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Ball Room (Valentines)

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Some high school boys get roped into helping set up for the Valentine’s Dance… (mm gs Gs)

“This is the place,” I got out, and put on my hat, while Russ backed in. Climbed up the loading dock, and beat on the door.

“You better go around front.” He said, right before Emily pulled up the elevator door. Well, half of it, the bottom rolled down at the same time. “Oh, you want me to back in?”

“No, there isn’t a garage up there, but you can unload the.” She looked down the window in the hatch back. “Balloons?”

“Yeah, don’t strain yourself with all the heavy lifting.”

“Huha, yeah, they practically lift themselves!”

I turned back to her, “So I uh. Kinda told him there would be a little money in it, at least for gas.”

“I’ll see what we can do,” she nodded.

“Uh. We couldn’t fit the tanks in, and get the hatch down, so we blew them up at the store.” Big heart shaped helium balloon, with red, and pink shiny plastic. They almost looked like painted metal, but that can’t be right. Like a lead balloon, probably wouldn’t be light enough to float, even if you made it out of aluminum foil, and that wouldn’t hold the air so well.”

She squeaked, “Don’t float away, with all that helium!”

“Haha, yeah. We fooled around with rest before we left.” She’s funny, too.

“I think I can get them all in,” he handed me some, then went back for more.

“Better keep them off the ceiling,” I looked up, and then down for something to tie the ribbons onto, but it was just boards. The ceiling was some kind of grate, but instead of squares, they were like, pointy ovals in between the bars curving back, and forth.

“One more batch.”

“Let me take these,” Emily went out, and came back with 2 armfuls. “Huh, it’s hard to hold them down, here.” She pushed them together with mine, and I looked up, while she pulled out belt-loops, and tied slip-knots on.

“This is the last of them.”

“Hold them down, so they don’t scrap on the top. Uh!” She had to jump up to grab the hanging strap, and pull it down. “The button’s in the back.” I tried turning around, and holding the balloons out of the way, but she just pushed past me, and the balloons spread out when we started going up.

“Huh!” I could feel the cold air, rush in around my head, when they opened up to let our breath out, but she bumped my leg with her butt, then turned around, and brushed the back of my arm with her bra. Both sides of it, squeezing around, she turned, and didn’t look back. “Almost there.” She felt up my leg, and helped me squirm around, so it rolled back up out of the pantleg. “I don’t have any money,” she turned around, “But you know, there’s lots of middle school girls, and even 6 graders that would love to get their hands on some high school boys.”

“Oh, huh. So, the elementary school comes here, for Valentine’s too?”

She made sure I found someone, that could not only get a car, but wouldn’t mind if they were maybe a little too young.

“Yeah, you know how middle school boys are. Oh!” My stomach jumped, and we stopped, automatically. “We’re here.” She brushed past him, but I kept an eye on her hand, she kept it away from his groin, and butt, but. I looked away, when I saw him sporting wood, too.

“Elementary schoolgirls?” I hissed, when she ran down the hallway, but the first thing we heard when the doors rolled open. These slid out the sides, like regular elevator doors, only double. The sounds of water spraying, dishes, pots, and pans drowned out what he was saying. “What?”

“Never mind man. Come on.”

Well, maybe I’m not one to judge, but you know. Emily is really mature for her age, and addicted to pornos. I mean, like all kinds of pornos, except for lesbians. I guess, bisexual is cool, as long as there’s a dick in it, but she doesn’t really like reverse-gangbangs, either.

Too bad, because it sure was a taco party in there. “Now, don’t let go.” She held open the double doors, “Or we’ll never get them back, and watch your step around the orchestra pit.


She clapped, “Girls, come and get the balloons.” The ran up, laughing, and giggling. “Take only 5 each, 2 red, and 3 pink, or 3 red, and two pink, but are they even numbered?”

She slapped Russ’es ass.


“Is there an even number of red ones, and pink ones?”

“I don’t know, we didn’t keep count.”

“Well, run these up to the balconies. No, not you, I need your help in the back.” She came back, and started pulling the tails on the ribbons she had through my belt loops. While Russel hung around, and looked around. Watching the girls line up, and then run off, when they got their balloons.

“Well, trade with a couple of girls that have 3 pinks, for 2 of your reds, and make sure you alternate.” She pointed up, “Red, pink, red pink…”

“Uh huh,” the last one took 5 red balloons, and ran off, across the wide open floor to the stairs. Upstairs, they were starting to tie them up to the railings around the balconies.

