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I Do So Love Little Beauty Queen’s

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Daddies new trophy wife takes me to Pre-teen beauty pageant’s to help his new little Sister.

The auto accident was a bad one, I was hurt, my Mother was killed outright. I was 9 when it happened. It was just me and Mom in the car, Dad was still at the office, he has a medical practice, that specializes in plastic/reconstructive surgery. My Mom had just picked me up from school and we where on our way home.

That accident obviously changed my life. But in more ways than I could have imaginated , The first change was that Daddy hired a maid/baby setter/nanny for me. Her name was Mrs. Doratine Lopez, she was in her mid 30’s and Hispanic, not unattractive but certainly nothing special, but she did had a few hidden talents that where not on her resume. One, was getting me to take a bath. Like any typical little boy, I hated baths. But Dora, that’s what we called her, had a trick and I was soon wanting baths even if I didn’t need them. She would set beside the tub while I bathed, and as she did she would take the wash cloth and gently wash my boy cock. I’d lay back in the bath water as she stroked my 4″ baby boner. She took great care in slowly stroking my cock, smiling at me the whole time, telling me what a big boy I was. She would tell me how all the la puta’s are going to love me. When it was over, and I stood for her to towel me off, she would dry me, kiss my forehead and my belly, then slowly take my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t cum of course , but it did feel amazing, my little cock would get so hard. She would suck me as she pinched my nipples, it was so hot. She would sometimes have me bend over as she massaged my prostate, her finger in my ass as she continued to jack me off. Whatever Dad was paying her, it wasn’t enough.

But like anything good, it had to come to an end. And it did. When I was 10 my Father remarried, His new bride was a client of his, that was obvious from the set of tits she displayed like a trophy. No blouse was to tight or to short. She was very fond of telling anyone that would listen that she was a former Miami Dolphin cheerleader. But my Dad was smitten, he bought her anything she wanted, did anything she ask. And one of the first things she did as my new Step Mom was to fire Dora, I was crushed. By that time I was getting to enjoy and explore Dora’s body almost daily, she showed me what girls like, how to Suck a clit, gently but firmly, how to get behind her and enter her tight ass, alternating between both her wet holes. We played almost daily, when she got fired, she cried, I cried. I hated my new Step Mom.

I not only gained a new Step Mom, but also a new Step Sister. Paris was 7 when they married. She was blonde, bubbly, and she was very cute. She was also a huge pain in the ass, spoiled, and mouthy. My friend’s hardly ever came to the house anymore, and if they did it was to stare at my new Mom. She would come down the steps every morning, go to the pool, exactly at 8 A.M, , set by the pool and have toast ,in full make-up, looking amazing. All this was served up my our new maid, a nasty looking old crow she hired. I think she fired Dora because she was young and she didn’t wanna share the stage with anyone, she was very petty

One day, in late spring, as she came to the pool, all excited, tits flopping around, she called for Paris. As I set there eating my Applejacks, listening, I could hear her asking Paris if she wanted to be in a beauty pageant? Of course the little brat said yes. And so the odyssey began.

Paris had just turned 8. These pageant’s run through out the South and us living in Miami we where in the epicenter of the action. Paris would be competing in the Junior Pre-Teen division. It was a whirlwind of dress designer’s, make-up people, hair dressers, and even a talent coach. The only talent I could see that this guy had ,was to separate my Dad from his money. And I was drug along for the ride.

The dresses and make-up made Paris look like a high priced hooker, she was even in heels. Her dress even accented her little tit’s, she was just starting to grow. She did look hot, but she knew it, such a show off, She would spin around as she practiced, her dress rising to show her little thong’s. Then she would giggle as she realized I was peeking.

I thought I’d hate it, that was until I realized I’d be staying in a hotel, with a whole herd of little hotties. I’d get my own room, Paris would stay in her Mom’s room ,with her. The place was crawling with little sluts in training .and the swimming pool, oh the swimming pool, all those little preteens, strutting around in there bikini’s, acting like adults. Through Paris I got to meet a lot of the girls. I had a consistent hard on.

On that Friday night of the competition, I got a great gift, seems I was going to watch a few of the girls, including Paris, while a few of the Mom’s went to the hotel bar a few drinks. Seems me being the oldest at 11, and Male was the only qualification’s I needed and was elected baby setter.

All of the girl’s were dropped off at the same time, seems all the Mom’s decided to go to the bar as a group. That is one thing I did notice, all these bimbo type mom’s, travel in groups, packs if you will. There were two other girl’s including Paris. Bre was 9 and had such cute lil pokies and she didn’t mind displaying them in her white, tight tank top. She still had her make-up on from the preliminary round round of competition, she looked so good, a boy’s dream, her hair was was down to her shoulder’s, very blue eyes that was made even brighter by her mascara. Eve was also 9, but smaller over all, with just a hit of budding titlet’s. I could tell Eve as the mischievous one of the bunch. As soon as the door closed , the Mom’s hadn’t even made it to the elevator yet, when Eve exclaimed , “there’s real booze in the little refrigerator’s ,in all the rooms”.

