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Raped my 13yo sister

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It all started when I was 15yo she was 13yo, I don’t know what got into my horny young cock… I was becoming so desperate to fuck my little sister, it started with me letting her catch me masturbating, this kept up for a while until I finally forced her to touch it, she was so scared to touch my cock with her bare hand she was using a sock to wrap around my cock as to protect her hand, it felt excruciating my cock was throbbing for some REAL stimulation, after trying and failing continually to get her to take my cock, I finally decided fuck it.
“Lay down..”
“What wh-”
“Just lay on the floor now”
She’s refusing so I get fight her to the floor in a playful manner and she submits not even the slightest idea what I have in mind for her.
Finally I’ve got her where I NEED her. Pinned under me unable to escape, I start working to get off her pants and panties at the same time, she immediately starts to panic
“WHAT are you doing!?”
“I’m going to fuck you”
Now I ignore everything she says and take in the sight of her precious fat ass for her age, her pussy is hairy but not a mess and actually looks really hot, I spread her ass and take a look at her gorgeous asshole, her pretty brown hole was so perfect I’m only ashamed I didn’t eat her out where she laid.
Without hesitation i try forcing myself into her ass
“You need to be punished”
After a few moments of failing to deny my cock, I demand she spreads her ass for me which she did hesitantly while I gently worked my tip inside her dry asshole fighting the pain pushing it deeper and deeper until POP..
I was finally in. Her sweet asshole was so warm and so fucking tight, she started moaning in pain as I pushed myself deeper trying not to snap my cock it was THAT tight it resisted me, after a few rough labored thrust it starts getting a little easier to fuck her with the first few inches of my cock that would fit, nothing looked prettier than the sight of filing someone’s pretty asshole while their ass hugs your cock, I start getting excited and fucking her really hard
“PLEASE stop… Please”
“No you’re gonna take my cock”
In that moment of frustration my cock fucking slips out.
As I try to slide my throbbing cock into her just barely now gaping ass she stops me
I take her hand away and pin them to the floor, and tell her
“Pussy or ass. You get to choose.”
“Fine I’ll choose for you..”
Terrified I’ll ruin her little asshole she stops me early
So hiding a smile on my face I stand up with my cock still throbbing and bend her over the couch with her on her knees, I get on my knees behind her and start getting this incredibly exciting feeling in my cock as I grew bigger than normal and throbbed more intense, I was actually about to have real sex, fuck a real sweet pussy, my sister was all mine to use as I please, I slowly point my cock at her sweet hole, shoving her into the couch more so I can get a better look, as I did this her pussy just slightly split open for me and I could see her getting wet glistening off the ceiling fan light, I press my cock against her warm pussy and start to push it in, I was nearly dead on my first attempt and again POP.. I was in but this time… This felt like a whole new world. She nearly gasped
My cock was actually inside my little sisters pussy. My parents would KILL me. But I didn’t care and if I could do it again I’d do it better.
“Seriously we cant incest is illegal”
I wanted to laugh at her as if I gave a shit what the law says I can’t do with my cock I started sliding deeper and she started a awkward groan in rhythm with my thrusts
“gaaah- uh..uh”
“You like it don’t you”
She stays silent the whole time, I keep fucking her sweet hole realizing I just stole my sisters virginity while seeing her pussy wrapped around my cock made me incredibly horny
She was finally mine to use. And use her I will.
I start pounding her really enjoying every single thrust, how good the wet texture feels rubbing and tickling my tip, I felt feelings you never experienced when jerking off, as I pounded her over and over I could feel myself get close but it was so unique, the urge to piss and cum came over me at the same moment, I almost didn’t recognize an orgasm coming as I drilled her hole it got worse and worse building up the the point the was no doubt. I’m about to fucking cum.
“Whats going on??!”
To embarrassed to say I keep drilling her pussy nonstop until my cock tenses up so hard for a good 3-4 seconds then BOOM my cock finally relaxed and begins pulsating. Spilling warm cum inside my sister’s hot pussy
I keep pounding her while my cock is still spilling cum
“I’m filling you up”
I said as I gently started to fuck her slow long strokes

After I finished using my little sister she runs to the shower to wash it out like a good girl

