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The old man-Part-VI (My friend got fucked by my Grand-Pa)

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‘Oh no… it’s terrible…’ were the words that came out of my mouth. I was shocked to see what was happening inside. Inside, Grand-Pa Willy was sitting near Jenny, my best friend staying beside our house, only 17 yrs. voluptuous girl with 36-26-36 vitals and Willy was lifting Jenny’s gown with his hands. he was moving his hands on her legs. Slowly his hand started moving towards her thighs. His fingers were moving on the border of Jenny’s panty and one finger was moving over the panty on the crack of her pussy. Within a few moments, he placed his entire hand on Jenny’s triangular vagina and started massaging her pussy.
There were no sexpressions on Jenny’s face, I could not understand whether Jenny was sleeping or pretending to sleep. But I was feeling very embarrassed seeing Grand-Pa doing something like this.
Although I had become a little sexcited, it was very important to stop him. I opened the door of the room loudly and went inside. Grand-Pa looked at me shocked. There were sexpressions of fear as well as concern on his face. He removed his hand from Jenny’s pussy and went out of the room with his head down to his bedroom.
That day mom Paula went for some work will not come back in night, so I called Jenny to sleep at my house. Jenny came to my house around 9.30 in the evening. We sat in the hall for a while, then Grand-Pa went to his bed room and we both came to my bedroom.
Then Jenny said – Today is a good opportunity… why don’t we watch a blue film together.
Although I had seen blue films before too, but I watched them all alone, most of the times Jenny used to give me blue films. Sometimes we both used to talk about how the blue film was and what we did after watching it. So I said yes to watching the blue film with Jenny. While watching the movie for an hour, my panty became completely wet with my pussy juice.
I could no longer control myself and placed my hand on my friend’s thighs, her condition was sexactly like mine. Jenny lay down on the bed and pulled me on top of her. Jenny’s breasts were quite bigger, her boy friend had made them quite big by massaging her.
Now my breasts were above her breasts, Jenny took me in her arms from below and started pressing me on her body. I was feeling the heat of his body. Jenny turned around in the same position and made me lie down and then came and lay down on top of me. She brought her lips close to my lips and took her tongue out of her lips. Then she started moving her tongue on my lips.
Now she removed her hands from my face and took them to my breasts. He started caressing my breasts over the gown. He put one of his hands inside the neck of the gown and placed it on my bare breast. As soon as she touched me, my body started trembling. She held my nipples in her fingers and pressed them.Then she held my other nipple in her fingers and started massaging it and with her other hand she started massaging my pussy over the gown.
Now Jenny slowly started pulling my gown up, her hands were touching my legs. Then it came to my knees and finally his hand stopped on my thighs. One of his hands was caressing my thighs, the other was massaging my nipples, I was moaning in a low voice with my eyes closed. Now Jenny moved her hand from my thighs towards my pussy. After removing my panty, Jenny’s fingers started moving around my wet pussy.
‘Aahhh…’ My breathing started increasing due to a strong sexcitement. What magic was there in his fingers that my pussy started releasing more sex water. My sex dam was starting to release a lot of sex water, I was about to cum, I wanted to cum.
But… then Jenny stopped me. She removed his fingers from me. Who knows, how did she know I was about to cum? But she had removed her fingers from my body. I couldn’t even feel the heat of her body. When I opened my eyes in restlessness, Jenny was standing near the bed.
She had taken off all her clothes and was completely naked. Her round juicy breasts were filling my eyes with sparkle. They were making my pussy more wet, pulling my fingers towards themselves. Her sexy body forcing me to ride her.
