A southern girl pt3

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I went back to the cabin the following sunday afternoon where I found only the well hung black guy he said his friend couldn t make it, I was ok with it as we kissed. He smiled as he said I was the only white girl he ever had sex with and I told him I enjoyed it with him. We undressed andwentinto the room with the bed,he took me into his arms again as we kissed I felt his already hard 12″ dick press against me ,he smiled as I laid down and spread wide for him and he got down and ate my pussy til I cum and he kissed his way up andsucked my tities,then he slowly slid his dick into me as I put my hand down I could feel a bulge moving into me as I felthim inside of me going deeper,soon he was past my cervix as I moved my hand,as he started fucking me I wraped my legsaround him feeling him go a little deeper, his balls were full as I felt them on my ass he fucked me at a nice pace and soon my tight pussy had him ready to cum he whispered to get ready as he pushed deep and I felt his hot sperm in my stomach ashe slid back alittle and filled my cervix to after he finished he pulled out ,still hard,he smiled andhad me turn over after I did hestarted pushinghiswet hard cock into my ass hekept going til he was all into me againitwasdeep into me as he fucked me he whispered on good I feltas I moaned I loved him in me and soon he filed my tight ass full ofcum and pulled out kissing my neck as he did and laid next to me .I laid there andsoon felt his sperm leaking from my ass and pussy loving the feeling of it, he smiled as he gothard again and hestraddled me from behind and I felt him sliding his dick into my pussy and he fucked me again I loved it I knew I d him do whatever he wanted .That evening I let my cousin fuck me some morei was horny as I knew what I was becoming and there would be more sex .

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