted to cum but was determined to see her pleasure finish so as not to die. Her pussy gripped the cock inside her tight as her legs shook and voice moaned. “Don’t stop! Yes! Finally! ” she was cumming and not a moment too soon as the second goblin pumped another thick load into her body. It was able to thrust several more times and just as her cunt released its firm grip upon the green shaft it fell away. Sitting up she looked down at the goblin under her and wiped a majority of its spunk off onto his clothes.

“Do either of you have something besides cock for me?” She asked curiously as the far door was left open. One of them pointed towards it and before she went to get up her hand patted them both on the head. “Sleep now… and next time if we meet you will do as I want. ” walking away she could feel cum rolling down her thighs and planned to use magic to clean herself later. She felt stronger than ever in this moment, like she could wrestle a bull with her bare hands! Walking into the back room she saw chains and ropes that could have had her tied up for days back here and a chest. Inside this chest she found a short black skirt that would hardly hide her ass and a matching bralet. Putting them on quickly she could tell they had some magical protection, hopefully from the slimes as its silken touch felt good covering her body. The skirt hung low on her waist allowing her to still see a majority of the tattoo on her pubic area. Leaving the little goblin room the two she fucked were fast asleep, exhaustion was creeping into her bones. Striding with confidence she went back and camped for the night.

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