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Daddy doesn’t know he took my virginity

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My names Carly and I’m 12 – This is a story of how daddy took my virginity, and he doesn’t even know.

My names Carly and I’m 12 – This is a short story of how daddy took my virginity, and he doesn’t even know.

It was a school night and my daddy had gone out for the night with his work friends, mum and I went up to her room, climbed in to her bed with a big bowl of popcorn and watched Frozen 1 and 2 on their big TV, I fell asleep half way through Frozen 2 and I’ll remember what happened next for the rest of my life.

I woke up, feeling like there was an earthquake, my body was rocking all over, as my eyes opened, looking in to the darkness, my brain fully awoke and a painful sensation shot through my mind like lightning, I turned my head and just saw a hairy chest hovering over me, my legs were stuck in the air, and my body was bent, like a contortionist, as I looked down I gasped loudly, suddenly finding it hard to catch my breath, I saw a huge willy moving in and out of my fanny.

“Ungh – Ungh” I groaned.

I tilted my head back and saw a face, it was daddy, he was groaning and fucking me fast and hard, I tried to call out to him, tell him to stop, but I could hardly breathe, and I couldn’t speak, all I could do was sound out grunts and groans, “Oh I love you, Julie.” Daddy whispered in my ear, Julie was my mums name.

“ungh – aargh” I groaned, moving my head to the side, mummy was laying right beside us, she was fast asleep.

Then he moved his head and started to kiss me on the lips, still thrusting his cock inside me, it was painful but oddly pleasurable at the same time, I remember feeling his big hairy balls pounding against my thighs, “Ungh”, he eventually stopped kissing me and moved his head to the side of mine and kissed my neck, his breath stunk of beer.

Suddenly daddy held my legs, bending them all the way back to my shoulders, and started to ram his cock in to me really fast, “Ooh – Ooh – ooh” he groaned, “I’m coming. I’m coming, Julie” he said, “Get ready.” He added.

“Ungh – arrgh – ungh”

He stopped and groaned really loud, “Oooooh – fuck!” he shouted, I felt something fill my insides, then a few seconds later he pushed himself off of me, pulling his cock out of me, I looked down and saw white stuff flowing out of my fanny, then I couldn’t move, I was so tired.

Daddy rolled over and lay naked on the bed, then he pulled the sheet over his waist, burped, “Love you, Julie. That was great, baby.” He said, then he fell asleep.

I lay there completely shocked, confused about what the hell just happened, looking at both mum and dad in turn, they were both asleep, daddy must be drunk and must have mistaken me for mummy, he just fucked my brains out right next to her and she didn’t even wake up.

I didn’t say anything about it the next morning, I just got up and went to school, and I’ve never mentioned it, until now. Technically he raped me, but he’s still my daddy and I love him. He made a mistake, he was drunk at the time. It was painful but I enjoyed it, I lost my virginity, this was and still is my secret, mummy and daddy will never know.

I Hope daddy goes out with his work mates again soon.

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  • Reply AP

    Authors need support!! Even short story writers, unless people want this to be a pay site.
    Btw, Psiberzerker, just so we all feel like the comments have everything people expect, what’s your bra size? ( :

  • Reply AP

    Psi, I agree on all points save that I think the story is feel is supposed to be so far fetched as to make it beyond the intention to suspend disbelief and go straight towards erotic fairytale. We see these come around periodically like the 12 year old with the 14″ cock or the group of kids who find the hardcore bondage toys and instinctively know how to use them. This doesn’t make this, imo, bad work and I certainly wouldn’t want to make a diet out of this stuff. Every now and then though for the erotic silliness of it…

    • Psiberzerker

      I don’t think it’s a bad work, I’m just saying that it could have been a little more believable, if there was a sentence mentioning how a 12 year old can be mistaken for her mother. (By her husband, who I assumed has touched her in the dark, staggering drunk by this point.) Not bad at all, but there’s always room for improvement. I like to support the authors I like. This is one of them, especially since he comes right out with it being Fiction. So, he doesn’t have to deal with guys asking his bra size. Wish I’d thought of that.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    This is a little far fetched, compared with the other one. I know it’s fiction, but even black-out drunk, in the dark, a man knows what his wife’s body feels like. So, maybe if you’d mentioned that her mom was the exact same size, I can’t imagine anyone touching a 12 year old body, and hearing her 12 year old voice, not knowing that’s a 12 year old under him. The other one mentioned doubts that her 11 year old brother ever had a boner before (He’s a boy, so the answer is yes. Baby boys get erections in their diapers) but I can chalk that up to Ignorance. A man not being to tell his wife apart from his 12 year old daughter is a bit of a stretch, unless you add more details to try and explain it. Other than that, it’s hot-ish, but the implausibility makes it hard to suspend my disbelief.

  • Reply Allison

    My dad knew he took my virginity
    I use to tease him flashing my little boobs
    And showing him I was getting hair.
    He saw my pussy and started licking it
    Wasn’t long he took my virginity.
    I was 12 at the time


    Would fuck anybody else if you could right know Carly?

    • Carly Author

      If you have a big cock like my daddy then yes. Fuck me till I pop.

  • Reply AP

    Excellent fiction! Just like dad, straight to business, in then out, getting the job done.