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A Memorable First Time

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It’s now been 8 months since my wife Grace and friend Rachel have gotten pregnant. Over the past 8 months I’ve built myself a small harem of women to fuck, Grace being my wife takes priority for me but there’s Rachel and her two daughters Kelly and Sarah. As well as Sasha, the black girlfriend of Grace and Rachel who I fucked back at the orgy. She was now single so the ladies invited her in and she’s been mine ever since. I have been waiting for the two daughters to grow older a little as I prefer a more developed woman over a child, but today was Kelly’s 15th birthday and her body had grown into a beautiful young lady. She had been watching me fuck her mom for several months now and was waiting to jump at the chance to take her place. She had seen how good Grace, Sasha and her mom felt as their pregnant bodies exploded in orgasmic pleasure on my cock. Normally I fuck my women all together so they can play with each other and help each other orgasm more often, but tonight when I fuck Kelly for her first time, it’ll be alone. A young girl having her virginity taken should be done in a private loving supportive environment and not in front of her mom and friends. I told Rachel and Grace to take Sarah out and watch a movie or something so Kelly and I can be truly alone.

It was 8pm now, Kelly had gone upstairs and had likely seen the note I left her. Right now while she was putting on the special bra and panties that Rachel picked out for her, I was getting things ready for her to come downstairs. My ladies left to go out with Sarah so now it was just Kelly and I. The lights were dimmed, candles lit, fresh scent in the air. I had lube out and a towel ready for when break her hymen. As I sat on the coach in nothing but my boxers, I heard her door open and her soft footsteps coming down the hall. She walked into the living room where I was waiting and when I saw her, my cock sprung up. Her perfect little tits filled out the tiny bikini almost a full B cup by now, and her cute little ass looked so tight. I sat up and told her to stand in front of me, she followed her orders and moved to me.

“Do you know what’s about to happen, baby girl?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy, I’m so excited!” she giggled back.

“Take you clothes off baby, let me see your virgin body.” I ordered.

“Yes daddy…” she replied untying the string of her bra.

Her puffy little nipples looked so sensitive in the open air. She turned around and took off her bottom, bending over and exposing her holes to me. My cock was a diamond right now for her, here she was completely naked just waiting to be taken. I had pulled of my boxers when she was bent over, and when she turned around, her face lit up at the sight of how hard my cock was for her.

“We have all night, sweety, we’re going to be slow and romantic tonight, ok?” I said as she sat on my lap straddling me. Her pussy was rubbing my belly, and her ass held my shaft in place while I started kissing her. Our hands were running all over each other, but they settled in their place with her holding my head as she kissed me and mine grabbing her little ass. I reached around and started circling her holes and gently brushing over and across them to get her body excited. I felt her little pussy start to moisten and soon it was fully wet. I reached over to grab the lube and the towel, before pushing her back from me. I poured the bottle all over her tits and rubbed it over her torso. Her whole front and backside were glistening. She wasn’t the best at kissing, I could tell this was her first time, but she was getting the hang of it quickly. Now was the time to escalate though, I reach under her legs and picked her up. I stood up and put her on her back holding her legs high to her head and spread far apart. Her puffy teen pussy was staring at my face as I poured more oil on it. I got down and began eating her out. Cunnilingus on a virgin teen for the first time is something special. She’s never felt pleasure like this before and her body can’t handle it.

Between the soft innocent whimpers came cries of “ummm, daddy!” and “Oh yes!” in breathless whispering. I assaulted her pussy with my mouth and pushed my fingers in her asshole, rubbing her pussy walls from inside her ass. Her hips gave way to her very first orgasm, shaking and cumming so hard, I gave her a kiss and told her she’s a big girl now. I knew in her brain, I’d be the only man that can fuck her. No matter who she’s with, she’ll think of me and this moment every time. She came out of her orgasm and just stared back at me, I looked at her and told her that during sex, she’s allowed to use profanity, which is otherwise against household rules for her and her sister. The first thing she said was, “Please fuck me daddy! I want your big cock in my tiny pussy!” How could I say no to that? Remember, she’s not even my real daughter and she already calls me and thinks of me as her daddy. Not her step-dad, but her daddy.

“Ok sweetheart, but first one question. Do you want to lube my cock or suck it first?” I asked her standing over her sweet little body.

“Let me feel it in my mouth, daddy!” she said. I hoped up and lowered myself down so my cock was right in front of her mouth. I told her to pretend she’s sucking a popsicle without letting her teeth touch it. I let her kiss the tip and make her first few attempts at sucking me and it felt so good coming from her. I pulled out before I erupted, I wanted to save that till later but her little mouth was something else. I let her pour some oil on my cock and watched her hands rub me up and down the length of my shaft. I got back down and put the towel under her ass. “Are you ready to become a woman?” I asked her as I rubbed my tip through the folds of her pussy. “Oh Daddy YES!” she screamed out.

