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The old man-Part-IV (Mother and daughter)

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Now Honey has been fucked by Granda pa’s humongous 9 inch+ cock the best in her life and her mom Paula also got fucked by the same cock of her father in law. Now mom and daughter both are lover of the same cock and now both of them are sex friend instead of mom and daughter and now they planned to get fucked by the old cock of 62 yrs. old man together without any jealousy or shame.

Now in the evening we both went to our Grand Pa’s bed room at about 9’O lock at the night after our dinner. Grand Pa placed his hand on Paula’s thigh as both of us in Bra and Panty and started caressing her thigh. Bob was feeling sexcited as it was felt from his behavior. Paula was also not making even the slightest attempt to stop me. It was clear from his reaction that he is really very naughty. Now it si to notice how much Paula likes taking humongous cocks of old man.

Now Paula’s heartbeats started increasing, Bob placed his hands on her breasts and started fondling them. he held one of her breasts in each of his hands and started pressing it like a ball. Then Bob kissed her cheek and also gave a kiss on her neck.
Bob’s humongous penis also started getting stronger in his shorts. Bob placed his lips on her lips and started sucking them. Paula also started supporting him by kissing him.
This continued for 5 minutes and then Bob picked her up in his arms, took her to a nearby bed and made her lie down. All these are happening in front of Honey’s eyes

Paula’s breasts had suddenly become hard and erect. Bob started caressing and pressing her breasts. One of his hands was on her breasts and with the other hand he was teasing her vagina over her clothes. Paula was feeling very tickled but an intoxication was also rising along with it. Bob started sucking Paula’s nipples which was making her very sexcited. She kept kissing and licking Bob’s chest for some time.

Then he reached down to the hook of Paula’s Bra and panty and opened Bra and panty. Bob’s humongous penis was hurting her badly. Now Bob’s humongous cock had raised up like a cannon and due to the jerks of the cock, it was as if a snake was jumping again and again in front of her eyes as it was released from his short.

Paula caught hold of Bob’s penis and started shaking it in her hand. Then after enjoying holding penis in her hand for some time, Looking atthe penis she said – Ahhh… such a thick and long humongous penis! Umm.. I was not able to find such a strong cock for so long. My dear Bob, today you fuck me hard like your wife. My thirsty Pussy will find heaven with you.

Saying this, Paula gave a kiss on the bulbous head of the humongous penis and while looking into Bob’s eyes, she took his penis in her mouth right in front of him. Closing her eyes, she got lost in the pleasure of sucking Bob’s humongous cock.
It seemed as hs humongous cock was going into a hot hole filled with cream. For some time he also kept enjoying getting the penis sucked. After that, when he could no longer bear it, he took out his penis from her mouth and threw her down. Now Bob pounced on her breasts and started sucking them vigorously for five minutes, he kept on squeezing the milk of her breasts one by one and then while kissing, he licked her vagina and started licking her pussy continuously.

Paula’s pussy was completely clean and was leaking a little juice. Bob kept sucking her pussy and she kept playing by pressing his penis between her legs. Paula was giving so much pleasure as if she was crazy about cock. Bob was licking her pussy. She became so hot that she started begging to insert his penis into her pussy. Seeing her yearning, Bob decided to fulfill her wish. He was also yearning to fuck her by putting his dick in her pussy since two days. Bob spread her legs and started rubbing his penis against her pussy, due to which strong waves of lust started rising in her body. Her pussy immediately became very hot which Bob felt on his throbbing penis.

I wanted to feel the heat of her pussy on my penis by inserting my humongous cock into her pussy. I inserted my penis into her pussy and she let out a sigh of pain and pleasure. she hugged me and hugged me tightly in her arms. I started moving my ass back and forth and driving my dick into her pussy. She was holding me so tightly that I couldn’t even get up.

Slowly I started fucking her pussy. Now she also wanted to enjoy the sex to the fullest, so she loosened her grip and I got free and started inserting my penis rapidly into her pussy.

As my cock started hitting her pussy deep inside, her sensual moans suddenly became stronger – Aahhh… Iee yaa… Aaah… Fuck my king… Fuck with full force. Destroy my pussy with your thick weapon. I have become very thirsty for your cock. Fuck me, my mother fucker, quench the thirst of my pussy by fucking me hard.I got full enthusiasm and started fucking her pussy.