I also got up from the bed and removed all my clothes and became completely nude. Now she was looking at my naked body. Her eyes were fixed on my comparatively small 34 breasts. Jenny removed her lips from mine and pushed me and made me fall on the bed. Jenny sat on my chest, that too with her face towards my feet… This was a 69 position, which Jenny herself told me later. Now Jenny bent forward slightly, her face slowly started leaning closer to my waist. Both her hands were caressing my thighs and her lips came close to the lips of my pussy. Her tongue was desperate to enter the hole like a snake.
He opened the petals of my pussy with her finger and bit the tip of my pussy i.e clit with his pointed tongue. For the first time, someone’s tongue touched my pussy, my pussy shrank and invited her tongue. Her tongue was rubbing over my clitoris and entering inside my pussy. My pussy was flowing like a waterfall, I was enjoying that moment by closing my eyes.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Jenny’s pussy in front of me. Her pussy hidden in the light brown hair, her clitoris inside her, the trembling of her clitoris, the opening and closing of her clitoris, all this could be seen just a few inches in front of me.I took out my tongue and took it near my lips and licked her pussy juice ‘Umm… Yummy…’
Now it was around 1’O clock at night and there was only grand-Pa willy and we two friends in the house playing the horny sex game when Grand pa willy is sleeping.
Now Jenny placed her vagina on my vagina and fumbling my boobs and I too was caressing jenny’s voluptuous breast and lip lock kisses. Now myself found something round like Duck’s egg between our labia and thought Jenny has made the arrangement for sex pleasure and my pussy once opening to engulf the whole egg and in the next move my labia is pressuring the egg to enter jenny’s labia and suddenly I found the total egg has entered my vagina and it is going down and I screamed but could not move as I was impaled by my grand Pa’s cock and found it has gone all into my vagina and my Grand Pa after fucking me fucked Jenny and releaed his sex jism on our pussy and went back to her bed room.
I woke up at 3 o’clock in the night, although I was half asleep. I turned around and touched the body of Jenny who was sleeping next to me and realized that she was not on the bed. When I looked towards the bedroom door of my grand-Pa, it was open.. I went there quietly. When I looked inside the door, I couldn’t believe it. Grand-Pa was sleeping peacefully inside in nude with his erected humongous 10 inch+ cock and Jenny was caressing Grand-Pa’s penis. For some time she caressed Grand-Pa’s penis. Grand-Pa also had no reaction to that, neither was he moving, nor were his eyes open. Jenny lightly moved her fingers on his penis.
Now Grand-Pa woke up from sleep and opened his eyes. He was surprised to see Jenny in front of him, but Jenny did not mind when he woke up from sleep. Seeing Jenny’s hand on his penis, he widened his eyes, but he did not remove her hand from his penis. Instead, he picked her up and made her sit beside him on the bed.
Jenny was sitting with her back towards me and her entire attention was on Grand-Pa’s penis. Grand-Pa’s hand was continuously caressing Jenny’s back, while Jenny’s hand was caressing Grand-Pa’s penis. Grand-Pa moved his hand from Jenny’s back to his chest and squeezed her firm breasts hard.
“Ah… slow ly…” Jenny said only this and bent down. Her lips had now come one inch closer to Grand-Pa’s penis. Jenny’s tongue came out of her lips and started roaming on the tip of Grand-Pa’s penis. Grand-Pa placed both his hands on Jenny’s breasts and started massaging them.
Jenny was standing completely naked in front of Grand-Pa, her bra and panty were lying on my bed. Grand-Pa’s eyes lit up after seeing her young naked body. He made Jenny sit on the bed again. placed his hands on Jenny’s thighs and opened her thighs. Grand-Pa’s fingers now started roaming on Jenny’s legs, then slowly reached her thighs. He was having a lot of fun running his fingers through the small hairs growing on her triangular treasures and the same pleasure was visible on his face too.
As soon as Grand-Pa placed his finger on Jenny’s pussy, Jenny lifted her waist from below. When Grand-Pa opened the petals of Jenny’s pussy with his thumb and finger, the glans of Jenny’s pussy came in front of him. Grand-Pa had kept Jenny’s pussy open and closed with the fingers of one hand and sextended the other hand towards her pussy. Grand-Pa just touched the clitoris of her pussy with his fingers and suddenly Jenny started jumping.. Grand-Pa held her waist tightly and started caressing her breasts.
Seeing all this outside, my condition was getting worse, I was caressing my pussy In
