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A families descent 5- Training begins for the daughters

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The fifth section of the continuing saga of a mother and her two daughters decent into slavery

At around the same time their mother woke up the two daughters slowly regained consciousness from their drug induced sleep, slowly standing to relieve the strain on their arms, locked to chains hanging from the high ceiling by the cuffs on both slender pairs of wrists. groggy, confused and cold the girls looked at each other standing naked except for the collars and cuffs on both girls. Riri spoke first “where are we? What will happen to us? Where is mother?” Sobbing, Ami looked at her naked sister, thinking about what has been done to them so far, then shuddered in fear as she looked around the room at the various devices for restraining people, and tormenting them. Then at the tables full of sex toys and devices she had no idea what they were. Sobbing, she quietly said ” I’m scared Riri, I want mommy, what is going to happen to us?””Don’t worry Ami, be strong. If mommy is not here she must be finding a way to get us out of here. It will be ok sister, we will get free, mommy will help us”. At this moment a door on the far side of the room swings open, and an older man and four other men walk into the room. The older, very expensively dressed man, slowly swings a whip of many thick strands of leather attached to an ornate black leather wrapped handle decorated with silver studs. The other men go to one of the racks of whips and select a different whip each, then move silently to stand on each side of both girls.
“Your virginities have been sold, but prior to your rapes you will be trained in some basic positions to prepare you for your first movie as used slaves. You will address all people who use you as sir or madam, and you will address your trainers as master and mistress. Do you understand” Ami nods yes, swallowing deeply in fear while Riri says “Yes, I understand”.Instantly the man lashes to his right and left, striking both girls across their tender, budding breasts, drawing forth two sharp screams. ” you will always answer properly, with yes master, I understand” As he draws his arm back to strike again, looking from one crying girl to the other the both yell through their sobs “YES MASTER, I UNDERSTAND”. “you will not speak unless told to, and you will do anything you are told without hesitation.” walking back slightly he turns to the girls again and says ” if you refuse any command, you will be made to beg to be allowed to do whatever it was you refused. Do you understand?” sobbing, both girls quietly answer “yes master, I understand”. Pacing back between the trembling naked girls he continues to speak.” You are now slaves, no longer people, Your sole purpose in existence is for the entertainment of any people who use you. In any way they wish” Stepping toward Riri he tightly squeezed one breast while roughly rubbing the handle of his wip in her tender slit. “You no longer have a name, until we choose otherwise you will be known only as slave 184.” turning he suddenly lashes the younger daughter across her slender stomach, ripping a shocked scream from her. “This meat is 183. If you ever refer to each other or yourself as anything else, you will be punished severely” as he finishes speaking he nods his head once, and both girls hear a recording of the conversation prior to the men entering the room. ” you both have broken this rule, and will each receive 5 strokes of the wip to remind you. When it is finished, you will each say thank you sir, for teaching this stupid slave. Do you understand?” As both girls quickly answer “Yes master, I understand” Ami watches one of the men steps behind her sister and uncoils a long thin single tail whip.
Without warning he lashes out, the wip making a loud snap as it wraps partially around Riri’s chest, leaving a harsh red line across one breast. as she screams and twists from the pain the wip snaps out again, striking at her waist leaving another angry red line across her stomach, and tearing another scream from the teen. three more times the whip sings, three more times the girl screams and twists, leaving the sobbing girl hanging from her sore arms, legs limp. “thank him, or it starts over, fuck toy”. Hanging limp, her head down, the young slave sobs out ” thank you sir, for teaching this stupid slave” struggling to her feet, her head hanging in shame and tears dripping from her eyes. She looks up at her young sister in time to see her eyes fly open wide, and a piercing scream torn from her sobbing mouth as a long, wide strap of leather lands across her slim bottom. Again the sharp slap of leather on skin, as the man swings the opposite direction, the strap landing harshly across the girl’s budding breasts. As her scream rings loudly the strap lands across her upper back, swinging the small girl forward, hanging from her bound hands causing another mournful scream. After she loses her footing the girl is rocked forward with two more fierce strokes to her burning back. As the slave struggles to regain her footing she sobs out loudly” thank you sir for teaching this stupid slave”. After the whipping both crying girl’s hands are released from the chains they are hanging from. As the man begins to walk toward the door he came from he says” you will now be trained in basic positions required of a slave in preparation for your first use”.

