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Such a beautiful smile

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Her beautiful smile lit up the dull afternoon like a ray of sunshine. She looked about fourteen or fifteen, neat and cool in her school uniform.

I’d visited a friend’s house and was heading back home in my car. It was late spring, but a dull afternoon. The road my friend lived on joined a main road and as I approached it, a girl walked up to the junction, so I stopped to let her cross the road in front of me. I was rewarded with a beautiful smile that lit up the afternoon like a ray of sunshine. She looked about fourteen or fifteen, neat and cool in her school uniform, slim with dark hair and the smile was gorgeous, really special.

As she’d crossed and I was about to join the main road the dullness became darker and I could see a rainstorm quickly approaching, a line of heavy rain heading towards us from the right. My window was open and I shouted to the girl, come on, get in or you’ll be soaked! By the time she’d reached the car door, the rain had reached us and was pelting down, big drops bouncing up high off the road.

“Thanks, I’d have been soaked in a few seconds. Wow, I’ve never seen such rain!”

“Are you going home? I’ll take you where you’re going. Tell me when to turn.” I drove to the right, the direction she’d been walking. “Tell me all about yourself, you’re still at school, how old are you?”

“I’m fourteen, I’m Jane. I live only about a mile away so I usually walk home after school. I didn’t expect this so quick change in the weather.” We hadn’t gone very far before she said “Take the next turn on the left.” I turned in, it was just a narrow track and I said “It doesn’t look as though there are any houses down here.”

“There aren’t, but we can stop at the end. No-one ever comes down here and certainly not in a rainstorm so we won’t be disturbed.” At the end of the lane there was room to turn and park, so I stopped there. “I’m just giving you a lift home, why do you want to stop here?”

“I thought when a guy gives a girl a lift, he expects a reward. And I think you deserve one.” She started to take her school blazer off.

“Jane, you’re fourteen. You’re absolutely beautiful, you’re irresistible, I fell for you when I saw your wonderful smile at me. But you’re only fourteen, I could go to jail just for touching you.”

Her blazer was off, two shirt buttons were undone and by the look of the way her hands were working under her skirt, her panties would be off next! “No-one is going to know except us. I don’t just want sex, I want romance. That starts with a kiss, my first kiss from a man.” She giggled. “Don’t get confused, I’ve certainly not kissed a woman either. You said you fell for me, I fell for you too. So if you think I’m beautiful and irresistible, show me how much you like me.”

An invitation I couldn’t refuse. I gently held her head and put my mouth to hers. If this was her first kiss, kissing must come naturally. Her lips were tight shut at first but my tongue probed and they parted in response and our tongues met. We kissed blissfully for quite a while, and I suddenly realised that my hands were unfastening more of her shirt buttons, I couldn’t stop myself. I unfastened her bra, lifted it up and her lovely firm breasts and hard dark nipples were revealed. By now she’d put one hand each side of her panties and pulled them right down. I pulled them over her feet and lifted them up. “Jane, your pants are so wet, you’re so hot! And so beautiful, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I’ve never been so hot, so turned on. I’m giving my body to you, I need to know what sex is like and I’ve chosen you to be the one. We need to get in the back of the car.” The rain was still pouring down, like the monsoon had arrived. She moved to the back and I followed. She held her breasts in her hands, then her right hand dropped between her legs and she was moving it, caressing her pussy lips. “Take your clothes off, come and join me.”

I took my trousers off, and there I was on the back seat with my dick making a tent in my underpants. Jane’s hand was still rubbing her pussy and I took it and moved it to my pants. I then started to put my finger gently between her pussy lips, which were delightfully wet, and rub her.

Her hand moved and found its way inside my underpants and fondled my dick, which was semi-hard already and became fully hard within seconds. I quickly took my pants right off and seeing her hand holding my dick was a real thrill. I put my hand round her hand and started to move it so she was wanking me.

“I’ve never wanked a guy before, I like it. But I don’t want to make you cum that way, not this time anyway. I’m ready for my first time fuck, now. I want you to lie on the seat and I’ll get on top of you. But we have to do something else first.” And she kissed me. We kissed, our tongues met and our mouths were together for a couple of blissful minutes.

“Jane, you’re an angel.” I really would have liked to take time to explore her body with my eyes, fingers and mouth, but she’d taken charge. So as she’d asked, I lay back on the seat and right away she was above me and lowered her body so her pussy was just above my erect cock. She looked at me and our eyes met. I put both hands to spread her labia and I was looking up at the pink pussy, her little hole and the knob of her clit. And next, she was down and the tip of my dick was inside her. I was wet with pre-cum, she was soaking and I was balls deep after a few seconds in her tight pussy. No hymen in the way. She started riding me, I was in heaven.

“Jane, slow down. You’re so wet and tight, it’s incredible, but unless you slow I’ll cum too soon.”

“It won’t be too soon, I’m cumming already and I want your spunk inside me.” She was bucking even harder and her tight pussy milked my dick as I felt the cum spurting out of my cock and into her honeyhole. She stopped her bucking and just stayed on top of me, my arms round her and hers round me. We were kissing again, we didn’t want to separate our bodies or our mouths. We were like that perhaps half an hour, before she said “It’s time for me to go home, but I hope you want more tomorrow.”

“I’ll want more tomorrow and every day. I want to learn all about you. Shall we meet after your school finishes, same time tomorrow?”

“Same time, same place.” The rain had stopped. She pointed accross a field past the end of the lane. “I live in that house over there, I’ll walk over the field. See you tomorrow, don’t be late.”

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