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Mum sold me

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This is my story . I was 14 when it all happened . I know it’s not perfect but I needed to get it out there to help me

Well alit bit so people know about me . I was 14 years old . Lived with my mum as dad left before I was born . Mum was a huge drug addict . I was well what you would call one of them smaller teens I was only 5ft tall and weighed like 35kg . A mix between blue and green eyes . Blonde hair . Private parts wise my pussy was tiny . I hardly used tampons as they hurt I was that tiny . The lips were small and pink . My breasts were firm but small . And well yes anally tiny isn’t even close . Well it all happened one night . There was a knock on the door . My mum went and answered it . There was a big guy standing there . He said well think we need to talk so she let him in and they went to the kitchen . I heard them talking about all this money she owed them . That she had been given extra time and still nothing . She pleaded for more time . Then I wish I had of reacted or even had a idea of what to do but was in shock . He said well you know what I could take that little daughter of yours as payment and she said ok take her . Before I could do anything he was walking in . He grabbed me and started pulling to the door . I screamed out mum please help me and all she said was sorry . When we got put the door a I saw was a van and the side door open and i was thrown in . The guy from the house said keep her still and quiet . The guy in the back held me down and showed something material in my mouth . I don’t know how long we drove for but it felt like awhile then next thing I feel the van stop . The sliding door opens . The guy from the house pulls me out and drags me to a chair and tells me to sit and I’m to scared not to . He says well your mum owed me alot of money and to fix that up your now mine . I’m a massive drug dealer and this guy next to me is my number two and the rest here are my workers . Do as I say and you will be fine . He tells his number two to take me to the room . The second guy grabs me and pulls me to a door at the side of this place . Opens it and pushed me in . All that’s in there is a old looking mattress and couple of pillows . I just curl up in the corner . After a while I hear the door unlock . The second guy takes me to another room and says strip off and shower I’m scared and hesitant but that changes as I see him pull out a knife and say you do it or I will so I do . I get into the shower . He stands there watching me for a bit with a smile on his face then grabs my cloths and throws them in a bin and says you won’t need these any more . After that I’m taken back to the other room . The main guy comes in and says well here is some food and water as we are finished for the night and if you hear dogs don’t worry it’s our guard dogs they hate people and cars . I look down and see what looks like left overs in a dog bowl and a bowl of water . It must be morning as I start hearing people . I don’t think I slept at all that night . Soon I get taken and told to go to the toilet . It was so hard with the second guy watching me . Then it was back to the room . It was so hard to keep track of time no windows , no clock . Next time the door opens its the main guy . He says well it’s time for you to earn your keep . Get up he yells so i do . He grabs my hand and I go with him . We walk into the main area . I see about 5 men around a table and about another 5 in another area packing boxes . We get to the table and he says hey we made you a surprise . He lifts me on to the table and before I could say or do anything I feel my hands are being strapped to the table and my legs were being lifted and spread and strapped . My legs were like in this v shape . Main guy comes to my face and says open up bitch but for some reason I don’t and I feel this slap across my face and him say next it will be a fist . Scared I open up . I see probably my first ever dick . I really don’t know what I was expecting. At that point it was not fully hard but still I would say 8inch long and fat . He says to me now suck it . The only way I could even manage it was to just think if the summer days with my ice poles I use to have . It smelt so bad . With my mouth moving up and down it I could feel it starting to get harder and bigger . I could feel him trying to push it in more . I coughed and nearly chocked each time it went into the back of my mouth . I could feel tears starting to run down my face and saliva running rom my mouth . He says well ok for a first time and pulls out and I couldn’t really believe it had gotten abit bigger . He walked around and next thing I hear is well boys time to break this pussy in . I was more than scared . How on earth is that thing going to fit inside my virgina . What is it going to do to me . Next thing I feel is him pushing the head of his cock at my virgina . Oh boy she is a tight one he says . I feel him rubbing and pushing . Then I feel it the head starting to get me to open up . I yell as it’s already hurting me . More rubbing and more pushing . Then I feel it the head has made its way in . He is moving back and forwards its causing me more pain . I can feel my tiny virgina stretching beyond what I should . I feel it the sharft is starting to get in . Next thing I hear is someone say damn boss you get her bleeding already and him say told you I’d split the bitch . I’m scared what has he done to me . Guess the blood helped as I could feel tiny bit by tiny bit going in with each push . It’s burning so bad . The pain is beyond belief . I feel my lips gripping onto him . Then my whole body jumps as I feel the head touch my hymen . Soon as he reaches it I hear him say finally what I’ve been after . I feel him pull all the way back till just the head is in the without warning a hard thrust forward and I scream so loud and things go black as I must nearly pass out as he rips my hymen . I feel him not moving just stays still for a minute . Fuck this bitch can bleed he says . It scares me so much . Then he just continues to fuck me . It’s still burning and so much pain . Soon I get this sharp pain as he hits it he reaches my cervix . Hey boys think I can break her cervix he says and all I hear is cheers and thing like ram her , break her and he starts fucking me hard . Each thrust in it feels like he is going to . He makes sure he hits my cervix hard each time . Soon after all the abuse I feel him push in hard and I feel it he is cumming inside me . I feel it warm and going all inside me . Soon as he has finished I hear him say so did you get a good tape of it and I hear a guy say yep it should sell well . I was left like I was for a bit . A few came and took pictures and others just had a good look at me . I was then cut lose . I tried to stand but just feel . My legs could not hold me up . A couple of them took me to the room and as I was pushed in the main one threw in a mirror and said well so you can see what I’ve done laughing as he did . I really didn’t want to but after abit I felt I had to . I placed it and looked . My poor lips were no longer small and pink they were swollen and so red . I still had blood and cum dripping . My hole had not even closed up . The rim was bright red and also looked swollen . Time passed and I guess it must have been near night as they were leaving again . Door opened and same bowls came in . Next day arrived . Same thing I hear voices . Lots of coming and going . Someone takes me to the toilet . One of the most painful pees ever it stung and hurt bad . Later main guy comes in . Do I need to force you or will you just come out to your table . I don’t want to be hurt so I just go . Right get on it and lay on your stomach . I do as I’m told . He pulls me down so my legs are dangling off the edge . My arms are pulled out straight . And tied up . I feel my legs being pulled apart and my ankles being strapped . He says well girl it’s my main man’s time today and sorry to tell you he is a ass man he loves him some anal so your ass is his . That guy walks in front of me and pulls down his pants and says look at this I’m going to shove it up your ass and I’ve seen that tight ass I don’t care how much you bleed or what I do to it as it’s mine . I’m more scared than the day before . Yes he was fully hard not as thick or long but I’d say still easy 8inch but that he will be trying to put in my ass . He walks around . I Soon feel it pushing at my anal . Damn boys I can’t even get her to open . More and more pushing . I feel so much pressure at my ass . I hear someone say here use this . I feel something wet going on my ass and all around the whole then more pushing . I scream and start yelling and crying as I feel the hole starting to give . More and more pushing . The head starts to part my hole . I can’t stop crying . I thought losing my virginity was bad but this was even worse . I can feel it the head of the dick making it open for him . I huge push and I feel it pop and it’s in . I scream more and more as he starts to work it in and out . I can hear laughing a guys saying things about my hole and it gaping . I hear him say oh fuck this . Then I feel it he pulls back and I feel him push hard . I must off passed out as next thing I remember is being slapped and told to wake up . My rectum feels like it’s on fire . The pain is more than I can ever imagine anything being . I can feel the sharft is already part in . After alittle more I feel like I’m going to be sick each thrust in . It feels like he is in my stomach . Soon I feel it his cumming . Soon as he is finished I hear a sick pop sound as he pulls out . Again they have taped it . More pictures are taken . I get taken back to my room . I think to myself I might as well as the mirror is still there . I cry as I see blood coming out . It’s like my insides were outside . It’s fully red and the ring is puffy . What have they done to me . There is alit more to this if anyone wants more . If you do comment and I shall tell more