As one of the men steps in front of each of the crying girls, and one behind, all holding whips of differing types, one man says loudly “Kneel, position one”.Both girls hesitate, forgetting Maya’s lesson before they were drugged and taken. As the man behind Ami violently lashes down on her back with a heavy flogger and the man in front of Riri violently slashes the side of her right breast with the crop he is holding. Both girls scream, and the man who told them to kneel tells them loudly “on your knees, ass on your heels. Spread your knees wider than your shoulders.” as both naked girls drop quickly to their knees, Legs spread humiliatingly wide in front of him. He continues “ backs straight, shoulders back,looking at the floor in front of you. Your hands on your thighs, palms up and fingers flat.”. As the two young girls kneel, scared, humiliated and sobbing in front of him, the man shakes out a long, thin single tail whip, and slowly walks around the girls. “This is the first position, this is the position you will wait in if no one is using you.It is the position you take as soon as anyone enters your cell. Do you understand?” Both girls instantly reply softly “Yes master, I understand”
After several hours of training in the humiliating slave positions, Standing, prone and kneeling, as well as how to move quickly and gracefully between them, both exhausted sweating and crying girls find their arms locked back into the chains hanging overhead and the men leave the crying girls to slip in and out of fitful sleep hanging painful from their bound wrists.
Eventually, the girls were roused by the door swinging open and a man leading two beautiful girls, both obviously slaves. The girls are nude, other than the thick black collar and cuffs exactly like the collars both sisters wear, and large rings hanging from their pierced nipples and septums. Both with a silver number tag hanging from the lock on the collars, exactly as both sisters wear, and the numbers by which the girls are now known. The two slaves roll small carts, with folded towels on top and stop near the hanging sisters. Meanwhile the man unlocks one of the cabinets along the wall and unrolls a long hose. Staring at the whip coiled on the man’s hip, both girls are afraid to speak. Ami, now known as 183, shakes her head no quickly, pulling at her bonds. Riri, or 184 in this place, just stands, her head down, crying softly and barely moving her head back and forth. The man starts spraying the girls with the hose, at an uncomfortable but not painful pressure. Occasionally he narrows the spray, focusing on the breasts and pussies of the twisting, struggling girls with a painfully intense stream. Soon the two slaves begin to scrub the girls, with coarse clothes soaked in soap.
As the slave stepped forward to scrub Ami, the young girl noticed her tag number, 126, and several smaller amulets of different colours. as she scrubbed the exhausted sweaty girl with the coarse stinging cloth with special attention to her breasts, pinching and scrubbing her sore nipples to hard points while rubbing her hairless slit. As Ami twisted in her bonds, moaning quietly feeling her arousal growing, staring at the large steel ring hanging from the slaves nose, so large it touched the girls top lip, swinging freely in the gold grommet puncturing the slaves septum. The girl slowly lowers her head, beginning to lick and suck on the poor teens sensitive, engorged nipples while she rubs and pinches her swollen clit. As she scrubs the slaves lips and tongue work down the moaning girls naked body, until she kneels in front of the bound teen, Ami sobs quietly as the slave grabs her slender hips and pulls her forward, arching her back and pulling her hairless slit to the slaves probing tongue. As she felt the sensations building from the slave’s expert tongue on her virgin slit, Ami looked at Riri, suspended in front of her.
As Riri meets ami’s eyes, tears dropping from the corner of her eyes, her mouth slightly open as she pants and grinds her hips forward into the face of the naked slave kneeling, licking the teen to an unwanted orgasm. As Riri closes her eyes, slowly shaking her head no and quietly moaning as she orgasms on the slave’s tongue Ami feels herself crashing into a powerful orgasm as well. The erotic sight of the naked girl licking her sister to a obvious orgasm, while the soft, expert tongue of the slave pleasuring her virgin slit driving her beyond resistance, tearing a explosive orgasm from her that leaves her, like her sister, hanging limp from the chains on her sore wrists.
At this point the man clips a leash onto each sisters collar, and releases their hands, locking the girls arms behind them. he then leads the two crying, humiliated and exhausted girls out the door into a dark hallway, with a heavy door at each end, and several doors along each side of its length. While another man collects the two slaves with their carts and leads them the opposite direction down the long hallway. After passing a few heavy, iron doors with small barred windows the man stops and unlocks one, leading the stumbling girls into another hallway, with cell fronts lined along both sides. Through the front of the cell at the end of the hallway the girls see another slave, no older than Ami, sitting on a large hard chair with her wrists and legs locked to the chair. Both girls notice the pair of wires running from a box on the wall behind the chair, across the floor and up to the bottom of the seat. The girl’s chin rests on her red striped chest, with the rings in her nose and nipples hanging down, her small buds of breasts pulled by weights hanging from her nipple rings. As the girls are forced through the small doors of the first two cells, directly across from each other they begin to notice soft sounds the length of the hall. Quiet sobs, low moans and the quiet rattle of chains moving. As the girls collapse on the thin mats in the center of the cold concrete floor the man locks the cages and leaves through the door he entered, leaving the cold, uncomfortable girls to quietly cry until sleep takes them.

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  • Reply bob ID:on8t3ep20a

    Love the story so far, can’t wait for more. Perhaps just a hair faster but overall it’s been Great.

  • Reply Newmaster1 ID:1dd1xk5noqg6

    Critiques welcomed, this my first try at this writing thing. To slow pace? To much detail? To little? Help me improve so the story will be more entertaining for you to read.