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Bound Barrio Boytoy

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Hector was this boy in my neighborhood, and he played with my brothers. He always seemed to get tied up…

I was a girl, and still in 6 grade, so I didn’t really know him, but just watching them play, I noticed something about him.

He always wanted to play the badguy, or if they were just wrestling, it seemed like he almost wanted to lose. He never picked real fights, because he was small, and skinny for his age (Which was a couple years older than mine.) So many times that I started to notice, he always gave up.  Since my brothers played with him a lot, sometimes I was there to watch, and listen to them work out what to play.  If they brought guns, then it was usually some kind of cops, and robbers.  (My brothers usually played Cops, because they white.)

Hector would pretend to try, and break into cars. Yeah, he’s Hispanic, but let me just say that we grew up in a housing project.  HUD, or “Affordable Housing,” but mom had to raise me, and the boys on her own. I’m not gonna try and act all woke, but none of my friends were white at home. I hung out with the white girls at school, but I grew up with racism. All around me, because most of the kids in my neighborhood were black, latina, or mixed race.

Our mom, she didn’t date, men.  She had women who’re friends, very good friends, and I knew deep down they were lovers, but they never moved in with us.  They mostly came bye during the day, while we’re at school, but the neighborhood girls pointed out that she’s a Lesbian.

They said “Stay away from that” White “Lady, she a lezzy.”  Only if they were black, they’d call her white lady, me white girl, and my brothers white boys, but it’s no big deal.  The latinas called me “Blanca” which is just Spanish for white girl, too. I mean, being a minority in my neighborhood doesn’t really fix all the history I’m not going into, but when I was about 12.  

I was in 6th grade, because I got held back, and I went to a nice school, but the neighborhood I lived in ment that my friends there couldn’t come and visit me.  It was too dangerous, they could get robbed, shot or stabbed, and being the only girl, I couldn’t really go off on my own, after dark. At least one of my older brothers had to take me with them, so I didn’t get took off to the dark.

Sorry about going off topic, but there was a parking lot, and everyone locked their doors.  Mom’s car got broken into all the time, and so did everyone’s.  So, she got this radio she could unplug, and take inside with us.  No radio, or nothing valuable they could see, they wouldn’t break your windows to get at them.  So, I’m not saying that Hector was a car thief.

What I’m saying is he had a plastic ruler, he used like a slim-jim, to act like a car thief.  Even I knew what a slim-jim was, and I’m not a car thief, it’s just pretend. So, the “Cops” could show up, put him in plastic handcuffs, and lead him off to “Jail.” Which was just the pool fence, anyway.  We had a pool too, and it had bars around it, so the young kids wouldn’t wander in, and drown.

He just looked so comfortable, and not only that. I could tell he actually liked wearing handcuffs, or getting tied up, or giving up when they wrestled, and pinned him down.  “Huh!”  He sighed, with a big fat dude sitting on his chest.  

Okay, “Thick,” he’s black, so they called him “Thick,” but Hector knew better than to wrestle him, unless he wanted to get overpowered, thrown down, pinned, and sat on.  He sighed, and didn’t tap out.

“Tap out man.  Tap out.”  All the other boys encouraged him too, but he just sighed again, and then finally tapped his feet.  So, I went back up to the apartment, mom’s computer (She works from home, and goes into the store, but mostly works from home.)  

To look up [Boys that like to get tied up,] and predictably enough.  The top 5 answers were Pornohub, Pornohub, DailyPornVids, Foxporn, and Deviantart. I knew all about porn, on the internet, and even Gay porn.  Because I usually searched for stuff like [Cute boy jerking off.]  For some reason, they put cute boys jerking off on the gay sites, but this was different.  Of course, I didn’t know whether Hector was gay or not, but out the window.  Up on the top floor (The 3 bedroom apartments were 1 corner, with an upstairs, a downstairs, and 3 more apartments on the other corners.  So, like a double duplex?)

I had the window open, because the air conditioner was busted, and I heard them slam the gate loud.  Like a jail door, so they could watch him get out.  Oh yeah, and “Hector Houdini.”  They called him that, because his best trick was getting outta stuff.  Of course, the plastic cuffs were easy, they came with keys, but they don’t do nothing.  (The tabs broke off long ago, because they were old.)  You had to push a plastic tab down on the side, if you knew what you’re doing, but Hector was so good at it. He got them undone before he even turned around.