Cum had started coming out from both my penis and her pussy in such quantity that when the pussy and penis met, a sexy sound . I was pulling the penis out almost completely and then pushing it completely into her pussy.After that I increased the speed of my thrusts due to which she started enjoying more. She started supporting me by raising her ass and I was fucking her with strong thrusts.

Sensual sounds were continuously coming from her mouth like Aaah… Aaah… Aaahhh… Haahh… Hmm… Ooh… Oooee… Aaahh…

I kept fucking her like this for about thirty minutes. After that I lay down. She got up and sat on my humongous penis like a cowgirl by placing her pussy on my humongous penis, she slowly released her weight and took my penis into her pussy. After inserting the penis into her pussy, she started jumping on my penis and getting fucked herself. I started pressing her breasts and sucking her nipples. Then she bent down a little and started kissing me and kept moving her pussy up and down. After five minutes she had an orgasm and fell limp on me. Now separated from my body and went to Sofa beside Honey and sat there and signaled her daughter to do the unfinished work.

Bob’s semen had not ejaculated yet, so he asked Honey , please get it done for me the work left by your mom?
Honey said- Why not… I will get it done now my lovely grand-Pa. I went to the bed in nude, Bob lifted my legs, sexposing my pussy completely, and stood on the ground himself. Started fucking my pussy with very fast thrusts. Bob fucked honey for at least ten-twelve minutes. She also kept supporting Bob. Meanwhile, she had orgasmed once.

Just then Bob was about to ejaculate so Bob signaled to honey that he was about to come. In ecstasy, she moaned and said – Hmm.. Aahh..Grand-Pa- Let your cum come inside, my pussy is thirsty for your cum. fill it with your semen. After two-four thrusts, semen came out from Bob’s penis and filled honey’s pussy. Bob kept inserting hs penis inside till every drop of semen came out. Then he took me tightly in his arms.
She kissed me on my neck and cheeks and said – Really Grand-Pa, your dick is so strong that I have become crazy about it. I had never found such a cock. If I had got your humongous cock first, I would have never gone to get fucked by anyone else. My pussy was thirsty foryour cock only. Now you have the real right on my pussy.

Now Honey also started caressing my penis. When both of us couldn’t stop ourselves, Bob made her lie down on the bed, held her legs and started rubbing his bulbous head of the humongous penis against her labia. There was a lot of sex joy in Honey’s mouth, moaning softly. Honey said- Grand-Pa, Please Put your dick in my pussy now… I can’t stay anymore. The daughter was also as naughty as her mother.
Bob set the humongous cock on the hole of honey’s pussy and with a sharp jerk inserted half the cock into her pussy. She screamed and Bob immediately closed her lips with mine, Bob started sucking her lips and then slowly started moving his penis back and forth in my pussy. Within two-four minutes she started enjoying sex. Now Grand-pa’s vigorous fucking started. Bob fucked honey like this for fifteen minutes and then put honey in bitch pose. Holding her ass, Bob inserted his penis into her pussy from behind and started fucking her while holding her breasts. I had made her breasts red by squeezing them. In this manner, her fucking continued for about 20 minutes.

Honey had already ejaculated and I too was about to ejaculate.
Bob said- where should I release my jism?
Honey said – In my pussy.
Bob said- Honey my Grand Daughter you have no protection, if you conceive?
Honey said- I love it. If I conceive then I am the luckiest grand daughter.
Bob gave more 15 to 20 thrusts and semen came out from his penis and released semen in her vagina and lay down with it. Kept enjoying by putting the humongous cock in the pussy for several minutes. the penis came out on its own from Honey’s pussy, Bob was satisfied after fucking both Paula and Honey’s pussy. Both mother and daughter was sextremely happy to fuck the old cock and preparing for many such meetings in future.



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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    I remember my Grandfather fucking me so fast and hard after school while I waited for my Mum to pick me up, I was 12 now 46 and loving life and my cunt still feels like a teens. 💕🌹💓💙 love Emma from Aus.

    • Honeyoee944 ID:1dwb3vg8lcon

      Thanks emma