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The old man-Part-III (grand daughter and grandpa sex)

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My name is Honey, today I am telling you my sex story. How I was fucked by the inspiration of my mom Paula and provocation of my Grand pa Bob, My Grand-Pa is 62 Yrs.old man and he likes young pussy very much as I knew it from my mom Paula. People don’t even doubt him. Because he is very old. give gifts to girls. That’s why girls also sit near him and play. So Grand-Pa takes great care of his young granddaughters.
Grand-Pa had also opened the pussy of my cousin sister Jen before coming here and now my turn to get screwed by his penis driver. He liked my youth and one day he broke the vagina of his young granddaughter with his old cock. Today I will tell these sex stories of mine How my grand Pa wooed me and convinced me to get fucked and I also fell into the trap of such a stupid old Grand-Pa and now I have become crazy about his 9 inch humongous cock.
I am a 16 year old hot and beautiful girl. I study in college and am modern. But I am fade up with young boys cock and I don’t make boyfriends because I like old cocks better than the cocks of young boys or men. Whenever I used to come from college, I would bring something to eat for my Grand-Pa every day. Grand-Pa is involved in his share market business, that is why he has a lot of money. For this money every girls stay together with the Grand-Pa.
Now let me come straight to the story of what happened on the first day that we had sexual relations. He fucked me hard, rubbing my breasts like small oranges and massaging them a lot. I also became very horny and climbed on top of him and rubbed my pussy . It was a day when both my mom and dad had gone to my uncle’s house, so I was alone at home with my grand-Pa, actually it was plan of Paula to give me some chance for fucking Grand Pa. That day we had dinner early and were sitting and talking with grand Pa. He told the story of his wedding night and he also told that grand mom was very beautiful when she got married.

He was telling that when he had sex with grand mom for the first time, grand mom started crying because she was very young in age like you only 15 yrs. and Grand Pa’s penis was very thick. He was openly talking to me about sex, talking about my body, talking about his penis. He was in a different mood that day. He too probably had full hope that today he would definitely fuck his granddaughter. He told such stories that even my mind was carried away. I also asked him, Grand-Pa, tell me one thing, how big were grand mom’s breasts when you got married. He said, she will be a little younger than you and her boobs were like you. I said how do you know how big my boobs are? He said that it looks like this from above and he was staring at my breasts. He said if I tell you the true size then I will have to touch your breasts. And he placed his hand on my chest and measured my breasts and said that they were a little smaller than this. This was the beginning of coming closer to me. I told him, Grandpa, tell me one thing, it has been almost 30 years since grandma died, don’t you ever feel like having sex? And what do you do when it does?
He said what should I do? I masturbate. Honey became funny with grand Pa and being a sexpert in sex Honey ask Grand-Pa, what is a penis? He said, do you understand masturbation? I said yes, that is what masturbation is. The night started progressing and the atmosphere started becoming sensual. I also wanted to take advantage of being alone today. I said, Grandpa, till what age can people have sex? He said, forget me, I am still so fit that I can defeat even a 25 year old boy. I still have a lot of strength. I said ok sir, are you still young? He said I am still like a bull in sex matter. He said my penis is very big humongous about 9 inch+ . Your grand mom was very scared. When I used to put my cock in her vagina, she would get scared, cry and scream. But today’s boys don’t have that strength; nowadays they can’t even make their wives happy. The wife wants more but the man gets exhausted and goes to sleep.Honey answered I saw you doing sex with my mom and that was better than when my dad do sex with mom.Bob was really scared after listening to words and I also felt like why not try it.
And I thought of trying it and I went close to him and grabbed his penis, it was really very thick, long and tight. He said what should I do? I said yes fuck me as you did last night to mom and then it started. He lay down and opened his short. I held his penis and started sucking it. He started fondling my breasts and then said, take off your clothes. I took off all my clothes and became nude and then the game of lust started. He took me in his arms while caressing my body parts.
He started pressing my breasts and caressing my ass. I started getting horny, it was late at night and the lust was rising. I immediately lay down and he got up and started licking my feet with his tongue. Starting from his thumb he came till my lips and then started kissing me. His breathing started becoming faster. I also started taking bites. He started licking my pussy. I kept looking at his penis and he started playing with my body. He placed a pillow under my ass and pushed his humongous penis forcefully into my pussy. But it was not so easy for the penis to go inside because my pussy was very tight even after taking so much school and college boys cocks in my pussy
Granda Pa applied oil on my pussy then gave three-four strokes and his entire 9 inch penis went inside my pussy but I was screaming and moaning, I was in a lot of pain. His penis was too thick for me, somehow it entered my pussy. He caressed me and wiped my tears. Started fucking slowly. And then within five minutes, when the pain in my pussy ended, he started fucking me vigorously.
He started playing with my body throughout the night. I had a lot of fun with him the whole night. He fucked me and also made me satisfied. Really, I have become a fan of my Grand-Pa. Now he fucks me every day whenever mom and dad are not at home. Really I love old cock in my young pussy.


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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Beautiful loved it , just handed it to my daughter to read she will love it to, Emma from Aus.

    • Honeyper944 ID:8icvuniszxn

      You and your daughter vital detail,love to share