I was the youngest she had

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Everyone knows shawn had a 25 years old at age of 19 but he had a real tight virgin pussy at the same age

I meet him at one of his concert this august. After Shawn Mendes concert I got a chance to take his autograph. I was super excited. After coming back I saw behind his autograph there is a hotel name and room number. Hotel evergreen, room 1109 1 am sharp. It was 12:30. So I skipped my dinner rush to the hotel and entered. He was just freshened up. He hold my hand took me to his king size bed. Started to kiss me. He pulled down all of clothes and stared at my pussy. He was bit confused seeing my hairless closed labia pussy. He smirked at me saying you are virgin? I just blush because of my shyness. He came closure and kissed me again. He started to lick my neck ,my developing breast and then belly then pussy. His touch was overwhelming. His tongue touched my pussy making me shake vigorously. He was fully dressed. After my first orgasm he stand on the floor slowly undress himself. Then lied back beside me . He spread my legs to accommodate himself over me. His penis was touching my pussy lips. He tried to push inside but failed. Seeing my painful baby face he tried to enter his middle finger inside me while kissing. I was uncomfortable. It was hurting down there . But after some time I was enjoying his finger. Few minutes later my second orgasm developed . I was much smaller than him. My eyes were closed . Before I knew my head was hanging from the bed side and he positioned himself over me with a pillow under my butt. This time he pushed with his all the body weight tearing my hymen entered his one third of the penis inside me. The pain was excruciating. The hold me down kissed me on my mouth. After 2/3 minutes he started to move his hip slowly. Every time he pushed I felt a tearing pain. My pussy lips were going inside with his penis. His penis felt like a hot iron rod. He said damn girl you are tightest I ever had. After pushing for several times with his all strengthen he was completely inside me. I was feeling so full but still in pain. He started to move his hip with a turbo rhythm. He changed his position . He gathered thee pillow and put my belly on the pillow then entered me from behind. You are perfect height for me to fuck in doggy position he said. After few minutes he took me to a table placed me on the table and spread me legs and entered me. After some time fucking me he took to bed positioned his body over me and started fucking like a mighty creature. After nearly 45 minutes of entering me he cumed.
He said you are a great fuck. I enjoyed taking a virgin after some time. He asked me my age. 13 I said . He was totally surprised. But said I never thought of fucking so Young virgin but I enjoyed a lot. After he went to bathroom I fall in sleep. A woke up when his gorgeous penis head was inside me sore pussy. He said I can’t waste the night. Unknowingly I opened a chest of pleasure I can’t waste it. Before I come back from the hotel he fucked me 5 time till the morning. He was best I can have. And I provided him the pleasure he can’t dreamed to .

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