The next day I went straight to her room when we got home from school, I think she knew what was happening as she was getting less resistant,
“I’m going to fuck you again”
“You know we can’t…”
“You’ll like it I promise” I lay her on her bed and pull down her pants, almost even more excited to see her pretty hairy pussy the second time, just like before she spreads herself open for me, I take in that sight of a pretty pink hole and get so horny immediately my cock is throbbing, I push it inside her and threw a pillow on top of her face and decided I’d let go of her arms this time to see how she reacts, I let go as I’m fucking her super slow but incredibly hard. She doesn’t move at all,
“How does it f-”
“Do more..”
I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock every now and again in pleasure as I fucked her sweet pussy, I relaxed my whole body on top of her just fucking her not too fast not too slow, pushing myself so deep it actually hurt once and shocked me, so I was careful for a while after before building the courage to continue going balls deep scared I’ll hurt myself again in her tight shallow pussy, she started getting so creamy and wet I wish I could suck it off my cock I was so horny
I start fucking her fast and we both start breathing heavily
Occasionally she will gently thrust into my cock for more so I knew she wanted this, I could feel myself getting closer again so turned on by the sensitivity, how good it feels on my cock as I pound my little sisters virgin pussy
“I think I’m there”
“Are you gonna cum?”
“Good girl, you’re gonna cum on my cock okay?”
Hearing how close she was getting just made me even closer
I just keep fucking her nonstop, as I’m on the edge I hear her yell
“cum for m-” I said voice shaking
In that moment I couldn’t help myself I started pounding her harder and harder until I poured my cum into her sweet pussy for the second time
She cuts herself off and flings her head back and starts squirting in rythem with my thrusts, seeing her have cute little squirts each time I pounded her turned me on so much I started cumming again not even 10s after my first orgasm.
I pounded her for another 2-5mins while she kept squirting and gasping for air, finally after her pretty pussy calmed down I started fucking her slowly before Finally slowlyyyy pulling out my cock immediately followed by so much fucking cum
She looks up at me embarrassed and says nothing while she runs to the bathroom

One day maybe I’ll tie her down and rape her when she’s least expecting it

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  • Reply Sister lover ID:10vna6zaexn9

    I fucked my sister wen i was 15 and my sister was 10 she like it and now we have 3 kids together and she is my wife

    • Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Yes sisters are the best to fuck and breed what are your kids ages now? Are they boys or girls??
      [email protected]

  • Reply skimofkr ID:1zftvgx7hk

    My 11 year old little sister started fucking me when I was 14.. She was the aggresser. She never could get enough. I was pretty lucky. She would even bring friends over to fuck me. This lasted all thru my high school years and even a few times after that.

    • Raphael ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Wow u lucky dog

  • Reply Axel ID:p8sv718rd

    So erotic story

  • Reply rocket cock ID:1dlfyl2byv15

    Gawd. I loive fictional porn srories!

    • Mike Johnson ID:8ik6gkes375

      Then why are we texting you?

  • Reply dick head ID:80chxw08

    I’m reading this on my phone on a buss and my cock nearly pops out of my leg hole and this MILF got a damn good look. I only wish I had the nerve to cum right there in front of her… she was wearing this tight dress and her big nips were so hard. Thanks for hooking me up brother

  • Reply Gilbert ID:1arfc2aehm

    This is the best story ever

    • Mike ID:jwppb4dxpn2

      Are you the author? Far from the best.

    • Transiswrong ID:bjotki4v9b

      No. I’m the author and this is a real confession. Everything aside the squirting, she just came no squirt that part was fantasy

  • Reply Tinman ID:4glya5xzk

    And yet here you are

  • Reply Mike ID:7ylren4oic

    Im with you. Avenger.ive been saying that on here.any body that rapes somebody is a piece of shit, even the ones that leave comments and enjoy it.i dont have to take by force, i can get it.

  • Reply Transiswrong ID:bjotki4v9b

    Says the one fantasizing about rape

    • Raphael ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I get to wondering that some of these people I like avenger than most things on here that they’re against it that gives me wondering if not in their own mind they’re more guilty than the other people are why because they use it to make themself feel better putting down people when you know that they’re coming in the reading yet and in their mind they’re seeing it they don’t want to admit it so why the hell they on here reading it and putting people down if they don’t like it and stay out of here

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    You should have trainer her by telling her she needs to be naked at all times when the two of you are alone, wear a collar and yes you should have bred her

  • Reply Danny ID:153jwgw820d

    You got to keep fuck her until she gets pregnant

    • Bob ID:1e6l5uey7tz4

      To fuck your sister until her belly swells what a dream!

    • Todd2 ID:1eo54q3kvglo

      I kept waiting for her to beg not to have your baby. then cum in her.

    • Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Yes fuck and impregnated her . [email protected]

  • Reply skimofkr ID:1zftvgx7hk

    Great story . Reminds me of my sister and I when we were teens. She was always horny. Miss those days.