“Wow, you really don’t have to decorate much in here.” Now that I could see around me, I pointed up. “Check out those chandeliers.”

“You never been in here?” I looked back at the stage, and the deep red velvet curtains, hanging down like dragon scales.

“No, just the movie theater next door.”

“No, that’s downstairs. We’re right over it.”

“Well, I thought that was grand, but this place takes the cake!”

“Come on. RUSSEL!” He shook his head, and turned around, with a dirty grin. “Come on, I need your help with the tables, and chairs.”

“All right, sure.” As soon as she ran back up the stairsteps, around the side of the stage, he pulled out the front of his pants, and followed her. “Don’t worry, looks like there’s plenty of fish in this sea.”

“Yeah, well try not to get arrested, okay. Jailbait? You don’t want to end up on some list of pedophiles.”

“Hey! I’m not a child molester.”

“No, you just look, huh?”

“Guys, come ONNN!” She opened up some more doors. Looked like nothing but double doors up and down the whole hall. “I didn’t bring you here to gawk, and rubber neck. Help me with the tables, first.”

“There a kitchen back there?”

“Yeah, and a laundry for the hotel. Uh!” She tried to pull a palate jack.

“Let me get that.” I pumped the handle, so the wheels lifted it up, then pulled it out. Stacked up to here with folding tables. “Okay, you grab a stack of chairs. Let me show him where I want them.”

I kinda hoped he’d take a minute to jack off, while h had the room to himself. I knew it was a mistake to bring him, now. I mean, I didn’t know there would be elementary schoolgirls here, and I had no idea he liked them that young.

“Uh, how many, younger girls are there, going to be here?”

“I don’t know, mostly 4th, 5th, and 6 graders, if they can bug their sisters to come along. Most of them can’t get a date, but don’t worry about him. I’m glad you picked Russel.”


“Well, don’t worry about him getting out of hand.”

“He just likes to look.”

“Oh, ho. Is that right?”

“Look, you two didn’t never.” I got to the curtain, but she walked over to the middle. Pulling the ropes, until she found the part where they weren’t the same piece, but 2 hanging together.

“No, not really. One of my exes wanted to pull a swap with me, and him, and April. You know April?”

“Not really, she graduated last year, but I’d seen her around.” Even as a senior, and now a college girl, I guess. She’s still pretty petite, and. Well, giggly, childish, and immature, but. “I didn’t know the 2 of them used to date.” Makes sense, though.

“Yeah, until she got too old. You’re right about him, being a total pedo, but stop worrying. Like I said, he’s outnumbered, so if he tries anything, they can all gang up on him.”

“Huh!” I’d like to see that. Him getting his ass kicked, by a bunch of school girls, for being a pedobear.

“Rachael,” she waved one over, while the other girls ran up to the side of the stage. Between the stairs, and the orchestra pit, they all tried to crowd up, and others came around the stairs. I was afraid one of them might get pushed off the edge.

“We can put all the balls down there.” She walked over from the stairs, while I was rolling the palate jack over to where the girls were.

I joked, “This isn’t a gym.”

“No, like the ball pit, at the Playplace?”

“Oh, huh!” I got it, and laughed.

“Thought you said he had a great sense of humor.”

“He has his moments, take him down to the dressing rooms.”

“Aye eye, boss.” She took my hand, “This way.”

She already had her hair done up, but hadn’t changed into a dress yet. No makeup I could see, but a blazer, slacks, and high heels that she practically stomped across the stage, to hold open the curtain.

“Dressing rooms?” I looked back at the doors to the hall where Russel was struggling with a box dolly, stacked up with chairs.

“No, they’re this way. You’re not here to chaperone.”

“No.” Just helping out my girlfriend.

“Good, because there’s going to be plenty of cock blocking out there.” She pulled some keys out, “When all the teachers, and principals show up.”

“Oh.” She held the door for me. “Ladies first.” She smirked, and shook her head, but I followed. Her heels, on the old plastic tiles. I think they’re linoleum? I don’t know, but they’re faded, scuffed through in places, and some of them had corners peeling up. It smelled old in there.

“We couldn’t exactly rent hotel rooms, but.”

I heard the music first, then she unlocked the door, and heard laughter.