Then, he grabbed the bars, and rattled the cage, but they wandered off.  Just left him there, the pool wasn’t even filled up yet, so nobody else was using it.  So, I turned back to the porno site until I found some videos with girls in it.  

[Bisexual cuckhold tied up, and forced to suck dick.]  Or, [Femdom teen catches room-mate playing with her toys.]

So, I clicked on that one, but it wasn’t boys, and girls.  Of course, it was men, and women playing lets pretend, or acting, but sure enough.  He went in her room, and though her stuff.  He found her sex toys, and porn, then lay back on her bed to jerk off, and look at the magazine.  Must be an old movie, I can’t really tell from her hair, because she has it tied up, and he just had on jeans with a teeshirt.

Sure enough, she came in, and the camera panned over to her standing in the doorway.  Yelling at him, it didn’t matter if I muted the sound neither, because the speakers were busted.  So, I couldn’t tell what she was saying, but then she pointed, and the camera panned back to show him putting everything back in the box.  Bent over the bed to stick it back under there, and she came up behind him with a belt.

She hit him with it, and he threw his head up with a yell.  Fell across the bed for her to jump on, and tie his hands up with the belt.  Then, she rolled him over, and sat on his face.  Humped her panties into his mouth, and undid his pants again.  (He must’ve pulled him up when the camera was on her yelling from the door.)  Then, she jerked him off, and got up.  Wiped it off his tummy, and made him eat it, then the scene switched.

Without any warning, she changed her whole outfit. He put on a corset with her tits sticking out, and high heeled boots, but for once, the camera was focused on him. Butt naked, bent over the bed, with his hands tied to his knees, and his ass up in the air.  She had a buttplug, and a bottle of lube.  A strapon to fuck him, but I finished when she was still spanking him, and smacking the butplug, so it went in deeper.  Going back, and forth, cheek to cheek, faster, and faster until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.

So, that was when I first diddled off watching CFNM BDSM porn, but after I cleared it out of history, (My mom never cleared her history, but she liked Girls Out West, and I knew those weren’t my Brother’s, because 1: They showed me how to clear the history, and B: Those Australian chicks were too hairy.) I went to take a shower, and I thought about Hector.

He’s really my older brother’s friend, so they’re in high school, and they still play childish boy games, like cops, and robbers.  Sports too, basketball, football, and wrestling, but not Hector.  Except for wrestling, because that means he can lose?  He always loses, but this time, he seemed almost happy to lose.  He smiled, and sighed like 3 times before he tapped out.  So Thick Rick would get off him, and let him up, but that made me wonder.

Is he gay?  Hector, I mean.  Thick Rick has a girlfriend, and he dates on the side, but if his girlfriend ever found out, she’d probably rip his face off with her nails.  She’s one of those scary black girls, with the long nails, because they don’t let you take guns, and knives to school.  She doesn’t need them, they have nails, and they’ll rip out your throat, if you let them.


Kate (Gm Bond JOI)

So, finally curiosity got the best of me, and I waited for Hector to be alone. He was just hanging out around the parking lot, looking for something to do, and staying away from the cars. So, I ran up, and asked him if he brought his hand cuffs.

“They’re not mine, why?” He shook his head.

“Well, you like them, and getting tied up by boys, so.”

“No, let me stop you right there. I’m not gay, okay?”

“Great! I know a place where I can get rope to tie you up with, so come on.” I ran off, to the end of the building, and looked back. “Come ON!” I waved him over, then ran around the corner when he started walking after me.

There was this one lady, she’s old, and instead of washing her delicates in the laundry, she hand washes them in the kitchen sink, then hangs them up to dry out on her back porch. She had a patio, like most apartments, but she was in this 1 bedroom one, in a line instead of a block of 3 bedrooms with an upstairs, and downstairs.

The best part is she always had leftover twine from stringing up clothes lines around the posts that hold up her porch. Hooks screwed into the walls on either side of the patio door, where they had wood boards, instead of the cinder blocks all the buildings were made out of. They even had a roof with shingles instead of the flat roofs we had in the family 4 plex buildings.

So, I grabbed the string, but the whole thing about him not being gay just answered the 1 big question I wanted to ask him. Yup yup! It’s totally sexual, and a close second was whether or not it was gay. “You ever get tied up by girls?”