Bingo, that was my ticket into heaven. As the TV was turned to the Cartoon Network, and the girls kept telling each other how they never watch cartoons, there for kids, I played bartender. I had no clue what I was doing, but the small refrigerator was packed with little bottles. With the help of Bre I mixed up all of us a “cocktail”. I had to adjust a few drinks with a little more 7-up from the cute mini can’s we found. Soon all the girl’s where acting just like there mother’s, gossiping , being catty, but all the while sipping at there cocktails, looking like the little sluts they would become.

After about an hour, and 4 of the little bottles, we decided to play a game. I suggested that age old game of all horny little kids, “Truth or dare”. It was agreed upon, and the game commenced. As we set on the floor Indian style, I could clearly see the “camel toe” in Eve’s tight spandex booty shorts, she seen me looking, blushed a little, but didn’t move. As the game went on, I ask Bre if she ever kissed a boy before, she told me she had, many times. Of course the other girls didn’t believe her, Paris told her to prove it, by kissing me. She didn’t hesitate, she reached over and kissed my cheek, the other girls broke up laughing, I told her, no, like this silly. I pulled her on my lap and heard her gasp as she sit directly down on my hard cock. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply on the lips, the other girls looked on in amazement as I slipped my tongue in her open mouth.

We kissed for what seemed like age’s, I slipped my hand under her little crop top, enjoying her lil hard pokies, her nipples so sensitive and erect. The other girls just staring, I pulled her top off, setting her baby bumps free, they looked like two little cones. so firm, I sucked at them, licking her nipple’s, hearing her gasping, grinding her pelvis on my hard on. I rose up and laid her gently back on the floor. I got between her legs like Dora had taught me and massaged her cunt thru her shorts, there was a wet spot on her spandex shorts at the point where her cunny would be, I slipped her shorts off revealing a pink thong.

I looked over at my other two charges, they were just in awe, taking in the whole show, As I gently rubbed Bre’s hairless little pussy, I leaned over and kissed Eve also on the lips. Bre was moaning as I fingered her baby cunt, Eve gasp a little bit as Pulled her down on the floor beside Bre. I quickly had both girl’s completely naked, on the floor. I stood over them and made a show of peeling my shorts off, exposing my hard boy cock. Stroking it for them to admire. That’s when I got a real shock, Paris reached over and I felt her little hands take my hard cock. I could see she was trying to “out do” the other girls. Trying to show them what a big girl she was.

Well, if she wanted to show them what a big girl she was, Id help her. I told her to strip, she was kind’a wobbly from the booze, but she did as I told her. her body was not nearly developed as Bre. I told her to lay down beside the other girls, they all stared, as I slowly stroked my cock I got in the “69” position that Dora has showed me so many times, laying on Bre, my mouth quickly found her baby clitty in her cute pinkness. she moaned as I licked . I guided my cock into her waiting mouth. The other girls, one laying on each side of us watched the show with complete fascination.

As I lay there sucking on the hottest pussy I’d ever seen in my 11 years, that being just four counting Dora. I could feel her hips starting to quiver and buck, I knew what was going to happen, she didn’t. She gasp out loudly, very loudly startling the other two girls. I felt her let my whole cock in her mouth, before she was just sucking on my head. I fucked her little face, I knew I wasn’t going to last, and I didn’t, I flooded her small mouth with my boy honey, she gagged as I pushed my cock head deeper in her throat, I was kind’a hard on her, but if she wanted to play slut, she would have to learn how to suck cock like a whore.

The rest of the night I took turns playing with Paris and Eve, Bre hugged me protectively and set on my lap, like she was my girlfriend. As Bre set beside me I taught the girls how to suck a boy’s cock, how to kiss the right way, I told them if your all going to look like total sluts, you should well know how to suck dick. I didn’t fuck there pussies that night, to tell the truth I was spent. And I was running out of time, the hotel bar closed at 2 A.M.

When the mom’s came to pick the girls up, they could tell something was wrong, the girl’s seemed a little “off”, and the next day during the final competition, all three girls did very badly, they were half hungover and there lil pussies kind’a hurt. I didn’t escape totally Scott free, my Dad was pissed when he got the hotel bill.. seems you have to pay for those little bottle’s of booze, the bottles are small but the prices are not.

Three days after we got back, Paris came to my room in the middle of the night, she wanted me to show her my “thing ” again. I soon had Paris sucking boy cock like a pro, She went on to be a very popular girl in the neighborhood. All the boys wanted her a a girlfriend.

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