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Grandma was a prostitute

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After Grandma grabbed my package, Mom told me about her life. Then things got better. Fiction, age, incest.

My name is Ron. I’m a seventeen-year-old white male who lives in an upper middle-class part of southern California. My dad is Dave. He is a senior computer program for an aerospace company. Sandra, my mom was his secretary till they fell in love and got married. I really like my parents and they are good to me. I can talk to them about anything including sex. Mom knows that I have not been a virgin for a couple years, but I don’t think Dad knows. She is disappointed but has not raised a stink about it. She has tried to give me good advice.

My maternal grandparents live a little less than an hour from us, depending on traffic. The other day, after we came home from a visit with them at their timeshare condo on the Texas gulf coast, I told Mom that I needed to talk to her. That evening, we sat in the living room. “While we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s I gave Grandma a hug and when I did, she reached down and gave me a firm squeeze between the legs and held on for quite a while and she said, “Oh my, you have quite nice a package, young man. I’m really looking forward to taking you to my room.”

“I think it is time we had a talk about my mother. She was a very beautiful young woman. When she was twenty, she worked as a high-priced prostitute in a Nevada brothel for about six years. She told me one time that she did not keep a count but that she knew that she had sex with at least a thousand different men. She told me a lot of details that I really didn’t want to know. She said things like the brothel requiring all men to wear condoms but after they got in the room, if they asked, she would let them not use one for a $50 extra tip. She got one VD that took more than a month to cure and had to have one abortion. She told her boss that both were because the condoms broke. She told me that she would make the most money when she would be sent out for an all-night gangbang.”

“She met Grandpa when he was one of her customers. They liked each other and when he came back for a second time and asked specifically for her, he talked her into going out with him when she was not working. They hit it off and soon they decided that she would quit working at the brothel, and they got married. It turned out that she was already pregnant again. When they developed the test, they had the baby, a young girl then, DNA tested, and it turned out that my father is really my father. I am very happy about that. I think every once in a while, Mom’s mind goes back to when she was working in the brothel and that’s why she acts like she does.”

“But Mom, what should I do? Should I stay away from Grandma?”

“No. Just know that she does really love you and that she is not showing a sexual desire for her grandson. I don’t think that just then she really knows who you are, and she thinks back to when you would have been just another customer paying to fuck her. She sometimes does it to your dad also.”


A week later, Grandma called and asked if I would come over and help her with something she needed help with. I told her I could come the next day right after school was out.

Senior English was my last class, so as soon as it was over, I headed to Grandpa and Grandma’s. Grandpa had not retired yet so he was still at work and would not be home for a couple hours. When I got there, she had me change a lightbulb up on the ceiling. Then she said that she wanted to talk to me. “I bet that after I felt you up the other day, your mom told you that when I was young, I was a prostitute.”


“She probably also said that I am also getting senile and that sometimes I grab your dad and play with him thinking I was back in my twenties, and he was a customer, didn’t she?”


“Well, I’m just as alert as I ever have been, but I like her to think that. She just shrugs it off without a serious thought. Even though I am in my sixties, I feel just as sexual as I ever did but Grandpa is a wet noodle these days. Your dad has taken his place and lets me have his cock any time I want it. Now that you have gotten older, I have seen what a nice big bulge you make in your pants. When I grabbed you, I felt you start to harden. Would you like to put your hard young cock in all of my holes? You’ll find that I am still a good fuck.”

“I don’t know, Grandma. It’s not right. I don’t know.”

Grandma got to her feet and pulled me up. She dropped to her knees in front of me. ”Let me show you one time. I have had lots and lots of practice over the years. I bet I’m still a better fuck than any of the young girls you have sunk your cock into.” She unfastened my jeans and pulled them and my shorts down to my ankles. I was frozen like a deer in headlights. Her hand went around the base of my cock and her lips slid over the head. She took her hand away and pushed forward till her nose was buried deep in my pubic hair and the head of my seven-inch tool slid into her throat. She sucked really hard and bobbed up and down the length of my tool. Each time she had my shaft most of the way out of her mouth, she used her tongue to lick around the head. It didn’t take her more than a couple minutes to get me off. I warned her that I was going to come and that just made her work harder. When she felt my balls start to tighten and my cock start to swell, she took just the head of my dick between her lips and quickly jacked me with her hand. I filled her mouth with cum. She showed it to me and then swallowed. That was the first time my cock was sucked to completion.

