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First time dressing in front of Mum part 3

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A twist in the tale, we never went to Grans house

When we got in the car I asked mum what errands Gran needed doing. She said that along with our secret from yesterday we was going have another one which could never be repeated. Without question I agreed, as mum always knows best.
We drove for a short while, to the other side of town, and stopped outside a wine bar. Mum told me to wait in the car as she would only be a few minutes. Sure enough less than 60 seconds after entering she came out again, followed by the assistant from the shop.
She jumped in the front seat, as I still had to travel in the back, and turned and smiled at me and said “hello sweetie hope your clothes fit well” even though she had seen me naked a few hours before I was still embarrassed and mumbled yes thank you.
A few minutes later we pulled up at the assistants house, I thought we were just dropping her off, but was told to jump out. Mum and I followed the lady up to her house and through the front door. I was now wondering what was going on, mum looked nearly as nervous as me. The assistant held both our hands as we walked together down the hallway and into her bedroom. It smelt like perfume and was immaculate. “I can see you are wondering what we are doing here” she said to me “well when you were dressing, I asked your mum if it would be ok for you both to come to my house so we can all have some privacy” I stood rooted to the spot when all of a sudden the lady started to remove her work clothes. She beckoned my mother to do the same and told me to take of the smelly boys clothes so we can all look pretty together. The lady had matching bra but with French knickers, she then got on the bed and called us both to join her. As I was still getting my clothes off mum was on there first. I bent down to untie my trainers and take off my jeans, then when I stood up I was absolutely gobsmacked. Mum and the lady were kissing and she had her hand in mums bra feeling her tits. I wasn’t sure if it was the feel of the clothing or what I was witnessing that gave me a huge boner again the biggest I have ever had. The lady saw I was free of boy clothes and moved away from mum a little and said to join them in the middle. Both of them had their hands all over me rubbing my panties, sucking my nipples, then I felt an unusual pain and jumped a mile. The lady had stuck her finger in my bum. It hurt like hell for half a second then felt wonderful. They then both took turns to suck my little pecker causing me to naturally start thrusting my hips up and down. The lady laid down in front of me then told me to try my best get my cock in any hole. She then got mum to squat over her face so she could lick her pussy. Mum and I were face to face and she kissed me like she does dad and put my hands on her boobs while I did my best at fucking the lady. I did get all my cock in her it was warm and very wet. mum came so many times she had to lift off as she couldn’t take it anymore. She suggested I fist the lady like I had done mum yesterday. I was more than happy to do so. This sent her over the edge the pleasure was immense like the biggest cock ever she said, all of a sudden my head was soaking wet, I though she had pissed herself but was told some women actually squirt when they cum. This was amazing I was mesmerized by this. After a few minutes she begged me to stop and couldn’t take anymore.
We all laid smiling in a cuddle until mum said we had to make tracks. The assistant still kept my boy pants from the store for memories.
I cant wait to see what happens next!

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