“All right girls, settle down.’ They stopped dancing, and jumping around. Some of them already half naked, or even down to their underwear, they ran over to desks, and scraped chairs over the same linoleum tiles. Settled down to giggling, but not until after I got a bunch of glimpses of pale skinny legs, bending at the knees. Pantie clad buts sticking out, then jiggling when they jumped, in bras, and training bras. “Now, this is a man.” She pulled me in, and shut the door. “Not a boy, so you might notice some differences. Between his body, and the boy’s. Take your shirt off.”

“Uh,” I tried shaking my hips a little, before she hit stop on the tape player with a loud snap, and the whole room went quiet.

There wasn’t even a giggle, and when I put my arms down, all I saw was wide eyes, looking up at me. I pulled my arms out, and dropped my shirt.

“Now,” she tapped a paper, taped up over the mirror in back. With pictures of girls, and boys, next to each other. Young boys and girls at the top, then slowly getting older, until a man, and woman stood next to each other. “You can see here that he doesn’t have much body hair. On his chest, however. Raise your arms.” I put them up behind my head. “He does have some under his arms, and.” She set the dowel rod down on her desk, and came up behind me. Felt around my waist, and hips, the front of her coat squished up against my back, but she deftly unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled down my zipper. “In his underwear.”

I looked across the, well dressing room. Ironically enough, they somehow crammed 2 rows of 6 small tables together, like desks, and folding chairs in here. With a dozen bright eyed young girls, but thankfully none of them looked too young. “Oh,” she stood up behind me, and breathed on my shoulder. Whispered quietly for only me to hear. ’emily says happy anniversary.’

I swallowed, and nodded. She knew how much I liked to watch, reverse gangbangs, but I never thought in a million years that even she would be cool enough to arrange on.

“Now, as you can see.” She bent over to yank down my boxers. “He has an erection.” So it bounced up, and there was a loud gasp, or maybe a dozen of them. Wide eyes, and mouths hanging open. “There’s lots of thing you can do with an erection, so. Who would like to go first?”

“Ooh!” Their hands all shot up, “Me, me!”

“Why don’t you pick one?”

I put my arms down, and turned to look over my shoulder. Meanwhile giving the girls a good view of it from the side. “You, why don’t you take this jacket off.” I felt up to the collar, and she looked down. Grinning, but unbuttoned it for me. “And show them how it’s done, first.”

“Huh, you like edging?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well, i hope you saved up, because I don’t want you to blow it, until each and every last one of us is done with you. You understand?”

“Yes, mrs.”

“It’s mistress.”

“Huh!” I closed my eyes. “Yes, mistress.”

Then, I blinked when I heard the pearly silver snips on the blouse pop open.

“First, it might be a good idea to show him your tits. Put your hands up.”

“Yes, mistress.” I just locked my fingers behind my head.

“Look.” She pulled my arm, to turn around, and sure enough, the ones that still had tops on were taking them off. While others scooched to reach behind them, and unhook their bras.

“Then, you want to feel his body. Huh, his muscular chest, his abs, and down to his pubes.” She dug into them with her nails, to scratch them gently. “His ass!”

“Uh!” I jumped, and the girls giggled, their eyes bouncing up and down to follow my rock hard cock bouncing in front of them. She slapped the dowel rod back onto the desk, even as the red hot welt across the tops of my legs really started stinging.

“Ihnhihn! he’s a bad boy, I think he needs a spanking.”


“Oh yeah! Spank him good!” They all giggled, nodding, and looking back and forth at each other in agreement.

“Huh!” “Turn around, and bend over.” The desk, she didn’t pick up her dowel rod pointer again, I just held it, and lay down across it. Put my head down, and closed my eyes. Feeling her hand rubbing back, and forth, then down to pull up my balls, so my cock slipped out, and stuck against the cold metal at the front of the desk. “Knees together.” She gently pulled it back, so it was trapped behind my thighs, and brushed her nails up it, not hard enough to scratch, then caressed my balls.

“Abby, we’ll go in alphabetical order.”

“Oh good!” I heard her chair scrap behind her, her giggles coming closer, jumping, and laughing behind me. “You’ve been such a bad, bad man, huh?”

“Uh!” Her tiny hand didn’t slap me too hard. “Huh.”

“Flashing your wiener to little girls. You like little girls?”

“Uh uh. Not really.”



“Don’t lie, like we didn’t see how you looked at us.”

“That was the other one.”

“Sh, Val. Wait your turn.”

“Owh, but I’m going to be last.”

