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The old man-Part-I (mom and grandpa sex)

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I am Honey 16 years sexy young once again present with my new story. I am very fond of sex. I enjoys having sex in different positions. I have relations with many boys from 12 to 24 yrs. from the college. I have learned this fucking thing from my parents only. When my parents have sex at night, Honey silently watches their sex and their new styles. My mom, whose name is Paula, is very sexy and she likes to get fucked in new styles. Even today she has maintained her body so well that anyone would be ready to fuck her. Although I respect my mom a lot, but an incident happened that shook even Honey’s mind.
It so happened that once Honey’s Grand-Pa Bob came to stay with them for his medical treatment, he is 63 yrs. old. Bob still looks young and sexercises daily. That is why his body is full.
Honey’s mom respects Bob a lot, that is why she remains in very conservative form in front of him. She provides him with everything he needs. Honey is also his Grand-Pa Bob’s favorite.
This time Bob had come to stay with his son for a month. He did not feel like living in his apartment alone, because his wife had died two years ago.
Bob came and Honey’s dad had to go out abroad for his urgent work at least for 15 days. But due to Bob, Honey’s dad was not worried because due to his coming to the house, he would not have to worry much about the house.
But Bob started getting bored within two days because Honey used to go to college during the day and mom kept working at home. Bob had to stay alone the whole day watching TV only. Honey’s mom Understood Bob’s problem. That’s why she took out time during the day and went to Bob.
“Hey Paula daughter, come..” said Bob.
Paula said- I thought you must be bored alone. Honey is also not at home. That’s why I came to you.
Paula did not talk to Bob like this because of shyness. But she didn’t feel alone, that’s why she was speaking in front of him.
“Yes Paula… I do feel a little lonely, but seeing you all happy makes me very happy. Just that you all remain happy…that’s what I want.”
Paula- It’s me at home, Then why do you consider yourself alone? I will talk to you during the day. Then his father will also come soon.
Bob- That’s fine Paula. But you always remain cool. You are my daughter like Paula. That’s why there is some hesitation in talking to you. Then you also have problems.
Paula- What kind of things do you also talk about, dad? If you have any problem with me, I will remove it.
Bob said we can be friend and call me Bob and I will be happy and Paula looked at Bob and her fair and lovely face became visible to Bob. Bob had seen Paula’s face before but today after a long time Paula looks more sexciting. She was even more beautiful than his wife. He remembered his wife Emma.
Paula- Where are you lost Bob?
It was as if Paula woke up Bob from his slumber.
Bob- Nowhere Paula… Seeing you reminded me of my wife. She was also very beautiful like you. I just wanted to keep looking at her.
Paula said smilingly- Okay.. your wife was so beautiful. Then you talk to me as your wife. Maybe this won’t cause you any trouble in talking to me.
Bob started laughing – Wow Paula. you said a lot.. I felt happy after talking to you. You can make even a crying person laugh. Now I will not feel lonely because now I have my Paula as my wife with me.
Both of them laughed together. Then after talking a lot, when Paula got up to leave, her foot hit the table and she fell, due to which she got sprained for some reason and could not even get up from it. Bob lifted Paula up with support. But still she was unable to move. At last Bob picked up Paula in his lap and took her to his room.
Paula started feeling the heat of Bob’s body. The fragrance of her body started affecting Bob’s heart and mind.
Bob was also feeling as if he had his sexy girlfriend in his lap with Paula in his lap. Bob’s hands were trembling. Somehow he left Paula in her room. Then he came to his room and started taking deep breaths.
Honey came in the evening. He took his Bob for a ride outside.
Everyone had dinner at night and went to their respective rooms. It was around 11:00 pm, but Paula was not able to sleep today. She was missing her husband Jack. She was feeling that just as she was missing her husband, in the same way Bob would also be missing his wife a lot.
Paula took off her clothes and wore a green see-through negligee. She was nude under the negligee. She couldn’t sleep, so she came to the hall to drink water.
Paula saw that the light in Bob’s room was on. Paula thought why not talk to Bob so that his mind becomes light and he falls asleep quickly. Thinking this she went towards Bob’s room. Paula knocked the door.
When Bob opened the door, he was shocked to see Paula. Bob was only in his shorts. Paula was stunned to see his perfect body. She liked his broad chest and hairy chest..
Bob also kept looking at Paula. Paula’s beautiful face, her messy hair and her slim body. When Bob saw Paula so closely for the first time today, he couldn’t help but stare with a sexy feeling. A strange intoxication appeared in the eyes of both of them.