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  • Reply FunTime Daddy ID:14s7elyhfik4

    That sucks that few people ruin it for everyone

  • Reply Reader ID:28arh4j7qjq

    Omg……learn how to spaced out your paragraphs, I’m running out of breath just reading

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ah770lfv9d8

    Now Leave Your Comment…Ok

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre ID:5u100ta9qil

    Charlene do part 2

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

    We should write on together

  • Reply Charlene ID:lk4rky4991

    Due to people like Paige and Anon not having a big enough brain will not do a part two as it might hurt their brains to much

    • Terri ID:3tlqbxrqd9ip

      Write more

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

      We should team up and write together

  • Reply Charlene ID:lk4rky4991

    Sorry for anyone who wanted more but due to people who are to young to be here like Paige and Anon I won’t as it might hurt their tiny little brains

  • Reply Charlene ID:lk4rkz8r9p

    Then why do you even read these things paige

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

      Cause she secretly loves it and wishes it was her

  • Reply Telegram: @Vlad_Nathrezim ID:814qk9nzrjn

    Your mom sold you to the right people. That’s what you are for. Tell me what happened next

    • Paige ID:55x8z0hrb2

      Your sick

    • ian ID:2vqw7fs7499j

      pfff your comment doesn’t even make sense

  • Reply Anon ID:14s6bxs9fib7

    I hope this is fictional….

    • ye ID:7zv2z4jim0n

      I hope its not

    • Anon ID:1ek56s920d5

      She he doesn’t even know how to spell vagina

    • Charlene ID:lk4rl2k0a5

      Get a real life Anon