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Happy sex family

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My name is Adam, 17 years old, live with my mom Honey, 34 years and sister Nicole, 15 years and our servant Abraham 24 years. My dad has divorced my mom and he lives separately from us.
It is said that the divorce of mom and dad was due to the fact that mom was 16 years younger than dad and dad could not satisfy mom. My mom Honey is 5 feet 5 inches tall, fair body, fair complexion, a sexy figure of 36-26=36
My friend Harry’s sister Laura is my sister’s best friend who often visits our house. Because I have crossed the threshold of youth, I have got the knowledge of sex from my friends. We have read sex books. One day my friend Harry gave me a book “Incest and taboo” in which the hero fucks his sister.
In the story Both brothers and sisters are burning in the fire of sex and have physical relations with each other. While reading the book my humongous 9 inch cock stood up and my attention went towards my sister Nicole. She is the duplicate of my sexy mom’s figure with vitals 34-24-34. The hero of the book was fucking his sister in the story and I was fisting my cock and fantasizing about stripping Nicole naked. But Nicole peeped in my room through the window and saw me which I knew later.
That day I was sitting with Harry having a drink in the afternoon, Harry said to me, “Adam, hurry up today, I will go to my elder sister Emily’s house.” I am going to fuck her and it is the right time, if you also want to taste the pussy then come with me, my sister is fond of fucking, I will hand him over to you, as she is not satisfied by her husband. And he asked me to fuck my sister.
I took the sex medicine with my drink and went out with Harry, when I came back to mom’s room and peeped into my mom’s room, there was something else. My mom Honey was bent on her knees and hands on the naked floor, Abraham was standing behind the naked mom’s buttocks and putting his cock in her pussy. Abraham’s cock was so big humongous may be 10+ inch that Honey was unable to take it in her pussy. Abraham was fucking Honey like a bitch, her eyes were closed, otherwise she would have seen me. My mom looked like a goddess of sensuality, her big 36+ tits were hanging down and her bum was up. Her fair body was shining. Abraham took out the humongous cock from mom’s pussy and applied oil on it a lot and put it again in Honey’s pussy. Because of the smoothness, the cock went into Honey’s pussy and Abraham is sobbing, “Honey, my queen, now I fuck my love, every day I will fuck you, Honey your pussy is very tight. Oh Honey, your pussy is getting tighter day by day, you are getting even younger. Honey, by fucking you daily my dick has become like a donkey’s dick.
Honey answered it is not donkey but horse pens my love, without your cock, I would have died, my husband was not able to do anything. “Abraham, please rub your cock gently against my ass.my attention was so lost in my mom’s fuck that I didn’t remember anything else. Abraham was attacking Honey and saying, “Honey, it has been last 8 years I am fucking you, but you are still sexy.
Honey replied, fuck me, now you will stop having sex with someone else with young pussy.
Abraham replied- Now your daughter Nicole is also ready, when will I fuck her with my cock. She put Abraham’s hand on her pussy and without speaking he started rubbing Honey’s pussy and Honey started sucking Abraham’s cock
. I secretly went to my room and made a peg and started drinking. After a while Abraham went to his room and mom went out to her friend’s house. Now some sound came from Sister’s room I went near Nicole’s room, my steps stopped. The voice was coming from inside, the voice was definitely Laura’s. I looked inside and saw that Nicole and Laura were lying on the bed naked and Nicole was licking her friend’s pussy with her tongue.
Laura’s jaw was tight on my sister’s face and Laura was rubbing her hand on Nicole’s head. My cock stood up and both of them went to 69 position in front of me. What are these girls doing? I then came to my room and my cell phone rang. The call was from Harry. I have come back holding the cock in my hand, if it is free, come back, both of my friends are drinking,” I replied, suppressing my voice. Come to my house.
Leave your sister Emily , today I will give you a sealed pussy, quickly bring a bottle of alcohol, I am going to fuck my virgin sister in law. I didn’t tell Harry that I was going to fuck his sister.
I opened the door of Nicole’s room. My sister and Laura were in a deep bond. Laura looked at Nicole’s pussy and said, “Adam you?” Nicole saw me on my feet, and told please don’t tell mom Honey, stretched out my hand and grabbed my sister’s boobs and caressed Laura’s thigh with the other hand, “Listen to me, my sister, what are you two doing, I have no objection to this.” You both are young, your body is burning in the fire of sex and only humongous cock can cool down your pussy heat. I want yours pussy. Don’t make noise, my sister, you will get big cocks for your pussy if you do what I say. Is it okay or I will tell mom?
Both girls looked at me with open mouths. I took off my shorts and asked Laura to go to my room. She went to my room naked without speaking. I told Nicole the whole plan. Just then Harry reached out. I filled two glasses of wine and gave it to her and sent her to the room where my sister was lying legs apaet for sex.
Harry was shocked, I said hitting Nicole’s ass. Harry quickly began to undress. Laura was eagerly waiting for me. I gave him a glass and started pouring drops of wine on her boobs. Laura began to agonize. What are you doing, my pussy is on fire, my body is burning, calm down my burning body, Adam please, put your cock in my pussy., a sister is begging for cock from her brother, My hand was rubbing Laura’s pussy from which the sex juice started flowing. I will fuck Laura seurly But I wanted to lick my sister’s pussy and taste her pussy juice.
I opened Laura’s legs and pushed my mouth in her pussy and put my cock in her mouth. A stream of salty nectar fell into my mouth and Laura started sucking my load like a lollipop. I grabbed her ass and pulled it and my tongue went deep into her pussy. We were both gasping for se combat.
Then I laid her straight, spread my thighs and put my cock on her pussy. Laura’s pussy was hot like a furnace. I pushed my humongous cock into her virgin pussy and Laura told-fuck it slowly, it hurts, take it easy, Laura after some times told put full cock now in my pussy I was slowly fucking Laura and my entire cock has engulfed by Laura’s pussy. I started thrusting and took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking.
Adam started fucking with full force, “Oh Laura, my sister-in-law, I am fucking my first pussy and your brother Harry is also fucking my sister’s tight pussy , Harry Your lovely cock is inside my sister. On the other handLaura also released her sex jism.. The fountain of my cock went into Laura’s pussy and we both released our sex jism in unison. The sound of Harry and Nicole fucking was heard from the other room. They also released their load and became sextremely happy.
Now we all sat for a meeting and my mom married to Abraham and our marriage was also fixed but got the permission to have sex and have a plan to swapping with gang bang in future.


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