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My step sister loves to fuck me

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A few years has passed since I started to get used by my uncle, now my step sis loves to fuck me.

Hey guys, as you know I’ve been getting used by my uncle and his friends for a while now. At 13 my step sister came to live with us, she was 15 at the time. At first we didn’t speak much I have only seen her a few times. She is a sexy looking girl, not much ass but big tits for sure, curly hair and light hazel eyes .
Not gonna bore you with how it lead to me fucking my step sister, so a few days before we first fucked my sis would practice making out with me. One day we was alone and she asked if I have kissed anyone I said no, but I have. She asked if she can practice with me of course I said yes!! We made out after school for a few days until Sunday morning. We was alone on Sunday morning she comes into my room hopes on my bed and climbs on top of me. I asked what you doing and she just said shut up! While pulling down my shorts and under wear at the same time. She grabs my balls and pulls them while I almost screamed of pain at the same time she just shoved my cock in her mouth fully!!! I feel the tip on my cock entering her throat she just keeps it deep in her throat and keeps fucking her own face on my cock!! I can’t believe she can deep throat even though I’m only about 6 inches at that time. I jokingly ask you have had practice? She smiles and says yes!! How else would I have money to buy things I want, plus I have bigger cocks down my throat. I’m just gonna fuck you because my boyfriend is away with his wife. I was shocked and turned on at the same time. She stop sucking my cock and pulls her panties of and starts guiding my cock into her pussy!!! She slides it in, it feels really hot,wet and tight!!! She just starts riding me while I’m grabbing her huge tits!!! She just slams on my cock and start screaming and moaning another guys name, idc I’m just glad to be fucking. She stops and turns to lay down next to me on her stomach and goes to me , fuck me in the ass now!!! I’m so down I turn and spread her ass cheeks and see her light brown asshole ready for me. I asked if she needs lube but she says just spit on it I like feeling like it’s ripping my asshole!!! My boyfriend makes me bleed on my asshole when he fucks me and I love it. I didn’t hesitate I spit on the asshole and started shoving my 6 inches in there she’s screaming in pain saying yesssss!!!!!! She screams to fuck her hard and pull her hair and don’t pull out until I drop my seed in her. I fuck her hard and fast my cock was burning a bit do to not having so much lube she’s loving it!!! I’m feeling I’m about to cum and right before I do she screams yes Chris!!!! My name isn’t Chris the only Chris I know is her volley ball coach but it made me cum fast and hard!!!!!! Her thinking of another guy while in her asshole. We fucked a few more times after, only when she wanted. Let me know if you wanna here more stories!!

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  • Reply I’m 13 ID:jv4umaqt7sc

    Fuck me

    • Robert ID:1jybrk0c

      Ar u boy o girl

  • Reply Beachboy ID:1eiw3i74qy76

    Hmm yeah I’m going to try again and see if she wants more than just a little kiss

  • Reply Beachboy ID:1eiw3i74qy76

    Dam that’s awesome that you are able to talk your sister in the bed n

  • Reply Snap stxnedking420 ID:cor60i6ib

    I need a slut that fucks her Lil bros or will for me

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I want to hear more