“No,” he looked around nervously, but that wasn’t really suspicious. I just grabbed the roll of twine, and ran anyway. He caught up, but everybody looked around in this neighborhood. I was just sick of my brothers being the ones that walked me around, so I didn’t get jumped. I didn’t want to get jumped, took, and assaulted, but you can’t exactly get a boyfriend with them around either, you know what I’m saying?

“No,” but he was breathing really fast, as if he ran after me, instead of following slowly. Carefully, so it didn’t look like he was following a skinny little no-ass white girl around, if anybody was looking. It was after school, but before all the busses showed up, and the kids came out to play. For once, it was just me, and him first.

“But you want to.” No question, at all.

“Huh, yeah. Tie me up.”

I giggled, and told him to “Turn around. Put your hands up on the fence, you know the drill.” I dropped the roll of twine, but it wasn’t nice white cotton clothesline. It was that scratchy straw brown stuff from the hardware shelves at the bodega. I bet, the plastic was ripped off, and the label with it, but it looked like the same stuff. Jute, I guess. The label at the store said it was Jute, and it was the exact same color.

“You got any needles, razor blades, or weapons on you?”

“No maam.”

“Good,” cause I don’t have any of those cut proof gloves the cops use to search junkies, crack heads, meth heads, and coke heads who might have a razor blade in their pockets to cut up lines on a mirror. “Okay,” I finished feeling up his legs, around his waist, up under his shirt, and picked up the twine. “Then get down on your knees, and put your hands up on your head. Hector?”


“What’s your last name?” I had to tie a slip knot in the end.


“Hector Abreu, you’re under arrest.” I picked up one of his arms, and slipped the knot over his hand. “You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to a lawyer. If you can’t afford one, then you can get a public defender for free. Give me your other hand.”

“Huh!” He sighed again.

“You like that?” I leaned over his shoulder, just winding the spool around, and round to look at his face.

“Yeah, it’s not too tight, but it’s ichy.”

“Is that okay?” I looked back down, and tied the end off. I had to get out my knife to cut off the twine, but it was a steak knife, so it had teeth to cut it easy.

What? I told you, I didn’t want to get took. It’s a rough neighborhood, and besides. Anybody that doesn’t carry some kind of knife probably has a gun, except Hector? I just realized that, all he had in his pockets was his keys, and a chain clipped to his belt loop. So, he could use it as a smiley, only he didn’t have a lock on the end, like most good smileys. Maybe he had it on his locker at schooI? I don’t know, but I finally got him tied up, and tucked the steak knife back in my belt. Pulled my top out over it, and helped him up.

Not that he needed the help, he could get up from his knees, easily with his hands tied behind his back, because I’d seen it. “Where are you taking me?”

He sounded hypnotized? Or drugged, not drunk, but definitely some kinda downer, like weed, horse, or pain pills.

“This way, watch your head.” He had to duck under the fence. Somebody cut it open, and even pulled the corners of wire out from the zig zag of chain link fence, but behind there. There’s this empty lot, with little baby trees in it. They clear them all out every other year, when somebody buys it, and puts up a sign to say coming soon: Either a mini-mall, or whatever, but they never build anything on it. Then the pine-trees start growing back, but they never grow that big. Not even big enough for Christmas trees, unless you’re playing Charley Brown Christmas.

“Don’t kill me!” He started acting, “I know some drug dealer, you can bust if you let me go, I’ll tell you where they keep the money, and drugs, just don’t kill me.”

“Okay,” I thought. “This is good.”

“I’ll tell you anything you want.”

“Turn around.” I grabbed his crotch. “How come you don’t have a boner?”

“UH!” His eyes went wide, then he closed them and took a deep breath. “Huh!” Let it out in a sigh, and then he got that smile again.

“Oohohohoh!” I let go when I felt it getting thick, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down. So, the front of his briefs stuck out, and I pulled them down so it popped straight up.

“I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Oh,” that was the problem. “Huh, turn around again.” So I could think. Then, I shrugged, and pulled my knife back out. Careful not to cut my belt, I cut the knot on his wrists instead.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you to beat off.” The loose end came off easily, then unwound when I pulled it with both hands. “Turn around, and back up.” I looked around for a pretty big tree trunk. It was barely big enough for both hands, but woody on the bottom, so I could stick my knife in the bark. Below the green part, he still had the loop around his wrist, so I yanked it.

“Huh!” His hand slipped off and his dick popped back up, with the skin slipping back over the little pink head.