“No, you’re going to get to go before Zelda.”

“That’s enough Abbie. Go sit down, now.” She held up a sheet of paper.



“Okay Addie, come on up.”

“Um, do I have to spank him?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“Huh!” I breathed a sigh of relief. She just squeezed my buttock, and touched my balls, then ran off giggling.”

“Okay, Brenda?”



April (FMm Kidn)

“Phf!” I wiped my bangs back, off my forehead, and felt how dry it is. Not as sweaty as I thought, or maybe it dried off, who knows.

So then I got to the top with a lurch of the elevator, and grabbed the handrail. Felt my heart beating out of my chest, and patted the top of my dress.

The hallway was hotter, and humid, but my hair didn’t feel frizzy. I’m still jumpy, and nervous, for some reason. I felt a thrill that I hadn’t since. Well, anyway, I looked out from the stage door, and heard commotion, through the curtain.

Lots of voices, and furniture being moved around, I peeked out the side, and saw him. Russel, leaning over to hand a chair to a couple of girls, to carry it together. I slipped out of my heels, and padded across the stage in my stockings.

Stalking, but everyone was busy, and he din’t look away. From all those girls running around, busy. Pulling tablecloths out, and one of them peeks out from under it, giggling. He just bent over, and set another one down, then straightened up, with me right behind him.

“Guess who?” I covered up his eyes, but held my body back, away from his.

“Uh, April?”He shook his head, and pulled my arms down. “What are you doing here?” he looked me up, and down, and I found my head up against his shoulder. My arms around him, before I even thought about, avoiding too much physical contact. He finally hugged me back, and felt my shoulders. “It’s great to see you.”

“Huh!” Don’t cry. I pulled myself away from him. “I’m just here to help, but. Speaking of which, can you come get something, from my car?”

“Sure,” he followed me back, and girls started coming up on stage, to carry the chairs back down the stairs. “God it’s been what?”

“Five years? Four and a half, but. I missed you.” Since he broke my heart, and started looking around at other girls. Younger girls, he was always. Well, in middle school, at the time, but he never grew out of it. He kept going back, to where we met, the playground, at the elementary school.

I know, I know! All right? I was young, and stupid, and I guess a little flattered, but he was always a little perv. I’m a little pervy too, why else would I have dated an 8th grader in high school, but I tried to tell myself that he was very mature, and.

Water under the bridge, April. The cargo elevator stopped all on it’s own at the bottom, too, but this time I was expecting it.

“So, what did you bring to the party?”

“See for yourself.” I didn’t bother pulling the keychain out of my purse, just pushed the button to pop the truck. My graduation present, with a nice big back seat, and roomy trunk.

“MH!” He tried to cover up his eyes, then turned his head.

“What the fuck!”

Kinda hard to do with his hands taped behind him, to keep him from taking the tape off from over his mouth, and spitting out the underwear, and yell for help, while we’re on the road. Kept kicking the quarter panel at lights, but it’s February, so nobody had their windows down.

“Oh, just some asshole’s been hanging around the school yard, and flashing girls in his car. Trying to get them to go for a ride with him, and molest them. Should’ve taken off the license plate, but you didn’t think of that, did you?” I guess he couldn’t have known that the sheriff’s daughter would go to school there, but then again. The sheriff did have sons, and daughters, so.

He wasn’t thinking. obviously. “What are you going to do to him?”

“Oh, nothing. Just dropping him off for the girls. Sit tight.”

He pulled down the top of the doors, so the bottom came up on the same pulley system. the counterweight sliding down outside the cage, I hit the switch for the top of the shaft. “You don’t mind watching them.” I patted his rump. “Of course not, you always liked to watch the little girls too. Didn’t you?”

You don’t look 16, he told me. Of course not, but I told myself that he ment I looked older. I know how old I look. How else do you think I was able to get that dirty old man in bed, so I could tie him up, when he finally passed out. Left his collection of photos, no nudies, but more than enough panties shots through the fences around the playground, for his wife to figure it out.

What kind of monster she married, but I can sympathize, with her. “Phf!”

Okay, I can sympathize with him, too. I always liked them young, virgins, wide eyed, and just so happy to get lucky, they never said anything, to anyone that would believe them.

“Huh!” It’s hard to breathe in this thing. Of corset is!

But this wasn’t about revenge. This was about closure, for me. For the other girls? I don’t know, you’d have to ask them.


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