I hadn’t said a word or moved a muscle. “That wasn’t too bad for an old slut, was it?”

“That was amazing.”

“I just know that a young stud like you isn’t finished with just a blowjob. Let’s go to my bed and I’ll show you that my granny cunt is still worth fucking.” She held my cock like it was a leash. My pants stayed in a pile in the middle of the living room. By the time we got to her bed, I was starting to harden again. “I knew it wouldn’t take you long.”

Grandma put on a show of stripping naked. I removed my shirt while she stripped. She still had a better body than I was expecting. Sure, her tits sagged and there were some wrinkles, but she was still slim and had a pretty flat tummy. You could tell that she had been a beautiful young woman. Her silver hair was cut just below her ears. I was surprised that her pubic hair was shaved clean. She got on the bed. How do you want me, missionary, doggie, my legs over your shoulders or what?”

“Missionary I guess.”

She lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Her outer lips parted, and I could see right down her fuck hole. “All aboard, Stud. Give me that big hard cock. Fuck me as deep and as hard as you can.” I got in position and put my cockhead against her opening. She quickly thrust her hips, taking half of my cock inside her before I had moved. I stabbed hard and pushed her ass back on the bed as I buried myself in my grandmother’s cunt. I was probably a little more than five inches in when I hit bottom. Grandma grunted but told me, “Harder, fuck me harder, Ronny. Really give it to me.”

I pulled back and really let her have it. “Yes! That’s what I want.” After about five times, I felt her cervix pry open and my cock entered her womb till I was balls deep. “Yesssss!” I could feel my balls bouncing off her ass as I pounded her. This time I lasted a lot longer because I had already come once. After maybe ten minutes of fucking my own grandmother, I could tell that I was about there. My ball sack tightened so it didn’t swing as freely, and my prick swelled even a little larger. Grandma could tell also. “Oh Ronny, fuck your grandma. Fill me with your wonderful hot cum. Don’t stop till you’re completely empty. I want every drop.”

I came as hard as I had with any girl my age and blew a big load into my grandmother’s cunt while she squeezed her vaginal muscles as much as she could and thrust back at me. I could tell that she was coming at the same time, with me. Finally, I groaned and pulled out. I rolled over next to her. Grandma quickly spun around and took my softening cock in her mouth and cleaned every bit of both of our juices off me.

“Stan will be home soon. You better go now. Thank you. I really liked that. I sure hope you will come back and fuck me many more times.”

On my way home I kept thinking about how I had just fucked a woman in her sixties and that she was my own grandmother and how I had really, really liked it. Grandma must have really been a great piece of ass when she was in her twenties.

About a week later I got a call. “Ronny, Grandpa is out of town on a fishing trip. Why don’t you come over this evening. I made a fresh apple pie, took a nice hot bath and shaved my pussy.”

I got there about eight. We sat and talked for a few minutes. All the time we talked she sat next to me and kept gently rubbing my crotch. Grandma looked at the clock. “Excuse me, I have to go get the pie.” She got up and went to the kitchen. When she came back, she had three pieces of pie. She sat them on the coffee table and sat back down. Just then the front door opened and my father walked in. “Hi Vicky, I’m here.”

Dad spotted me and almost turned and left. Grandma called out, “Come in Davy, come in. This is just what I had planned for tonight. We are going to have a fun threesome fuck tonight. Ronny hasn’t fucked my ass yet. Come in and eat your pie first. I made it myself, just for you guys.” Dad closed the door and walked into the room. …………………………………………………………………………

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