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The Neighbor Girls 3

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Koko the neighbors wife was waiting in the corridor when Luke came to the door. She smiled went running up to him jumping into his arms. She was dressed in a sort white skirt no panties covering her freshly waxed pussy and a spaghetti strap black top. Luke was in his robe just getting out from the shower. Ariana was laying on her side on the bed. Her ass sticking up a bit exposing her beautiful vulva and urethra. Her long black hair pulled to the side.

Her mom told the girls a few months ago her dad couldn’t have sex anymore, but she stilled loved him very much and would never leave. She had found a friend to help her and things would be okay. She never said the name but now she knew.

Koko was only 4′ 10″ very small frame, little titties with nice areolas, and rather long nipples.
Koko leaned back grabbing the top of Luke’s rob and letting it drop to the floor. Luke you are so sexy you six pack you so young. Grabbing the back of his head kissing him passionately their tongues going wild. She reached down adjusting his cock so she could ride the shaft. Moving her hips back and forth her labia spreading began to stretch over his shaft. Almost immediately the wetness began lubricating the long thick shaft. Kissing his lips he walked them over to the kitchen bar. He sat her on the bar. She stood up flashing her pussy and ass.

You want this Mr. Luke you want Koko’s pussy and ass? Come get it big boy come fuck my holes. If you a good boy Koko going to suck your big cock. She flung her top to the floor then stepped out of her skirt. Luke grabbed her laying her down on his rob on top of the bar. He grabbed her by the waist pulling her crotch up to his mouth her legs over his shoulders. She spread her legs wide. Luke buried his face in her pussy. Sucking the clit tonguing the tip wildly a finger rubbing her urethra then slipping it in to her tight virgin like pussy. Her hips were bucking her head swinging from side to side. He moved his head down began tonguing her wet slit his tongue licking her urethra wildly then slipping it in her awaiting pussy hole. Her hips going wilder he rimmed her tight ass with a finger.

She began to screech trying to sit up. Oh gawd Luke I’m cumming her juices were flowing. Dripping down her thighs her crack and ass. His finger eased down her ass he began finger fucking her ass and tongue fucking her pussy.

Ariana was watching on the monitor. She leaned back on the bed and began playing with her pussy like wild fire. Open hand rubbing her pussy so fast. Slipping a finger in her pussy then two finger fucking so furious. The other hand rubbing her nipple massaging her breasts. Oh wow this his so hot she thought. Get that cock mom fuck him hard! She was so turned on completely.

Luke picked Koko up bringing her over to the table. She bent over the table. Luke went to his knees spreading her cheeks began licking her crack. He rimmed her tight ass hole and began tonguing it in and out. He then got up spread her legs wider and rubbed her pussy slit with his open hand. Faster and faster she was bucking. She screeches I come again damn you Luke fuck me!

Her pussy was dripping wet Luke’s cock was dripping precum. He got behind her guiding the head of his massive cock to her pussy. He knew she liked it when he just rammed it in her deep the first time. His cock head was in her hole then grabbing her hips and driving his cock in her deep on the first stroke. Her head swung backwards teeth gritting and eyes closed. Luke you so bad get my pussy bad boy. Luke grabbed her arms fucking her fast and hard. She began to have a massive orgasm and Luke’s cock head began to swell. A stream of warm cum shot deep in her. He let go of her arms grabbed her hips and held her close to his groin. Another stream shot in her. Her vagina walls squeezed on his shaft. Her head swung back eyes closed her hands in a fist. She was screeching cum was dripping down her thighs and crack. Luke grabbed her and lifted off the table.

Laying on the rug she turned around her hands on his chest. She began slowly fucking his still hard cock slowly. Digging her long finger nails into his chest. Luke was going wild her pussy gripped his shaft as she felt it begin to relax. Getting off and laying on his chest.

Luke you are so good at fucking me, Bob never did the crazy things with me that you do. His cock not big and fat like yours. They heard someone in the other room. Ariana had just came like crazy screeching wildly. Koko looked at Luke. Who there bad boy! You got a surprise for me? Yes I do Koko yes I do..

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