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My mum had a car accident when I was 13

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Mum had a car accident when I was 13 and only me and her and the nurse comes 3 times a day and I do the rest

When I was 13 my mum was in a car accident and shattered both her legs

There was only me and mum so I had to stay with a neighbour while mum was in hospital, when she came home She was in a wheelchair and was on strong painkillers it was funny when she took them she was out of it and didn’t know what she was doing. The hospital had a nurse call morning dinner and night to help keep mom clean and the rest of the day she just sat in her chair watching tv.
My mom wasn’t old or fat she had me when she was 15 and so was only 28 now and had a slim figure and small tits long blonde hair ..
Now here was me a 13 horny wanking machine and a mother who was drugged up in a wheelchair the thoughts running through my head about what I could do when she was out of it .
The 2 sides one saying be good and thr horny 13 year old wanting a peek.
Day 1.
The nurse arrived at 7 in the morning washed and clothed her and put her in the wheel chair all she was wearing was her nighty down to her knees and the nurse was sexy to me too, but any women was when I wanted a wank she came over to me to explain mom would probably need pain killers before she came back at 130 and also drinks she also said don’t worry if mom was bit different after taking tablets as she would be a bit out of it for about a hour .
After the nurse left mum shouted for me her hairbrush to brush her hair I offered to do it and started brushing from behind only so I could look down her top see her bra, and what view my cock was getting hard, I had never seen a real girl or women’s tits in a bra or anything else except on the Internet but this was real mums small tits in a blue coloured bra, mum said I was doing good could I get her tablets and a drink of I went hoping mum didn’t see my hard on.
I came back with the stuff mum popped 2 pills and sat looking at the tv I went out the room watching from the door see what the nurse meant, after a while mum was shouting stuff made no sense her arms down by her side swaying around I went in looked at her she looked at me and said Doctor my legs are hurting and then laughed then she reached out grabbing my hand pulling me to her doctor she said look at my legs and put my hand on her thigh I panicked and froze then she seemed to doze off my hand still on her thigh on her nighty I was lost do I feel her legs do I go out of the room what do I do my cock twitching at my zip , I thought quickly and undone my zip and pulled my cock out infront of my dozing mom then I placed my hand back on her thighand slowly moved it under her nighty, and lifting it I then saw a great view she had blue panties on and I could see them my cock responded by sticking right up.
I moved my free hand onto my cock and slowly wanked as I moved her nighty higher thrn I had a idea her arm hug down I pushed it she just moved I got hold of it and put her hand round my cock and moved it up and down then she started doing herself wanking my cock the first hand on it other than mine. Heaven wasn’t the word as all of a sudden she looked at me and said doctor this is fun as she looked at my cock getting wanked by her hand ,by then I had her nighty up and had her panties in full view I could feel my balls getting ready to eject all my cum and itvstarted splurging out she just kept wanking till I was empty that was the best wank ever I moved her hand off she was laughing saying doctor tell me I’m a good girl which I said and I headed out to clean up.
I could not believe what had happened later on I went back in mum was sitting normal watching tv she asked she time and said I need pain relief but will wait till the nurse comes it’s only 30 mins . she never mentioned before was that good on my behalf as wanted again and was sure I could this afternoon but after the nurse had gone mum slept till she me back at night. At night after tea the nurse gave mom painkillers and sleeping tablets to help her till the morning when she left I went in the room talking to mum as she was dropping off to sleep I kissed her and said love you mum she said same back I went out and came to check before I went to bed she was lying on the bed her legs put of the covers the bottom halves in plaster but her nighty was right up past her bum all her panties were on show what a view now my cock was hard I went forward my cock in my hand I brushed it against her legs and climbed on the bed next to her I put my hand between her tights her legs were open because of the plaster casts and I slid my hand right up to her panties, I could feel her pussy through them but I moved my hand to the top of her panties and pulled down she had a beautiful manicured public hair a little strip i felt it little curls blonde and under between her legs There was lips I had no idea what was there looked so nice clean as I moved my fingers to her lips they felt warm then they parted I could see pinkness as I put a finger near it went in I pulled it out I pushed in again this must be fingering I had read and seen as I moved it faster and then my finger was wet as I put another in then another going in and out of my mum’s pussy my cock by now was hard and needed relief as I wanked with one hand and fingered I pulled my fingers out and licked them mmmm and rubbed her juices on my cock as my cock started to spurt out I was in heaven and this was day one . I went to my room sitting on my computer typing in porn with mum and a group popped up so I went and it had photos of boys like my age with their mums most were drunk and it had a forum and a live stream to chat I joined as a guest and the conversations I looked at were great from now on I got answers what to do.

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    The story premise is good, but the writing is horrible. Did the writer graduate high school?

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    It was just getting good we need more sales. You could have fucked her so easy.

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    U need more

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    Love it!

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    Excellent stuff. The idea of wanking off in front of your mum is so dirty, I love it and want part 2 please 😋

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    Part 2 please

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    VW Sloan I liked it pretty nasty But you should be more crippled so he can fuck her all the time anytime and let her back and do whatever nasty things he wants to. WW Sloan

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    What a loving son. Mother clearly benefits from the therapy.He should extend it to her cunt, ass and mouth.

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    Need more

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      Are you a mom I would love to talk to you

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