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Luscious Little Lilly Moves Next Door, Part2 ;)

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“Maddy, Maddy, wake up.. I have to pee” ,Lilly said, trying to move my head off her belly. I slowly awoke ,realizing I’d fallen asleep, or should I say passed out last night while fingering her baby pussy. We had drank a whole bottle of red wine, and
I’m not used to it, Lilly is, she’s a natural. But it’s so fun when we play together when we have been drinking, I even let her put a small toy up my butt for the first time, It was nasty fun).

As she came out of the bathroom, her little “A” cups all pointy and perky, she snuggled back into bed with me. I love when she holds me like this, I can smell the strawberry shampoo she uses and I can feel her lip gloss on my lips after all the kissing we did last night. I know I’m only 11, but I really have strong feelings for Lilly. I’m so glad my mother understands and lets me spend the night here when my Dad’s not home. Of course My Mom’s just down the hall with Chloe, Lilly’s Mom.

This has been such a wild Summer. Just a month ago my Mom and I stayed in the house all day, her making cookies, or doing something or the other for the Church, I’d spend my days watching TV. Now we spend our days lounging around the pool, drinking wine, and our night in bed, with girl’s no less. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Today is going to be another wild day, Lilly is going to show me how to properly
shave my Mother’s pussy. Mom’s new bikini has the fabric going right between her slit so any hair has to go. Lilly shaves her mother and is going to show me how, and what lotion’s to use to avoid razor burn. I’m glad I don’t have hair yet, Lilly has just a little “fuzz”, but I like it and told her to keep it. It tickles my nose when I go down on her.

When we go out to the pool, I can see Lilly’s Mom, Chloe has a towel and the special razor girl’s use. Also in the little pink basket is an assortment of lotions and scented shaving creams. My Mom peels her micro bikini bottom down, making a show of it as Lilly’s mom cheers her on. She sets at the edge of the pool on a towel, following Lilly’s lead, I get in the water so Lilly and I are face to face with my Mothers sex.

Lilly has a big grin her face as she parts my mother’s legs for better access. Lilly shows me how to take a warm cloth and rub all around my Mother’s quickly moistening pussy lips. Then she applies cherry scented shaving cream. My mother lays back on the pool deck, gasping a little as a 13 year old girl works her magic on her Mommy pussy. As Lilly ever so gently shaves my mothers pronounced lips and the area around it, I Notice that my Mother has a rather large clit. The more Lilly uses her little Teen fingers on her cunt, the bigger it gets.

Soon it’s my turn, I’m kind’a nervous. As I work the razor over her mound, I can’t help but think that until 3 weeks ago, I’d never seen my mother nude. Now I’m shaving her pussy, and she likes it, and so do I. My Mother is moaning slightly as she kneads her Mommy melons. Chloe is laying back on a pool chair. watching , her nipples rock hard in her bikini top. As I finish with the razor, Lilly takes special lotion and slowly rubs the slickness on the freshly shaven area. making sure to massage her engorged clit. As I watch Lilly leans on and takes her clit and gently strokes it, showing me how it looks like a little baby boys cock. Lilly lowers her head down and take the big clit in her mouth, sucking at it like we do her sex toys.

As Lilly pulls her head up. she smiles at me and then she guides my lips down on my Mother’s cunt. It’s so much bigger than Lilly’s and very wet. I love the taste of the cherry shaving cream as it mixes with her natural flavors. Her clit is almost pulsing as I suckle at it. Her hands are on my head now.. pushing, forcing my 11 year old face into her . Her legs clamp down as she fucks my face, moaning , her hips come off the pool deck as I thrust my tongue deep in her cunt. Soon I feel the flood of her nectar. And as I do with Lilly ,I lap it all up like a kitten at a bowl of milk.

As my mother lays there gasping, her legs spread like a cheap whore, Chloe, Lilly’s mom claps excitedly and yells “bravo, bravo”. As my mother rases herself with her arms, still setting on the pool deck, she reaches out and pulls me into a big hug. My face buried her Mommy melon’s, she tells me again and again what a good girl I am. I’ve never felt closer to my Mother than I did at that moment. All day long as we swam an tanned ourselves, my Mother was always holding my hand or standing with her arm around me, a few times her hand went to my little ass as she stood beside me.

Later that night as we all set in the living room, watching Sylvia Kristel enjoy a Little girl in Thailand, Chloe walked over to me…taking me by the hand…leading me to the bedroom…smiling… Look for part 3 In our story)

Love ya Lilly)) More to follow)

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  • Reply Hellish ID:3057hetqra

    Finally a story with legibility and details

  • Reply Lilly ID:7ylren4oic

    Your not thinking of your girl lilly.just wrapped up school work love.now im free for the weekend to think about you.i would love to spend the weekend in bed with you dirty don.

    • Joe ID:1ekdzo3nytg9

      hi. email me. i have experience with my daughter, mom, sister aunt and granddaughter. [email protected]

  • Reply Lilly ID:7ylren4oic

    My legs are spread wide and im opening my pussy hole for you dirty don.you like what you see daddy.now come stick it all the way up my tight hole.keep fuckin’g me for ever daddy don.just stay pumping it baby until you blast a load up my tight hole.i love it daddy don.we will meet, we just have to.