I pushed my cock inside her slowly. Her body opening up, stretching out slowly around my cock. Her pussy sure enough began to bleed out around my cock. Her face was trying to hide the pain, “Don’t worry , baby, it hurts at first but you’ll feel so much better soon!” I told her. I kept going in and out, sometimes half way and other times the full length. Her body accepting me in like I was made for her. After the first few minutes, I moved from hymen breaking gentle fucking to, this bitch needs my cock in her hard mode. I grabbed her off the couch and standing up carrying her, began dropping her down my shaft. Her body instinctively wrapped the legs around my waist, clamping down hard with her pussy on my dick. Her 80 lbs. body was nothing to fuck. “Oh FUCK daddy! What’s happening! What’s happening to my pussy!?” she screamed. I knew what was happening. “Don’t worry sweetie! You’re squirting! Only big girls like you who are really enjoying sex squirt like this.” I told her as her pussy erupted around me.

I set her down and put her in on her hands and knees. Fucking her doggy-style was incredible for both of us. I fucked her so hard she was crawling away from me, but I just pulled her ass back and fucked her even harder. Her teenage screams filled the air while we fucked like animals on the floor. I fucked her so long and deep, I lost track of time. We were no longer man and woman, we were two fuck-animals locked in a intense struggle of breeding. Her body was in the same open leg position Grace and Rachel were in when I got them pregnant. I was about to blow the biggest load of my life, “Oh Jesus fuck, I’m gonna fill your fucking cunt with cum! I’m cumming in your pussy! I’m CUMMING!” I screamed as the cum rocketed from my balls out my cock. “Please daddy fill me! Give me a baby like mommy!” she said back as the cum hit her cervix like a bullet. I collapsed on top her frail little body, the cum still shooting out of me after a minute.

I carried her up to her bedroom and put her in bed. There was still an urge left in me so I stroked my cock to life and plunged inside her still naked pussy. In a mating press position I fucked her harder than any girl I’ve ever been with. Speed, intensity, and aggression filled her pussy up with more cum, ensuring pregnancy. Her body was a pincushion for my cock. Unable to stop me I shot a finishing blow inside her little cunt then put her to bed. “Goodnight my sweet little girl. I love you so much! You did such a good job tonight! Remember to come down for breakfast naked tomorrow! I love you!” I told her rubbing her hair as I kissed her. “Goodnight daddy! I love you so much!” she said back.

I called Grace and Rachel saying they could come back now. We slept together naked that night but I couldn’t fuck them anymore if I wanted to. They were both too pregnant to be able to anyway. We woke up the next morning and Grace took Sarah to the park to play in the early morning. Meanwhile, Rachel and Kelly were up in the kitchen talking about last night, totally naked. I walked in naked as well and both their eyes locked on my cock. Rachel knew what was coming, I told her that the morning after she would fuck her own daughter with me. Rachel moved up and positioned Kelly on the table. Her 8 month pregnant body crouching down to eat her daughter’s cunt. “Oh mommy! What are you doing? We can’t do this you’re my real mom!” Kelly shouted. “You’re all my whores now, when in public she’s your mom, but in the house and whenever naked she’s just another slut to use.” I told her. “Yes daddy, I should’ve known.” she said moaning as her mom ate her pussy out. “Last night was great Kelly but right now we’re just going to fuck as hard and fast as possible. I want one more creampie inside you before we eat to ensure you get pregnant like your mommy here.” I said stroking my cock.

I walked up and pressed myself inside her pussy once again. It was just as soft and tight as last night. She no doubt had taken in most of my cum last night. Rachel rubbed her clit as I fucked her hard. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to rub your own little girl’s clit while your new husband and master fucks mercilessly in front of you knowing he’s going to breed her like he did you. This time her cunt clamped down really hard and I got closer with every pump. I sucked on her little titties while she grabbed her mom’s full round boobs. “I have an idea.” I said. I picked Kelly up and brought her onto the floor like last night. I fucked her in a hard missionary and ordered Rachel to sit on her daughter’s face. Soon Kelly was eating her own mother’s pussy while I railed her out. We formed a love triangle when I bent forward and sucked at Rachel’s tits. She was so far along in her pregnancy that I was sucking at her milk while fucking her girl. Rachel orgasmed from Kelly’s pussy eating and my tit sucking, Kelly orgasmed from my fucking and her mom’s pussy squirting on her face, and I orgasmed from the tightness around my cock.

We finished up and I got dressed while Rachel ate the leaking creampie out of Kelly’s pussy. They got dressed after and we all ate breakfast together. The mother-daughter relationship strengthened by sex. Soon Grace and Rachel will give birth to two baby boys. Boys who will grow up to be masters of pussy. Every son deserves to fuck his mother, and with my boys, I’ll start much earlier than Kelly and Sarah. I can’t wait. For now though, Kelly was no longer a virgin girl but a slut, a pregnant slut at that. Soon I’ll fuck her little sister Sarah as well, I already caught her watching porn and touching herself.

A longer story but I think it’s a good one! Hope you enjoy!

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    Well you certainly are not a gentlemen !!

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    Oh my god ! you really know how to take control and dominate us ladies ! I could just picture myself with you ! i would have tried my hardest to crawl away from that first time mounted doggy fuck !

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      As hard as you would try to crawl away, I would grab your ass and pull you back in tight. I’d hold your neck down as I fuck you even harder.

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    Incredibly written. Wish I had the same experience