“Take that off,” I shook the loop, “Turn around, and bend over.” But it looked funny. I can’t say I’ve seen a whole lot of dicks, most of them porn, which means porn star dicks. Even the young looking twinks were like [Big dick twink strokes, and fingers for you.] Hungry for your dick, when I don’t even have a dick, so I have to improvise.

“You just want to watch me beat off?”

“For now, you don’t have any rubbers, neither?”

“No, but I can get some.”

“Yeah, well just bend over, and hold still. Shut up, and let me think.” He nodded, but it didn’t take nearly as much string to wrap around, and round his balls. “Still itchy?”

“Yeah, itchy as fuck.” He didn’t stop pulling it down, to scratch them, though.

“Huh!” I rubbed the hairy skin stretched tight over his balls, and they stuck straight out on the tight noose of itchy tan twine. “Now, jerk it, huh! Beat it bad boy!”

“Huh!” I hit his butt cheeks, back and forth, then I got right behind him and slapped them together, just to see them bounce, and shake together. Until they got red, and felt red hot. “Stand up, on your knees. Huh, stop it. Put your hands up on your head.” So I could feel around, and him his hot butt cheeks. Grip his dick in both hands, and feel it.

It just weirded me out, before I got used to it, but then I could feel it get really thick around the bottom. Squeeze my fingers, so the skin rolled out to the end, and the cute little tip. Then back, getting thicker around the base, skinnier around the tip, and he breathed hard, fast, and I tried to keep up with my hands, until he moaned.

“UH AHHHH! Fuck, huhuhuhuh!” He shook, and did that thing where his breath can’t decide whether to suck in, or blow out. So his tummy fluttered, and I rubbed it. “Yeah.” Squeezing it when it went soft, so it squirted out, and he hunched with a loud grunt. “Uh!” He let go, and fell over. On his hands, and knees again.

“Snh?” I smelled the jizm on my fingers, and turned my hands around to watch it run down my knuckles. The back of my hand, and pointed down between his legs.

“Look at that mess. Get back here.” I pulled his shoulder, so he crawled back on his knees, with his pants around his legs. “Look at my hands. Now lick it up.” When he cleaned those off, I pushed his face down in the dirt, so it stuck to his cheek, but he just closed his eyes, and smiled. That way he smiles when he gives up. When Thick Rick pinned him, and made him tap out. He didn’t want to tap out, he wanted it to last. So he could enjoy it, I don’t know why, but I’m about to find out.

“Huh, get up, and get dressed.” He picked up his shirt, and wiped his face off first.

“You don’t want me to touch you?”

“No? I’m twelve, and I can touch myself. Huh, I know I’m going to get orgasm after orgasm, for a week after this, but I don’t want you jerking off without me. Okay? You don’t have no dick, I don’t want you even touching it to pee. You come to me, if you want to get jerked off, you get it?”

“Huh, yeah. I love it.”

He grinned, so I slapped him. “Wipe that smile off your face, and go take a shower or something. You’ve got dick puke all over your face.”

“Okay, yeah.” He finally left me out there. So, I could lay down in the dirt, right next to the spot where I rubbed his face in it so I could still smell his nut, and rub orgasm after orgasm off in my underwear until it started getting dark. So, I had to sneak back to my building before anybody saw me, and took me.


Katherine (M/d Talk Denouement.)

Of course mom was waiting with a “Where have you been?” Without the boys, who’re both eating dinner on the couch, but I wanted to tell someone so bad. I didn’t have any friends around the neighborhood, because I’m the white girl.

Not the only white girl, but the only 12 year old in 6th grade. So, there’s a little ageism along with everything else. Black, White, Latina, or mixed, the middle school, and teenage girls don’t want to hang out with me, and I don’t want to hang out with the little girls around here, irregardless of color. So, I had to wait to go to school before I could brag to my friends about getting a boy toy.

Or, tell my mom, but I ran upstairs to her room. “Young lady.” She ran after me, pissed.

“I just don’t want to talk in front of the boys, so shut the door.”

“Fine,” she slammed it, and crossed her arms.

“I got a boyfriend!” I just laughed out loud, and she wasn’t any less pissed. She reminded me that I’m only 12, like I don’t know that, and we didn’t fight, but I had to talk her down, so she would listen.

“So what? I know lots of girls that got boyfriends even younger, and besides, that’s not the best part.”

