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Me and my brother

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One day, I was home alone with my 15 year old brother (I was 6 at the time). My parents had gone out to a meeting, and would’ve been back around midnight. It got to around 9pm and I started to get sleepy, so I called my brother (Ricky) to put me to sleep. He agreed but asked me to come downstairs so we could play a game first. I said yes and wandered downstairs after him into his own room. He started taking off his trousers to reveal his huge dick. I suddenly felt a feeling I’d never felt before ( me being 26 now knowing it was me getting turned on ). He asked me to take off my leggings, I refused because I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed. He asked me to come to him and turn around, I wandered over and he slowly took my panties off, he ran his finger over my pussy opening.
“ do you like it?” He asked, still rubbing
“Kind of” i replied, super turned on.
He then told me to lay down on his bed, I did what I was told and laid down, leaving my legs open. He came over and ran his juicy tongue over my wet pussy, I let out a high pitched moan. He kept licking and licking, pure pleasure all around. He then stopped and asked if I could do the same. He sat down and I put my head on his lap, slowly circling my tongue around his tip, making sure to get all my juices on him, I licked him all round until he came.
We did this often until we got caught 😉

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