Paula had come to talk to him and after seeing his strong body, she fell in love with him as Paula noticed a sizable hard on appeared below the shorts. The intoxication of lust started filling her eyes which was clearly visible to Bob. Even Bob was not able to control himself in front of Paula’s beauty. Paula could not say anything and even Bob’s tongue seemed stuck.
Then, for some unknown reason, Bob sextended his arms. On the other hand, Paula also did not understand anything and she went into Bob’s arms and clung to him. Bob also took Paula in his arms. One of his hands was moving around in Paula’s hair and the other hand was moving around her back. Both remained stuck to each other for five minutes. The heat of their bodies was spreading into each other’s bodies.
Paula shook her head. Bob held Paula’s hair and pressed Paula’s soft and hot juicy lips between his lips. Paula also started sucking Bob’s lips. Both of them were sucking each other as if they were thirsty for years. Paula put her tongue in Bob’s mouth, which Bob started sucking with pleasure. Bob put his tongue in Paula’s mouth. Both of them sucked each other for a long time and both of them sucked each other’s lips to their heart’s content. Then Paula loosened the string of her negligee and dropped it from her arms.
Now Paula was standing in front of her Bob in fully naked. Paula made Bob lie down on the bed and sat on him. Paula kissed Bob’s forehead, cheeks and then his lips. She started moving her wet lips on his cheeks and neck. Paula lowered her head and took a piece of Bob’s chest in her mouth. Bob started sobbing. Paula moved her lips on Bob’s hairy chest and started kissing his navel.
Paula opened Bob’s shorts with one of her hands and made him completely naked. His thick and long humongous penis about 10+ inch came into Paula’s hand. Paula started caressing him. Paula filled it in her mouth while caressing it. Bob started suffering like a fish out of water. Moans started coming out from his lips.
Then Paula kept fucking his penis with her juicy lips for 5 minutes. Bob poured all his semen into Paula’s mouth. Paula drank all the juice and started moving her tongue on Bob’s cock. Paula had done her work. She lay down next to Bob.
“Dear daughter, you have really given me that happiness, which even my wife could not give. She had never taken the initiative in sex and you not only sucked my cock but also took my penis in your mouth and licked all the semen. My life has become blessed by having a goddess of lust like you in my arms. “This is how Bob sexpressed his views.
Paula replied- I am also happy to see your happiness, Bob. But I will be completely happy only when you give me complete pleasure by fucking me.
Bob- I am happy you are calling me Bob . You just call me Bob. After having physical relations with you, I am no longer worthy of being called a dad.
Paula said shamelessly and in agony – Okay my king Bob.. but now don’t delay. Quickly quench the yearning of my pussy. Come my sweet Bob, quench the thirst of my body.
Hearing this, Bob climbed on Paula. Sucked Paula’s lips to his heart’s content.. While sucking the breasts, Bob was also pressing her nipples lightly with his teeth. Along with sobbing, Paula was also sex screaming. Bob started moving his lips rapidly on Paula’s naked body. Paula’s moans increased. Bob placed his lips on her smooth and hairless pussy. Bob continued sucking the pussy until the sex water came out from the pussy.
Bob’s penis was again at its peak mature porn. Paula spread her legs, which spread her wet pussy further. Bob now understood that the itching in Paula’s pussy had increased, which could only be quenched by his penis. Bob again came on top of Paula. He set his bulbous head of the humongous penis against Paula’s labia and pushed his cock in her pussy and in one stroke inserted the entire penis into Paula’s pussy. Paula let out a slight scream.
Now Bob bent down while fucking at a slow pace and started sucking Paula’s breasts. Paula started moving her hands on Bob’s naked body. Bob put his tongue between Paula’s juicy red lips. Paula started sucking the tongue. The fucking continued like this for some time. Bob slowly got up and held Paula’s waist with his hands and increased the pace of his thrusts. Paula’s whole body started shaking. The sound of sex started coming in the room also. Paula had orgasmed twice. Bob kept fucking Paula for some time and after giving a couple of quick thrusts, he put all his semen in Paula’s pussy. Paula’s pussy became wet due to the splashes of hot juice. Bob became cold and lay down on Paula. Paula kissed his face happily.
Both remained lying like this for some time. Getting up, Bob said – Why Paula, did you enjoy getting fucked by this old man or not?
Paula said- Bob, you have done amazing fucking. Every part of me has become happy. I just feel like getting fucked by you. But it is already late in the night. Now I will leave. I will meet you tomorrow.
Saying this, Paula gave a sweet kiss to Bob and went to her room.
All these are watched by Honey and she has never been fucked by old cock, so it is her turn to conquer the old cock


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