“I don’t care,”

“What are you so mad about, that I’ve got a boyfriend, instead of a girlfriend like you?”

“Young lady!”

“Don’t young lady me, I’m not stupid. As if I don’t know about you and all those lezzies you go out with while we’re in school?”

“They’re not lezzies. Huh!” She finally gave up, and I barely had time to celebrate my victory, but I never beat her in a fight before. “Most of them are just bi-curious, I suppose.” I got out of the way, so she could go around the side of the bed, and sit down. “I know this must be confusing for you.” So, I turned around the computer chair, and sat down by the window. She got a new air conditioner for it, but it was turned off, after dark.

“Nuh uh? I told you, I’m not stupid, and there’s plenty of bi-curious girls around here, too.” She never dates no one around the neighborhood neither, but sometimes she has her girlfriends over for the last date. She knows that, as soon as they see where she lives, and how she lives, they’ll break up with her, so she doesn’t have to. “I don’t know any my age, but don’t change the subject.”


“MOM! Just listen to me, okay?”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just.”

“I’m just trying to tell you why you don’t have to worry about him, okay? I don’t want to get molested, groped, or raped. That’s the best part, because he won’t do anything I don’t want him to, before I’m ready. In fact, he’ll do whatever I want, just as long as I tie him up first, so he’s ready.”

“Huh, you mean bondage?”

“Yeah, I mean bondage. He’s really into it, but lucky for me, he couldn’t find anyone to tie him up except for boys, and that’s why you can’t tell the boys anything, because he doesn’t want them to know that he loves getting tied up.”

“Okay, so let me get this straight.” I snickered. “That’s not funny.”

“No pun intended, but you have to admit, it is a little funny, coming from you.” I waited for her to young lady me, but she just rolled her eyes, and shook her head. Then, she looked down at me, and asked “So what you’re saying is, he lets you tie him up, for sex?”

“No, not for sex. Not yet, I mean. I am almost a teenager, but I’m not ready to go all the way yet, and I don’t know if rubbers’ll even fit him yet, but I sure as hell don’t want to get pregnant,” and I had to keep my cummy fingers out of my underwear, just to keep the sperms from swimming in my wet twat, and finding an egg, as fertile as I am now, but I always get super horny when I’m fertile, and…

I guess I run-on, when I’m excited. At least that’s what all my teachers say.

“So what are we talking about, here?”

“Oh, sorry. I just made him beat off.”

“Tied up?”

“No, I tied him up, then I let him go, so he could beat off when he got a boner.”

“Oh, okay. I suppose that’s. Safe enough?”

“That’s the point!” I waved back at the door, “I can’t have my brothers watch out for me 24/7, and it’s not fair to them. I can’t stay locked up in the house like a prison.” Oh yeah, and we had bars on the windows downstairs, to keep people from breaking in. “And now that I’ve got a boyfriend, he can protect me around the neighborhood, to keep me safe.”

“Okay, I get it, but I’m not going to stop worrying about you.”

“I know, you’re my mom, and that’s your job, but.” I giggled, “Since we’re out of the closet now, you mind if I ask if you’re seeing anyone?”

“Not really, I mean it isn’t serious, but there is someone.” She took a deep breath, and sighed. “Huh! I just don’t know if she’s really interested.”

“But she’s pretty?”

“No, oh no. She’s really butch!” She grinned, wide eyed, and we giggled, but now that the cat was out of the bag, she could talk to me about her relationships too. So, I guess that worked out, too.


PS: She also finally told me who our fathers were. She told the boys when they turned teenagers, but she was saving me for last, because she was youngest. When she got out of high school, grandad had saved up some money to put her through college, but she didn’t spend it on that. Instead, she spent it on us. A long story short, she went to a fertility clinic, to get test tube babies, but it cost extra for In-vitro.

That means she couldn’t afford to get a custom baby, the tests to sort out the male sperms with a Y from the female sperms with an X. So, she kept trying, after the first 2 tries, she had boys until finally she got a girl. So, she stopped going to the fertility clinic to live as a single mom, and started dating bisexual girls.

Since she really prefers straight women, but the only chance she got to date them was bi-curious college coeds, mostly. Then, she turned middle aged, so they wouldn’t experiment with her any more, and she had to start dating women her age, until finally, she got a real live lesbian girlfriend, and we moved out of the ghetto to go live with them, at her place.

But that’s a whole nother story…

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