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The first time I was raped (12)

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It all started with my best friends older brother (17).

I had a crush on him, a kids crush. I just thought he looked cute like all those men in the movies and I fantasized about him liking me. It was very innocent, I remember envisioning us holding hands at the beach. Now at 12 I was very dumb. I thought he didn’t notice my pathetic efforts to look good for him. I would look like trash everywhere but when I went to their house I would workout the day before thinking it would “tone my body” and wear tight yoga pants, colorful sports bra like neon pink or yellow, and a sheer top so the color of my bra could show and he would see that I’m not and I wear neon and I’m a big girl. I thought I was a big girl and I thought I had everything figured out lol little did I know.

So I was at their house a lot. On this day we were just playing with our bratz and Barbie dolls when he came in and told me he wanted to talk to me. Now my friend had a learning difficulty, wasn’t very social I was her only friend (her parents really liked me) and she wasn’t very fast on picking up signals. She just continued playing while I thought I finally peaked the old boys interest. When I got out of the play room he closed the door behind him and told me to follow him up stairs and lead me to his room. Once we were there I started freaking out a little. He’s room was all blue walls and floor, bed, desk, everything way blue and dark and it just made me realize he’s so much older than me I still lived in a pink little fancy world in my head. He closed door and locked it behind him and it scared me even more. I was standing in the middle of his room, he sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed me closer. He was starting directly at my eyes and it made me really shy so I looked away. He told me I was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. He said I was the sexiest girl he’s ever met. The butterflies in my stomach woke up to his words. The fear I had was gone and I was feeling so very flattered. He told me he knew I liked him and he was waiting for me to grow up but he he couldn’t handle it anymore. He touched my arms and shoulders and told me how soft and cute they looked. He told me he can’t wait to smell every part of my body (which weirded me out a little but I was still deeply taken by his compliments and the attention he was finally giving me). He told me I’m very smart and mature for my age. He told me I’m so much like him and he loved that about me. He told me he finally had someone who understood him and that lobs spending time with me. He told me how much he loved girls that listen to their man and their parents. The good girls who don’t argue and just do as they are told. He was obviously manipulating me but I was too naive to realize it.

He saw how happy and flattered I was, I was weak, if he told me to go throw myself out of the window I would’ve done it. But instead he asked me if I could be his girlfriend and I gasped a little and said yes. He told me that would be out little secret, something no one knows but the two of us that’s how “special” we are to each other. Could you keep a secret? He asked. I nodded yes with the biggest smile on my face. He stood up and sat me on the edge of the bed where he was sitting before. He told me I made him the happiest boy on earth for agreeing to be his girlfriend. He told me “you are such a good girl baby, good girls listen to their boyfriends and don’t complain.” I nodded yes and smiled obediently. He held the hem of my shirt and starting riding it up and I looked into his eyes with fear and said “what are you doing?” My sweet barely pubescent sounding voice should have reminding him that I was just a helpless little girl but it didn’t. He said “you are my girlfriend now, you do as you are told NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP”. I closed me eyes hard and turned my face the other way from how loud he screamed that. He was careless, with no parents home and his barely brain functioning little sister he had taken full advantage on me. He took my shirt and started feeling me up, putting his hands all over my barely existing boobs and rubbing them, he was practically drooling over my body it was like he’s never seen a girls body before. He was sitting on his knees on the floor and I was sitting on the edge of the bed still. He got his head so close to me and started sniffing my bra so loudly, he then rolled my pink sports bra up and took it off and sniffed my pink tiny nipples and areolas and licked them too which sent goosebumps all over my body. I was so scared. He looked like a starving monster who just found a piece of meat. I dreaded the day I asked god to “make me pretty” or “make boys like me” and “Make me attractive”. I definitely didn’t mean it this way.

His head started going lower and lower, he gave my stomach a long lick before his head reached my tight yoga pants that now under this lighting I can see highlight my puffy little virgin pussy perfectly. He took a big sniff of my crotch right after parted my little legs apart, but I was a gymnast so luckily I was flexible enough my legs didn’t break when he pushed them apart so hard and far away form each other. He took another hard loud sniff of my crotch area and gave my yoga pants that had my pussy bumping underneath it a very rough lick of him big tongue. I whimpered to his tongue licking my little pussy on top of my pants. My eyes filled up with tears and fear.

Should I go on?

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    Yes, please go on

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    Please go on. I am enthralled and my cock is rock hard. I LOVE LITTLE PRETEEN GIRLS MORE THAN ANYTHING.!!!!!!!!!

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      Love preteen also!

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    Poor little baby, very exciting though

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      Go on plz

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    Hi slut how old are you ?

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    How many times have you been raped?

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      3 times.

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      Oh yeah? This makes me suspect you invite rape because you love it, you dirty slut!

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    go on also how old r u now

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      Wish I had been there