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The New Mother In law

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Happiness found in the middle of night with my Mother in law

After having such a wonderful time with my previous mother in law,
when I married for the second time, I was hoping that I would get lucky
again. My new mother in law is 4’11”, 160 lbs, 38D, size large panties,
Her dresses are 14, shoes 5, pantyhose queen. The smell of her panties
are so sweet, she always has stains in them. The first time I smelled
her panties, I had gone into her bathroom to pee, found a pair sitting
on the clothes hamper. Dam they were so sweet. Since then I have smell hers
every chance I get. After we got married, we move out of the city, to
another city within the state, it is about 3 hours away. She comes to visit
every so often, sleeps in the guest room, one night I came home late from
work. As I walking to the bedroom, I passed hers, the door was cracked open.
I looked in, she was on her side with the covers off her ass, so her panties
were fully exposed, I sneaked in, and walked right up, I couldn’t believe
it, I kneeled down next to her, then sniffed her ass, I loved it, my cock
got hard fast, I unzipped and started to JO right there, I smell her ass
over and over again, I reached out and touched her panty covered ass, it was
like touching electricity, I slipped my finger down between her crack,
that was when I reached my no turning back point and started to shot my load.
I moved out to the bathroom and finished up. Since that night I always check
on her at night. More then once she has stirred, but never has she awaken.
I love smelling her clothes. I have opened her tops and touched her nipples.
Fortunately she is a sound sleeper. I have gone as far as poking her ass with
my cock. Maybe one night I’ll find her without panties.
Well it took about 5 years then it hit just right, it was a July night,
the temp was around 90 degrees at mid-night; I awoke around 2 AM and walked
over to the kitchen to get some water, on the way back I stopped in on my
mother in law’s room. There she was sleeping on her side as always, with
her sleep shirt wrapped around her mid-section, and no panties. I couldn’t
believe it, I placed my nose close to her cheeks and inhaled deeply.
The smell was wonderful, sweet and musky. Her hair from her ass was
sticking out, as I fingered her ass cheeks, I opened them a little.
Then her pussy hair came into view. She has a full bush, a bit gray,
but nice, I touched the hair gently, it gave way to her lips
, then I touched ever so slowly, her pussy lips, that was when she turned
over, I froze and dropped to the floor; she made some noise then fell asleep
again, I raised up very slowly, she was asleep, her breathing was normal
again, I couldn’t believe the view I had; her full bush was there for me to look at.
I placed my nose close to her hair; the smell was sweet, like her panties
but better. I let my nose touch her hair, my cock was hard, and so I started to
play with myself. When I got ready to shot my load, I was going to leave and
finish in the bathroom, but decided to shot my load in her hair, I pointed
my cock into her hair then let loose. It worked into her hair, sticking it
all together. I loved it. I wiped my cock on the sheets.
Next to her legs. She then rolled over to her side, I watched as the cum soaked
into her hair, it looked so good; I must have stood there frozen for at least 10 minutes
enjoying the site. I then returned to my room, wondering what she would find in
the morning. And if she would say anything. Morning came and not a word
from her. That night I went back, again no panties, she was on her back,
with legs open just enough. I smelled her pussy, that wonderful smell of
moist cunt. I let my fingers stoke her hair. It didn’t take long for her legs
to give way, I was now stroking her pussy lips. her breathing got deeper,
I was able to pry the legs open more; I slipped a finger into her pussy
hole. She was wet, from what I could tell getting off on what I was doing.
My own cock was throbbing; I pulled it out and started to JO. I was fingering
her and JO at the same time. As my load got ready, I angled myself over,
then let my cum go into her hair again. Some landed on her stomach,
some hit her sheets, mainly on her pussy hair. Again I watched for a while,
then went to sleep, the next morning nothing from her. So that night I went
back around 3 AM, she was asleep on her stomach; I opened her cheeks a little
then smelled her ass, it so musky, I could smell shit in her ass. But I loved
it all. I started to JO again I was enjoying this so much. It took a little
effort, but her legs opened up, giving me excess to her pussy and asshole,
I started to cum so I pointed into her crack. The cum slid down her asshole
opening then down to her pussy. I just couldn’t believe I was enjoying her
this way. In the morning not a word about it. Well that night I went back
again, She was on her side. As I poked into her pussy hair, her hand came up
and grabbed mine. She was awake and had been watching me. She said so this is
what you do to me, you pervert, My cock was out already and hard, you get
off doing things to me at night, I noticed the sticky hair that first morning,
and every morning after that, you are so sick.
So I asked her why she didn’t say something, she said she wanted to see
what I would do, I told her she had gotten wet from me fingering her,
she turned her face away, I knew I had her then, so I pushed her back,
and climbed on top of her, she asked what are doing, I’m going to fuck you.
Get off of me, are you crazy, I told her well if you tell your daughter,
I’m out of here anyway. With that I lowered my hips, so that my cock went
between her pussy lips, I forced myself in, and started to fuck her,
she resisted at first, then she started, to move her hips, I pulled her
night shirt up exposing her tits’ started to suck them, and then I kissed her,
it took a couple of tries but she opened her mouth. It had been 10 years since
her husband had died, so she was ready to be laid. As I was kissing her,
her legs wrapped around my hips. I pumped her good and deep, she must of had
at least 3 good organisms. Her pussy felt so tight, every time I pumped
into her my shaft felt like was in a vise. I felt my balls getting tight, and then I let
loose my load. She told me give it all to me. When I was done, I laid on top
of her, she reached down and started to stroke my cock, got me hard again,
then pushed me off, she rolled over told me to fuck her from behind.
As I got behind her, I open her cheeks, the smell of my cum, her cum and
her ass, was like noting I had smelled before, I poked around, then her
hand came through her legs, she put the head into her pussy, and it went
straight in, since she was so wet. I grabbed her hips and started to pump,
I opened her ass open, her hole was exposed to me, and I took my index
finger on my left hand and poked her ass could feel myself in her.
I got my hand and cock to work together pumping her. It didn’t take long for
me to shot my load. We lay together, with me on top for a while. As my cock
slipped out, she said I needed that. I headed back to my room, and she to
the bathroom, that was 10 years ago, since then whenever she comes to visit,
we fuck after everyone has gone to bed, around 1 AM, she is now 66,
still has the best pussy around. And she enjoys having her ass fucked also,
not to mention, she can suck a mean cock have gone to her house under
the pretense of fixing something for her. My wife thinks I don’t like
her mother. If she only knew how much I enjoy her.
Look forward to many more years of fun with my mother in law.

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