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my cousin fucked me

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Hii im maya im 5’2 black female. So one day when I was staying the night with my cousins we played all day and it was finally night so everyone went into their room and fell asleep. My older cousin 6’0 white male. came into the room I was in when I was changing clothes. He snuck behind me and rubbed my shoulders. I instantly got scared and jumped and screamed. He put his hand over my mouth and told me I’d enjoy it. He bent me over the bed and slowly rubbed my slit.

“You’re getting wet so you’re enjoying it” he said, He took off his pants and boxers and rammed his big dick in me. He started fucking me hard and fast. Be a quiet slut you like. He fucked me faster and broke my hymen. I was moaning in pain and turned to pleasure. It felt amazing. I slowly grinded my hips to his. He fucked me fast and rubbed my tits. Yes babe makes me cum he said. I moaned and cried. It hurt but felt amazing. He came 10 mins later. Mmmm yess baby ur pussy is tight and amazing. i found out i was Preganant two weeks later

(this is fiction)

( lol sry if its short)

(my insta~ 2fine.riyah

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