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I wanted to know what it was like

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Having watched videos of multiple guys having a girl, I wanted to know what it would be like

I love having sex and orgasms, I have enjoyed it since I was 16 and gave myself my first orgasm at 15 breaking my own hymen!
Not having a regular boyfriend at this particular time proved to be an asset, I had been watching some videos of group sex, especially the ones where a lot of guys have one girl and I became fascinated by them, wondering if they really enjoyed having one after the other or whether it was all a show for the film, so I decided to find out for myself, this was before this pandemic of course.

I knew someone who went to a swingers club so I asked them if I could go along with them, they had no objection and said there was a big night coming up and I would be welcome, the place was called the The Attic located on a business park near birmingham, as a first timer I was offered a tour of the place too, I took special care of my appearance too, I dressed sexy, shaved my pussy and wore nice perfume, there were even films being shown to get people in the mood too!
So here I was finally, there were a lot of rooms in that place too all themed differently and props! which surprised me.

I went to the loo and removed my underwear, there are strict rules at these places and No’ 1 is no means no, but I was not their to say no! nice to have the option though!
I was surprised at how many there was there though, a rough estimate would be at least 300 take or give a few, nearly all of them couples from what I could make out, it didn’t take long before someone asked me if I played! I was a little nervous but I said yes and we sat down, after a minute or so his hand went between my legs, I wanted him to do all the work! I offered no resistance at all, I opened my legs for him to explore my naked pussy, which he did fingering me gently getting me very wet, I must admit having someone do that with others watching is quite a thrill!

He got naked really quick too, I put myself in his hands, he led me to a room and I lay on the “rubber” bed and opened my legs for him, his cock was fairly big and I played with him for a few seconds before he got really big, after that it was lay back and enjoy it, he entered me very easily as I was soaking wet, I asked him to take his time and he could cum inside me if he he wanted too (I brought the morning after pill with me)
His cock felt really nice fucking me, it was not long before others came into the room too, offering their cock to me to play with, I excepted them all, it was not long before I felt the first ones cock push all the way in pulsate inside me! he made sure he emptied himself before pulling out, immediately he was replaced by another one.
The first one brought his cock up to my mouth wanting me to suck him clean which I did, after him it was shear bedlam! the only thing I made clear was no anal sex (never tried it before and I wasn’t going to start now)
The feeling of being constantly fucked was for me anyway nice, some were young some were middle aged, and some were black, in fact I had my first black cock there! more than one actually! I never thought of myself as a exhibitionist before but having these men have me in such a public manner was exciting! as I was being fucked I was also sucking cocks too, some of them came in my mouth, others came over me, it didn’t stop them fucking me though!
A couple of girls came in too to watch, never had a girl in my life but I was too far gone to say no! one of them straddled my face so I could lick her pussy, she had obviously had sex cause she was full of cum! I swallowed it all as it ran out of her into my mouth! to my surprise she stayed there until the gut who was fucking me came then licked me, sucking out as much cum as she could while I cleaned her, making me cum in the process! i must admit I did like it with another girl too.

After she was finished it was back to the cocks, one after the other they fucked me and I sucked them, some of them twice and I had another girl straddle my face too, after an hour I think I needed a break and a pee! standing up revealed how much of their cum was inside me, so much of it ran down my legs! after cleaning up I went back for seconds, I don’t know how many I had cause i gave up counting in favour of just enjoying the night! it was a lot for though, I had never cum so much in all my life or had so much of it in me! I discovered a lot about the swinging scene and more about myself! made some good friends too along the way, I continued with it for a couple of years,. always having multiple cocks, and of course girls too! but eventually I met someone, got married and settled down.
Do I miss it, hell yes! you can explore every fantasy you’ve ever had there and remain anon if you want! the sense of sexual freedom is overwhelming as anything goes, as long as you obey the rules!

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  • Reply Sandy

    All us women should experience our wildest fantasy. Like you I wanted more than one guy.
    I was at a bar and few guys suggested we go somewhere else. Went to some guys place smoked some pot. Soon the guys were stripping me and I was sucking one guy and another was doing me doggie style.
    When they came two other guys took their place.

  • Reply Lenka

    and I want to visit such a place

  • Reply T

    Omg I have so many questions!

    Where was this place? Can anyone go? Do you need to be part of a couple? Are there places like this in Australia?

  • Reply like2watch1576

    No need to stop. My wife loves 2 cocks at once or several guys at once as well as other girls and we were in the swinger lifestyle for over 20 years she got fucked by hundreds of guys and was with at least 25 different girls. I loved watching and joining in. Reading your story got me rock hard. I’d love to hear what you’d like to do with me and my wife right now. [email protected]

  • Reply CLAY

    Another slut got good training and will gang bang for the rest of her life doing the double fuck – mouth and cunt at the same time every chance she gets. My wife says there is nothing llike it and she should know as it’s a weekly thing for her to do. She says there is nothing like doing 8-10 guys in a night.

    • Cumgulper

      Beautiful wife. My kind of woman

  • Reply Varun

    For roleplay snap me : varun4yu

  • Reply Sarah

    I remember back a good few years, we had a house party and I got quite tipsy so me and my boyfriend went to my bedroom, I can’t remember when they came in but two of his friends must have followed us up, it was a really weird moment they were stood there with there cocks out, when my boyfriend ejaculated they had me! All three of them ejaculated inside me and we rejoined the party, luckily my period started a couple days later, at that time I never thought another boy would put his cock where another boy had come, it seems common place now though!
    Although me and him parted company shortly afterwards, not because of that though, I did enjoy it but I never did repeat it but I wish I had! Maybe if the morning after pill had been available then, maybe I may have

    • Varun

      Nice snap me : varun4yu
      Or give your I’d

    • Anon

      Yes that little pill has done more to liberate woman sexually than anything else! pleased you enjoyed it though cause I did

  • Reply Doug

    Very nice read. Sexy and erotic. Made me hard imagining that I was the first one fucking you and you told me to go slow and cum inside you. Have you told your husband of your past. Maybe the two of you could enjoy swinging together. Would you get off seeing your husband fucking another girl?

    • Anon

      I did tell him yes, I thought I would be honest right from the start and he has asked me about it a couple of times, I have no idea how I would feel about seeing him with another girl, remember I was single at the time and accountable to no one!

    • Doug

      You need to ask your husband if he’d want to swing with you. He should be given the chance to enjoy the lifestyle the same as you did. It could be a huge win-win for you both. If he’s brought it up then he’s curious, just like you were.