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A nympho stewerdess pt 2

The two guys I was with asked me if they could invite another guy over to join in and I said ok, as we waited I showered,soon after he arrived and I was introduced to him naked he soon... #

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A nympho stewerdess pt 1

I m a twenty five yr old stewerdess with30 d tits and a firm body I also am a nypho ilove sex, I was working first class on a flight where I had a 2 day layover after. While I was taking... #

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My student lovers

I teach inhigh school, I m thirty with 30 d firm tits and a sexy body, one day I came to class wearing a dress and panties no bra, it was the last class of my day andit had been a normal... #

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A southern girl pt3

I went back to the cabin the following sunday afternoon where I found only the well hung black guy he said his friend couldn t make it, I was ok with it as we kissed. He smiled as he... #

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A southern girl pt2

As we finished our threesome that evening the black guy took me into hisarms and kissed me I felt hisdick pressed against me and he whispered in my ear that he had a friend he wouldlike... # #

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I went camping

I m twenty two, blonde and I have 32c tits .I m an outdoors girl I love camping and hiking. When a couple of guy friends asked me if I wanted to go camping for a three day weekend I... #

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A southern girl pt1

I live in a rural part of the deep south on a small farm with my dad,I m seventeen with 30 d tits firm body and I love wearing shorts, my dad and I workedon the farm and my first cousin... # # #

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I live with my uncle pt2

After arriving at my uncles home he showed me around the house it was beautiful,finally we went to his bedroom ,he smiled and said this is where I would sleep naked with him every nite... # #

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I live with my uncle pt1

My parents died in a car crash not long after I turned seventeen,I m 5’6 blonde with 30d tits firm body nice ass. My uncle is the only family I have left and he thirty five and... # #

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