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The old man-Part-X (Emma from Australia)

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I am Honey only 16 yrs. old went to my mom’s home and have sex with my Grand-Pa and also with my Friend Jenny’s Grand Pa who in turn have been fucked by my own grand Pa, My another Aunt staying at Australia with her dad and mom and in a secluded place and she was aged 21 yrs. and very much friendly to me and when she learned about this got sexcited and requested her parents for visiting my place, As her parents are our relative and gave Emma permission to visit our place,
Emma in relation to willy is cousin sister .When Willy heard Emma is coming from Australia then Willy told to Honey that I want to enjoy the pussy of my young teenage niece. As soon as Emma came to my home, everyone was very happy specially willy. Jenny also came and became good friend of Emma.
Willy’s eyes went to niece Emma and she suddenly hugged Willy and said – Uncle, I have returned home after so long. Willy asked- What did you bring for me?
Emma – Sorry … I forgot to bring anything for you,
Willy answered your presence in my house is my gift and started smiling at Emma.
Willy told – Emma, you were thin then, now you have become fat.
So Honey said –please Grand Pa , Leave us, we are gong to Jenny’s house for something nice there.
As soon as Honey said this, Emma said – Okay, you take me to a good place in the evening.
After this, when evening came, I said- Emma, won’t you go out? So at that very time Jenny came from her home. Myself told to Emma lets go to Jenny’s place there is some big black banana which Emma can take and will be her forever memory and started laughing. Emma was wearing such a light top that her boobs were completely visible in clear shape. her vitals 36-26-36 same as Jenny. And underneath, Emma was wearing the short shorts. Seeing her white legs and thighs, strange thoughts were coming to my mind.
When we three reached at Jenny’s house then news came from our house that my mom and Grand-Pa have to go to hospital urgently so it will be better for us to stay at Jenny’s house. It was very normal practice for us, so we three stayed at Jenny’s house for the night.
After dinner we three girls and Jenny’s Nigerian grand-Pa John also joined them and after dinner we all four have chatting for two hours and at 11.30 we all went to our home but Jenny told my bed shall be uncomfortable for three so one has to share the bed with my Grand Pa John and Jenny took the initiative to stay with John but Honey told it is not fare and we three had a lottery and found Emma is the winner to share bed with John.
Honey whispered to Emma’s ear Aunt put some Vaseline in your cunt and ass and started laughing. Jenny whispered to Emma don’t forget to apply oil in humongous cock of my grand-Pa and smiled. Emma was quite confident that she is going to be fucked in night, so she should control the situation.
John said, Emma, come, you sleep on one side, I will sleep on the other side. So Emma said- Uncle, I have a habit of place my legs on pilow. I said- Okay, no problem, instead of pillow you will get me and laughed. Then we both lay down together.
Emma was wearing only negligee and nothing underneath. as soon as she turned her back towards me, I just kept looking at her ass. Her see through negligee and raised voluptuous ass was towards me, provocating my old cock.
I have taken out my shorts and sleeping in nude, I was staring at her ass when by mistake my Lymph penis when it has grown up and touched her ass, I don’t know .as soon as it happened, my penis suddenly became firm and throbbing erect. Emma gently moved me away with her hand and her hand also came on contact of my throbbing penis. She started laughing at this. So I asked- what happened dear Emma? She said laughingly – Nothing Uncle John. I asked- tell me? Then Emma replied- I don’t know what will happen, only you are thinking of your dead wife in dreams. So John said- means?
Emma replied- Both Honey and Jenny were true, Yours is very big and humongous. Having said this Emma became silent and started laughing again. So we both started forplay with each other jokingly.
Suddenly my hot penis completely touched her ass and went in her ass crack. And Emma was also must be feeling my throbbing penis in her ass. I suddenly felt like fucking her. That’s why I was now deliberately rubbing my penis against her ass repeatedly while playing with her boobs. When I did this, she also started supporting me by turning to my side face to face because she placed one of her legs on my leg and I also started rubbing my penis tightly against her ass and labia alternately. Due to this, Emma became very hot and started moaning. Her breathing started becoming very fast. I had also decided that today I would stick to tearing raw pussy of my niece Emma from Austria.
Then I gently pulled down her negligee, After doing this she suddenly hugged me and started holding my penis. She put her hand in my lower and said – Uncle, it is very hot. I made her lie straight totally nude. Emma’s boobs were pink and very voluptuous, so big that they could not fit in an entire hand.
So first I kept warming her up by licking her pink pussy, then I held both her hands and started pushing lightly to insert my humongous cock which is still throbbing into her pussy. This made her even hotter.
Now Emma told me uncle John you please lie down on the bed and I will ride bulbous head your humongous cock from top and made John lie down on the bed.
After applying oil on John’s humongous cock including bulbous penis head and also applied on her cunt , vagina. Now Emma placed her labia mouth at the bulbous head of humongous cock of John and due to her body weight the pussy started moving downward and Emma is screaming Ahhhh…… and her tight pussy is being separated by the entry of her vagina on John’s cock and at last it stopped when Emma’s labia mouth met with the scrotum of John in other simple words after Emma engulfing total 10 inch+ humongous cock of her uncle.
Then they changed their position in cock and cunt clinging condition and John came up and Emma went down. suddenly John inserted his entire penis into her pussy at one go. On this she screamed and said –mother fucker Uncle… please take it out or I will die. But seeing her face I could not stop myself and again I inserted my entire penis into her pussy at once. This time Emma also understood that now uncle will stop only after thrusting his penis into pussy until he releases his sex jism in her pussy. John kept fucking Emma continuously for a long time.
While having sex, Emma started moaning very loudly – Aah… mmm… oh… ouch… that’s it… uff… oh..oh… fuck… aye, My niece Emma was kissing me again and again and saying – stop now, I am tired now. But my penis did not want to come out of her tight pussy. John ejaculated into her niece’s pussy several times and Emma also ejaculated thrice on throbbing cock of John.
All these are peeped show by Honey and Jenny and it was their plan to get Emma fucked by John by the approval of John and Emma from Australia became too much happy and ready to get fucked by Willy at honey’s home. Let’s hope better for Australian Pussy of Emma.


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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Love 💕💗🌹you Honeypee944 keep going, you can treat me like the slut I’am , Emma from Australia.

  • Reply Peter ID:pwtelychri

    Hi Emma, I’m also in Australia. I enjoyed your story, feel free to contact me if you’d like.
    [email protected]

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Peter I’m happy you enjoyed my story but I feel uneasy here in Australia sending text or other types of messages on line sorry. I went to a doctor a number of years ago about my problem with wanting to fuck anything that had a cock and was told I had Hypo sexuality disorder, in a short note it means I can’t control my sex emotions.Told it would pass over time, well it only gets worse as I get older as I’m now 46 and all I want to do is fuck and I have given up trying to control it. As you know I live on a hobby farm with my horny daughters and husband who works away so I to satisfy myself with my K9 and my little ponies which my daughters help me with. 💕💓💕💖 Emma.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    My God I just loved it, it’s 4:am here in Australia and my cunt is so bloody 💦💧💦💧💦 and I have now almost destroyed a cucumber and my K9 is cleaning my horny cunt and will soon have to roll over a let him fuck me, what a fantastic start to the morning, thank you Love Emma from Aus 💕💕💕

    • Honeypee944 ID:1ek1o7vk0i

      Emma I am describing your horny child hood story,hope you have enjoyed this story and will enjoy more,thanks Emma from Australia for your inspiration