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Being a virgin at the age of 22

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I eventually lost my virginity at the age of 22, It was sore. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would have been,

I had been out with friends and we meet these guys and we ended up back at their house.
We were in the living room I was sitting on the sofa with my friend while they were sitting on different chairs.
My friend was winding this guy up saying that she was going to suck him until he had nothing left inside his balls.
I was rather shocked when I heard her talking like that I’ve never heard her talking like that before and I’ve known her for ages since secondary school.
She’s got up from the sofa and she was getting down in front of him.
She’s between his legs and was undoing his belt. and buttons on his jeans she was telling him to lift his bum up as she was pulling his jeans and boxers down below his knees.
She’s got her head over his dick and putting her mouth up and down on it .
I didn’t know what to say, where to look this other guy was looking at me
As if he was wanting me to do it to him.
He’s taken his jeans and boxers down on his legs.
He’s looking over at me as he’s sitting there with his dick in his hand.
I don’t honestly know why I done this but I was going over to where he was sitting and kneeling down between his legs
I was putting my mouth down around on his dick
It was big I was opening my mouth wide too get it around on it.
As I’m moving it up and down on it
It feels really hard against my mouth
It was warm against my tongue.
I was putting it back down on him again this warm gooey lumpy salty stuff was shooting into my mouth he’s holding my head down as it still cumin inside my mouth
Hit stops my mouth is full of this stuff it’s not very nice it’s disgusting
I’m taking a gulp and swallowed it as he’s still holding my head down on it
I’m pulling my mouth up on it and taking it off his dick I’m sitting back down on the sofa
My friend was still giving the other guy a blowjob.
This guy is over on the sofa with me he’s pushing me back so my head’s down on the arm rest
He’s pulled one of my boots of
He’s pulling my knickers and jeans down and taking them off over my foot I’m lying there opening my legs as he’s got down between them I was really nervous about this.
I was lying there holding him on his back tight as I can feel it going up inside me.
It felt like it’s ripping me apart as it’s going up inside me.
I’m starting to breathe really hard quick panting, as it going up deeper inside me it felt really sore it was hurting me down there I didn’t expect it to be as sore but it was.
He’s just lying there on top of me.
Then he’s pulled it down and out of me he’s got off me.
I can feel something running around on my bum as I’m still lying here I get up and I’m pulling my knickers and jeans back up and I’m sitting on the sofa again he’s left the room,
I’m just sitting there as she was still giving him a blowjob.
I’ve given him a blowjob, Been fucked, sitting here all dressed again,
Waiting for her.
I actually thought about going over to help her.
But I didn’t.
She’s got her mouth away saying she has a sore jaw I wonder why.
She’s standing up he’s asked me to sit on the chair if I don’t mind I’m moving onto the chair as they two are fucking on the sofa
I was still feeling really sore down there.
I’m just sitting there listening to her moaning really loudly as he’s fucking her,
They eventually finished and when leave going outside phoning a taxi.

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    I’m 21 & a virgin

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