While teasing Jenny’s clitoris, Grand-Pa put his finger in his mouth and wet it, then started inserting that finger into Jenny’s pussy. Slowly inserting half the finger inside, then slowly inserted the whole finger inside Jenny’s pussy. Now Grand-Pa started moving his finger in and out of her pussy, Jenny also started getting her pussy fucked by Grand-Pa’s finger while shaking her waist from below.
When sex water started coming out from her pussy, Grand-Pa took the sex water on the finger of his other hand and started licking that finger. Then Grand-Pa continued to insert his second finger into her vagina.
Their game continued like this for some time, but then Jenny reached the peak of sexcitement and started orgasming by squeezing both her legs. Grand-Pa had taken out all the juice from it. Grand-Pa’s erect penis was still in front of my eyes, I could not believe that even at this age of 62 Yrs. anyone’s penis could become erect and that too so hard. The bulbous head of his penis was very big, I was just looking at his penis.
Then he got up from his place and went and lay down near Jenny. Now it was Jenny’s turn, Jenny placed her hand on his penis and started playing with it. She had become very sexcited after seeing his erect penis, her eyes were still fixed on Grand-Pa’s bulbous head of the penis.
Now Jenny slept with her head on Grand-Pa’s stomach, her face was towards Grand-Pa’s penis. She moved forward and moved her tongue on Grand-Pa’s penis, and I could see the tremors in Grand-Pa’s penis from outside. Slowly Jenny’s lips started to embrace Grand-Pa’s penis and she started sucking it.
Outside, I started rubbing the clitoris vigorously. Seeing Jenny inside sucking Grand-Pa’s bulbous head in her mouth, my eyes started closing with sexcitement. By the time my eyes opened, Jenny had taken Willy’s penis completely into her mouth. Grand-Pa was also fucking Jenny’s mouth by pushing from below.
Jenny had now taken his penis out of her mouth. Then she climbed on top of him and brought her pussy on top of Grand-Pa’s penis. Her face was towards her Grand-Pa, looking into his eyes she placed his penis on the labia of her pussy with one hand and sat on his penis. After moving up and down four-five times, finally Grand-Pa’s entire penis went inside Jenny’s pussy.
Now Jenny’s sit-up exercise started. Jenny started fucking Grand Pa like a cow girl. The sounds of her sobbing were echoing in the entire room. The speed of movement of Jenny’s waist was increasing, her buttocks were hitting her Grand-Pa’s body with force. Now Willy released his semen into Jenny’s pussy and Jenny had also ejaculated her sex jism at the same time. Now Jenny leaned forward and fell on Grand-Pa’s chest.
After some time, Jenny raised her mouth and placed her lips on Grand-Pa’s lips. After kissing for a while, Jenny got up and left Willy..
I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:30 in the night. I also quietly left from there and went to my room and slept. I couldn’t believe whatever I had seen… but it was all true. After some time, Jenny also came into the room, locked the door, came to the bed and slept in my arms again.


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      Just love hony old man with young ones.
      Emma❤️!… OMG..! I’ve been reading your comments on a few posts and we are of same mind.❤️ I unfortunately don’t have kids, and maybe it’s a good thing because, Holy Moses!!! I would have my little girls pussies open very early and teasing horny old men in parks and restaurants with their beautiful pussies every opportunity I got. I have this fantasy of taking my little girl into the men’s restroom and exposing her little cunt to all the horny old men. Letting her sit on my lap, her little cunt wide open, and letting any old guy pump away at her open pussy while she’s in my lap. When his done and he had filled up her pussy I’d suck that cock clean. Afterwards it’ll be my daughter’s pussy I’d be cleaning out…. But Alas… I can only dream…

      As you can tell by the name I go by, I would love to see my hubby’s cock getting messed up by a young wet horny creamy pussy. That too is only a dream…

      I don’t know any other female who think like I do. It is nice to see other like minded women coming out and sharing their likes and fantasies. I do wish you were close by so we could meet up and maybe be friends…

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      Very very happy Emma dear